Sleepy Sun – Seaquest – Video

The US hazy-rock band Sleepy Sun release the LP Private Tales on the 9th of June.

Sleepy Sun - Private Tales - artwork

Sleepy Sun – Private Tales – artwork

The second of the ten tracks, Seaquest, shimmers through the room akin to a heat-haze, as the listener relaxes inside the approaching four and a half minutes of winding psychedelic tinted guitar and drifting vocals.

An album to welcome the summer for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and a warming tonic for those in the Southern Hemisphere as winter approaches.

Private Tales – Sleepy Sun is available on iTunes.*

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Ralph Waldo – Pool Days – Audio

Ralph Waldo is a retro-lofi duo from the USA.

Ralph Waldo

Ralph Waldo

Those of us of older vintage will recall having to warm valves prior to the wireless functioning and will be minded of the vintage. Those who contemplate that ‘wireless’ is something to do with the internet rather than radio receivers and no concept of a ‘valve warming’ will be even more befuddled than prior to starting to read the preamble – but trust me – think ’60s or earlier and it will all make sense.

Like settling in to your most comfortable position in your favourite armchair the seven tracks, lasting around twenty five minutes, on the LP Norman (available on bandcamp) will coddle you further as the hazy guitar strings, analogue synth and brushed percussion combine with a becalming voice resting the mind in a sympathetic synapse flow.

There is more added delight when one discovers the lyrics – akin to the M.A.S.H. theme song – are of acerbity rather than of equalisation with the auditory softness.

Song number five on the LP is Pool Days.

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Bubbles Erotica – Cloak & Dagger – Video

Bubbles Erotica is  nu-rock quartet from the USA.

Bubbles Erotica - Photo by Jennifer Lubbs Photography

Bubbles Erotica – Photo by Jennifer Lubbs Photography

Driving heavy-metal is blurred by a futuristic soundscape giving Bubbles Erotica refreshing a mix as the music floods the room with roaring bass and percussion stayed by expansive guitar, along with a spread of other instrumentation and electronica on various songs, rounded by vocal providing the cohesion.

By way of an introduction, from their recent eponymous LP (available on bandcamp) the antepenultimate of the ten tracks, Cloak & Dagger.


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The Spins – Car Crash – Audio

The US indie-gaze band The Spins are working towards the release of their début EP Tank’d.

The Spins

The Spins

Within the past five hours Car Crash – from the forthcoming EP was revealed.

There is a summer evening vibe that drifts through the room as vibrating electric guitar echoes through the ears underpinned by acoustic six stringer, providing a wistful instrumental narrative with percussion unhurriedly framing the notes, through which an expansive vocal paints dreamy imagery.

The inspired composition is provided an impressive and unexpected book-ending with the track opening to the sound of a car engine starting and closing with the reason for the song title.

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Saint Augustine – Right Way Down – Audio

The US melancholic-rock quartet release the LP Lost Two Days on the 1st of June.

Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine

Unhurried tracks float in to the room on the wings of reverberating guitar chords, which seem to melt the steel in the strings, while bass and percussion weigh the tracks with their sadness which is further compounded through the emotionally laden vocal.

Whilst reaching for a handkerchief to dry the eyes the listener also feels a catharsis through the drifting layers of sound.

The ten track album (available on bandcamp) is well worth adding to the collection as the players demonstrate their ability to write and deliver emotionally charged music. My selection from the release is the third Right Way Down.


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