Tattoo Money – CoCo Curious – Single Review

As long term readers know, music which challenges and questions social mores is always likely to pique my interest even if the style isn’t my natural territory and so I find the USA based Tattoo Money.

Tattoo Money

Tattoo Money

CoCo Curious is a song – released on the 21st – reflecting on the taboos and quirks of inter-racial dating as Pete Armour considers dating girls in a song that diverts musically between hip-hop and indie rock with a tremulous vocal, that suits the subject matter perfectly.

As Pete puts it – ‘… “I hate to tell you this, but your parents aren’t going to be here forever, and you shouldn’t risk a life of happiness with someone you want to be with, just to please some one you are going to outlive” It messed me up, because before this sad realization, I never thought my race would matter to any girl I approached, but from then on until now I immediately think “I wonder if she likes black dudes” instead of “how does my hair look” Or “Do I have anything in my teeth?” Don’t get me wrong everyone has their preferences, if my skin tone isn’t your thing, that’s cool! But if you won’t date me because your parents told you “don’t come home with a Black dude” that’s just Weak!…’

Thanks Tattoo Money for exploring personal facets and throwing them out for observation by others.

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CoCo Curious – Single – Tattoo Money is available on iTunes*

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VILLIERS – Nowhere left to run / You’re Not Alone – Single Review

VILLIERS from England we took a look at back in May, have a new double A side single coming out today.

VILLIERS AA Side release


Don your dance robes, filter the lights and only then hit play.

Retaining the tumescence of prior tracks –  VILLIERS allow the audience the time to explore the layers of smoke which drift across the room in Nowhere Left To Run, which reminds of a merger between the architecture of Devo and the angst of Gary Numan, whilst investing a layer of tactile purple velvet glove to caress the ears in a thematic three and half minute homage to film-noire.

You’re Not Alone finds a swifter pace of shadows which flicker across the walls in a melodrama of contrasting chords and temperaments which gives the piece a harsher temperament, leaving the listener with the feeling they are exploring the cavernous space of limestone outcrops in the Bracken Cave whilst fleeting wings, led by radar, skirmish around.

VILLIERS retain the ability to encapsulate imagery with considered reflecting backdrops, making this something to drop into the playlist.

You’re Not Alone/ Nowhere Left To Run – Single – Villiers is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Carmella – The Wild – Single Review

Carmella is a duo from Los Angeles in the USA who have a new single coming out on the 28th September – The Wild.



The Wild finds Carmella in contemplative mood as the music wends its way to the ceiling and drips sounds like a stalactite. The combinations of keys, esoteric computer generated synthetics and a captivating vocal entrap the listener in a mineral deposit of evocative spaciousness. Akin to spectrum physics – there is a slow feed of colour combinations which the duo are able to extrapolate and the mind is captivated by the slowly changing spectral kaleidoscope.

Carmella have been able to deliver most from the contexts by the virtue of slowing the progressions, leaving the audience with plenty of time to follow the threads, whilst leaving touches that demand an instant replay to catch all the nuances.

For those of you who know Carmella this is of far darker textures than you will have heard in the previous release and marks a broad step-forward in the out-put.

I am already looking forward to the next EP.

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Black Tiles – Radio Rules – Single Review

Originally from Australia, now based in the UK  – Black Tiles have a new single set for release on the 16th through Mattone Records.

Black Tiles

Black Tiles

The three and a half minutes Radio Rules should be a song I can’t get on with, particularly given that the review is of the Radio Edit of the track, but there is an infectious beat and you well know I am a sucker for the off-beat.

Of equal consequence to the beat Black Tiles are able to inject a sincerity to what is a light framework and through combinations of instruments and vocals there is a toe stomping warmth to the track. It is almost as though the out-fit is living back in Australia – given the time of year – as this is a song that makes you wish for a summer beach party and let’s hope the warm weather over here in the UK stays for a while, so this can be played in its natural environment.

Only having had the opportunity to hear this one track, I look forward to hearing much more by Black Tiles as, judging by this, they are able to make music you just want to be wrapped up inside.

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Limbo Kids – Graceless – Single Review

Limbo Kids is a band from England I last looked at almost two years ago.

Limbo Kids - Graceless - artwork

Limbo Kids – Graceless – artwork

At the time a duo, the line-up has now extended to four. Given the change in members and a slightly different sound to the material, which is now much lighter in feel, it is of little surprise that there was a slowing down in activity, although a three track single did appear last year.

Now firmly back on track Limbo Kids have a new single set for release on the 29th September – Graceless, which finds the band with a sense of greater confidence. Retaining an element of the shoegaze, they have zipped up the tempo and lightened the mood to provide a dance beat driven sound, with enhanced synths, giving the music a more spacious feel and a wider appeal.

It will be interesting to hear how things develop over the next few months.

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