CURS3S – Middle Of The Night – Single Review

The US triphop project CURS3S released the début single Middle Of The Night on the 29th of December.



On hitting play the hushed electronica melts in to an irresistible viscosity, akin to pieces of chocolate in a bowl atop a saucepan of warm water, with the listeners finding themselves transfixed.

As Middle Of The night – a collaboration with INFMS – floats through the room,  the song adds a gentle undulation as split vocals and building bass-loop sweep through the ears enrobing the audience in a soft blanket in which to allow the mind to drift in to relaxed temper.

Middle Of The Night is one of those rare songs in which a 12″ vinyl extended version would not be extraneous, rather a welcomed addition.


INFMSsocial media page

Middle of the Night – Single – CURS3S & INFMS is available on iTunes.*

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Sophomore – It Hurts – Audio

It was back in 2015 that the Swedish triphop project Sophomore last featured.

Sophomore - triphop


The latest track to surface – It Hurts – unfurls slowly like an emblem carried on a light breeze undulating around a pole.

The hypnotic, melting, electronica seeps in to the arterial system like an anaesthetic calmly slowing down the functions of the body and mind.

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david shouji – tachi – Single Review

Returning with a quite different thought process to music previously featured – the Swedish creator david shouji surfaced recently with the triphop track tachi.

david shouji - tachi

david shouji

The only sadness in the latest reveal (available on bandcamp) being that tachi only lasts for less than three and a sixth minutes.

Prior to going anywhere near the play button – turn down the lights and draw the curtains to become fully immersed in the bending bubbles of lava lamp wax which reshape as they almost reach touching distance, only to float away in abstractions of interlocking multi-dimensional fractals.

I fully enjoyed the experimental diametric of previous material featured, I equally take delight in this far more amorphous flow – ergo – it will be intriguing to discover in which persona david shouji will next appear.

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Victoria Moralez – This Game – Audio

It has been a couple of years since the Sweden based RnB musician Victoria Moralez last featured.

Victoria Moralez - This Game

Victoria Moralez

The latest track to surface – This Game – discovers Victoria in a very different frame of mind which is a triphop influenced composition.

The slowly paced electronic loops and heavy bass are, in my view, a superlative backdrop to the distinctive jazzy tinctured vocal in which both elements coexist in a natural equilibrium and an avenue of exploration I look forward to hearing more songs.

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Voluptas Mors – Can’t You See – Audio

The Spanish triphop duo from Spain, Voluptas Mors, released the LP Intelligence on the 13th.

Voluptas Mors - Can't You See

Voluptas Mors

In similar vein to their last LP Innocence, in Intelligence (available on bandcamp) switches around vocals, though with more of Laura singing than Ramon and with the compositions being of deeper resonance and complexity it provides the overall feel an album of sultry allure, with the audience finding themselves slinking their torso with the undulating beats.

The middle track is Can’t You See.

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