Dolorifics – Goodbye – Video

Dolorifics is an indie-rock quartet from Sweden.



First introduced in 2015 as Boys Of Terror a significant change, aurally, is heard by Kalle Mossberg, the bassist, now being full-time with the new iteration of Dolorifics, rather than being purely the live performance bassist, which enables them to create a more rounded sound to the material with every player now being an integral part of the developmental progress of a song.

From their latest EP Excessive Self-Pity (which is available on bandcamp) the third of the four tracks – Goodbye – which evidences the stronger bond betwixt each element.

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Svarta Stugan – Islands III – Audio

The Swedish instrumental-dystopian-rock quartet Svarta Stugan release the LP Islands / Öar in September.

Svarta Stugan - artwork by Stephanie Brittnacher

Svarta Stugan – artwork by Stephanie Brittnacher

In advance of the album the first track to surface was also made available as a single (available on bandcamp) earlier this month  – Islands III.

Appropriately given the band  name which translates in to English as ‘Black Cottage’  the just over five minutes of menacing darkness clouds the room in choking smog which feeds its way through the arteries depriving the listener of oxygen and they can sense the build-up of carbon-monoxide starving the brain, there is nothing do other than play Islands III through once again and drift into unconsciousness, other than – there is…

Svarta Stugan have also made a game to play alongside the track which can be discovered on their website or as an android app.

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Apocalypse Orchestra – The Garden of Earthly Delights – Audio

The Swedish folk-metal quintet Apocalypse Orchestra will be releasing the LP The End Is Nigh on the 12th of May.

Apocalypse Orchestra - photo credit - Andreas Lindmark Photography

Apocalypse Orchestra – photo credit – Andreas Lindmark Photography

Not the first band to be featured with the genre descriptor of folk-metal I yet have to understand why it seems only to be in Scandinavia that this has caught on, to any great extent, – as the combination of the two styles gives a powerful weapon to wield across the room that minds of marauding invaders met by stalwart defenders as the folkloric tapestry affords a rich weave in which the tale can unfold with the scything harshness of metal depicting the skirmishes – as it evidenced in the eight and two thirds minutes of The Garden of Earthly Delights taken from the forthcoming album.

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Look, Orion! – Searchlights – Video

The Swedish gaze-wave quintet Look, Orion! released the two track single Live Session on the 4th.

Look, Orion! - Live Session - artwork

Look, Orion! – Live Session – artwork

Despite the number of players Look, Orion! never seek to add volume to their output, rather immersive layering in which they deliver both angular polygons as well as gently arcing waves, delivering an output in which the listener can spend time to explore the deftly interwoven counter-balances.

The first of the two tracks on the single (available on bandcamp) – Searchlights –  was also revealed with an accompanying video.

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The Presolar Sands – Witches’ Hill – Audio

The Swedish psychedelic rock quartet The Presolar Sands release their début LP The Big Noise on the 12th of April.

The Presolar Sands

The Presolar Sands

Not a band I have featured previously, despite having been around for a couple of years and the only sadness I have is that I haven’t previously heard their music.

By way of an introduction to The Presolar Sands – from the forthcoming album, the echoing just under three and one third minutes of Witches’ Hill.


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