SlowHandClap – Vertigo – Audio

SlowHandClap is an English sludge trio.



An intriguing mix of ’90s britpop and ’60s psychedelia is merged in to one construct with SlowHandClap who deliver their music in alignment with the band name, though far from the listener also waving them away finds themselves totally engrossed in the melange of ideas.

Flat tones are merged with flowery countenance delivering music that finds the listener twiddling with settings, prior to settling on everything – be they tweeters,  sub-woofers, bass, midi all set at maximum extension and it all works perfectly in their latest track Vertigo, which has been sitting in my email inbox since the latter part of last month, for which I apologise both to you and to SlowHandClap. Perhaps it is I who deserves the band moniker for tardy delay not they – to whom I extended profuse applause and look forward to coming back to again in short order.

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Muddler – Dogwater – Audio

The US sludge quartet Muddler released the EP Leave room for contemplation earlier in the month.



The listener finds themselves mired knee-high in warm gloop immediately on hitting play as Muddler deliver their flattened sticky compositions. Far from struggling to escape the enveloping mud the audience immerses their body in the mossy bog, revelling in every moment.

From the four track EP (available on bandcamp) my selection is the second – Dogwater.

Rest assured, well to be more prescient; wallow, in certainty I will come back to Muddler more than once in the future as who can’t be other than transfixed by the puddles of the quartet.

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Absent Minded Professors – Lava Lamp – Audio

The US sludge trio Absent Minded Professors released the EP Songs From the Attic earlier in the month.

Absent Minded Professors

Absent Minded Professors

A four track release (available on bandcamp) that fills the the room with hanging baskets of moss from which the sounds drip akin to an aural depiction of Knudsen diffusion.

My selection, from an EP of munificence, is the closer Lava Lamp.

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J. Ryan Daniel – Felony – Audio

J. Ryan Daniel is a US sludge creator.

J. Ryan Daniel

J. Ryan Daniel

The latest track to appear, Felony, is an approaching nine minute doom laden darkness that clogs the synapses with a sound that reminds of squelching through a swamp in which the listener becomes stuck-fast by its hypnotic revolving beat.

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I can’t ever to fail to mention the trade-mark capitalisation by the Australian band BRUCE! every time I write about them – but there it is – and BRUCE! THE EP which came out this week is something to shout about.

BRUCE! - BRUCE THE EP - artwork

BRUCE! – BRUCE THE EP – artwork

The four track release is all over in nine minutes of sharp elbows. Opening with SHAPES AND NUMBERS which hurtles through the room in a visceral snarl of dramatic drops and beats which exemplifies how BRUCE! is able to deliver thumping raging compositions within a tightly woven frame.

CAPTAIN is an anthemic commentary on the blind faith of societal collectivism with a roaring landscape of percussion and bass which require the speakers are turned even louder.

SLUDGE takes nearly fifty percent of the running time coming in at four minutes twenty three seconds of diatribe towards structures and for its very poignancy is inevitably my pick of the release. With this track BRUCE! slow down the tempo, but are no less acerbic for that fact as they allow the music to kick against the morass of conformity.

Concluding with SHIT SELLS which is exactly as it describes – a repudiation of shallow lives in a blistering freneticism of chords.

BRUCE! THE EP (which is available on bandcamp with vinyl scheduled for late July) is a fascinating release which demonstrates the cohesiveness of the band, not only sonically, but politically as each track was written by a different member of BRUCE!.

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