Victoria Moralez – This Game – Audio

It has been a couple of years since the Sweden based RnB musician Victoria Moralez last featured.

Victoria Moralez - This Game

Victoria Moralez

The latest track to surface – This Game – discovers Victoria in a very different frame of mind which is a triphop influenced composition.

The slowly paced electronic loops and heavy bass are, in my view, a superlative backdrop to the distinctive jazzy tinctured vocal in which both elements coexist in a natural equilibrium and an avenue of exploration I look forward to hearing more songs.

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Voluptas Mors – Can’t You See – Audio

The Spanish triphop duo from Spain, Voluptas Mors, released the LP Intelligence on the 13th.

Voluptas Mors - Can't You See

Voluptas Mors

In similar vein to their last LP Innocence, in Intelligence (available on bandcamp) switches around vocals, though with more of Laura singing than Ramon and with the compositions being of deeper resonance and complexity it provides the overall feel an album of sultry allure, with the audience finding themselves slinking their torso with the undulating beats.

The middle track is Can’t You See.

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American Ape – New Funk – Audio

American Ape is a US lofi-edm project.

American Ape

American Ape

Revealing new material fairly frequently each drawn from different electronica influences the newest track to surface is New Funk – a piece that lasts for less than a minute and a half though leaves the ears ringing long after the stop start triphop has finished.

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Gehenna – Ganesha – Audio

The Slovenian trap project Gehenna teamed up with the US triphop creator Yepi to reveal Ganesha.



Ganesha has a a slowcore heart from which spirals of energy suddenly sheer through the room affording the track a knotted wreath of sound that minds of a tree growing through unloosened binds as the track bulges and contracts seemingly rebounding off itself in shrieking recoil.

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Yolanda Moon

Yolanda Moon is the triphop duo of Cholo Hermosa and Kyle Quismundo from Manila in The Philippines.

Yolanda Moon - triphop from The Philippines

Yolanda Moon

Luxuriant waves of sounds ease their way into the room on listening to Yolanda Moon. This is music of gliding textures which slide gently past each other before melting together like billowing clouds in the sky. The music has a dreamlike sequence that is delicate of touch and delivery.

Over the past couple years of their existence the music of Yolanda Moon has evolved into a softer and more entrancing state and they have now mastered the dynamics of the sequences, which should see them make more significant strides in short order. The vocal which caresses the instrumentation fits perfectly in style giving the out-put an extra dimension of discovery as it gently floats around the head.

Establishing themselves in the local scene, they have a sound which traverses national boundaries. This is music to pull-out any-time you need to slow down the pace and relax the tensions of the day and I look forward to hearing the future development of Yolanda Moon in the future.

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