Na’an Stop – Lazy Susan – Single Review

The US Ska quintet Na’an Stop revealed Lazy Susan in the past few hours.

Na'an Stop - photo credit Eric Broadfoot

Na’an Stop – photo credit Eric Broadfoot

All that made 2 Tone Records such a great label back in the ’70s and  ’80s is contained within the just over three and a half minutes of Lazy Susan.

Underpinning the track is a soul reference point from which the dance steps evolve and the listeners finds themselves swaying across the room in unfettered abandon as trombone, trumpet, synths, bass, guitar and a plethora of vocals skip through the ears in a fusion of inclusiveness, which in 2017 is a sorely lacking commodity.

Allow yourself some space – stand up – turn up the volume – then hit play – and dance.


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somesurprises – mayor skipped town – Audio

The US dreamy-lofi quartet somesurprises released the EP serious dreams on the 20th.

somesurprises - serious dreams - Cassette

somesurprises – serious dreams – Cassette

With a deft eye on societal discontent somesurpises proffer music which reflects on the reality of the silos of raging isolationism so many seek as safe harbour, in a world that has become ever more disjointed and disconnected, as the theoretical connectivity of pixel friendships and chasing populism through random likes becomes the mantra of normality whilst driving ever more entrenched wedges, with the tracks resonating of personal one to one interaction and all that that befalls.

From the five track EP, available on bandcamp as, one hundred only, limited edition cassette and / or digital download, the opener is the engrossing mayor skipped town.

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Distractor – Falling Down The Stairs – Audio

Distractor is a new-wave outfit from the USA.



Three songs surfaced recently in which Distractor combine grungy instrumentation with expanding synthetics giving the material a retro-modernist feel in which the listener can allow their limbs to flex and relax without skipping a beat.

Falling Down The Stairs is of most furious construct and self-evidently my pick of the three. Highlighted by a vocal display that heads back to Magazine and how could I not be smitten?

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Cosmics – Bad Habits – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Cosmics released their début LP Turn On earlier in the month.



A core of Rock ‘n’ Roll is dipped into psychedelia allowing Cosmics to deliver music that is best heard with on a smokey dance-floor allowing the listener to slowly gyrate whilst intoxicating themselves on the sweet scent which blows-back through the room.

Guitars sways betwixt glittery ’60s Paco Rabanne inspired plastic disc reflections of light and Mary Quant soft weave floating fabric whilst bass and percussion form the hemlines around which everything rests allowing the mesmeric vocal to drift through the ears in dreamy waves.

My selection from the ten track album (available on bandcamp) is the second Bad Habits.


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Ugly Sun – Marble Eye – Video

The US garage rock trio Ugly Sun release the EP Painted Post on the 3rd of April.

Ugly Sun

Ugly Sun

Combining elements of indie, rock and surf Ugly Sun are able to create music that serves the cross-over market particularly well, as is evidenced in the track Marble Eye from the forthcoming EP.

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