Sandals – Dust Bowl – Single Review

Sandals is the new lo-fi project of Ben Morin from Canada – formulated on the 31st of December.



One of the immense pleasures of being the editor of Emerging Indie Bands is the ability to discover the new and an idea only days old is exactly why this website exists. Of even greater joy is that musicians feel able to send through new ideas, knowing they will not be harangued for being so fresh out of the blocks. Today the only introduction I have replied to with a complete no-no was one by Warner Records with a bureaucracy of PR and Marketing people creating ‘just the right image’ who thought their introduction would be of great excitement. Sandals, however, I do ask you to find time of day to consider.

Dust Bowl (which is available on bandcamp) lasts for two and a half minutes of simultaneously compressed and inflated whisperings of lo-fi haziness as dreamy loops of guitar swoop around the room in billowing clouds of fuzz, whilst a pedantic drum-pad chases the sounds around the ears like a pedagogue only for the echoing vocal to frustrate any such ideas, leaving the listener in a relaxed mood for a multitude of minutes longer than the track lasts.

social media page (my like makes this a fan-base of three)

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Horse Party – Gratitude Falling – Single Review

The English alt-rock band Horse Party released a new single on the 1st.

Horse Party - Gratitude Falling

Horse Party

Gratitude Falling is a blues number in which the guitar features with scruffed strumming that captivates the ears in a track that is of a different flavour to much of what has preceded. The open spaces of the delivery allows the music to create a sense of the dramatic that is enhanced by the superbly delivered vocal that has an underlying gravel and measured half-spoken pace which is an ideal match for the song.

Horse Party have written a track in Gratitude Falling (which is available on bandcamp), that whilst a little different to their regular fare, is a fine piece of musicianship that displays their strong abilities in both song-writing and delivery and bodes well for the year ahead. I certainly look forward to hearing more in this vein.

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Aço Negro – Nunca Acreditei – Single Review

The Brazilian agit-rock band Aço Negro have already opened their account in 2016 with the release of a new single on the 2nd.

Aço Negro - Nunca Acreditei

Aço Negro

Nunca Acreditei is a scowling commentary on unfulfilled promises as Aço Negro deliver their signature rumbling-metal grabbing the listener by the scruff of the neck and hurling them around the room like cat scolding their kitten.

The unmistakable vocal drags itself from the depths of the throat to the accompaniment of a rugged percussion and guitar which revolves through melody to out-right condemnation. Aço Negro have the ability to unify thrashing rock with illuminating inventiveness while always driving an unwavering stake into the heart of societies ills.

As with most of their material Aço Negro are unafraid to extend the playing time with nuanced changes in pace and emphasis and Nunca Acreditei runs for almost four and a quarter minutes.

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From Apes To Angels – Perfection – Single Review

The English synth-wave duo From Apes To Angels release the single Perfection on the 8th of February.

From Apes To Angels - Perfection - artwork

From Apes To Angels – Perfection – artwork

Made available for streaming a couple of hours ago Perfection is a circle of its own virtue as From Apes To Angels up the ante with their second single in just over four and a half minutes of dreamy electronica.

If you were stepping into Savile Row for your first bespoke tailoring Perfection is the cloth you would have in mind, whilst seeking to describe the softness, comfort and fabric weight desired. The music floats, akin to an illusionists trick as it hovers seemingly unsupported, across the room as From Apes To Angels match lustrous synthetics with a beguiling vocal which French-kisses the timpani sending shivers of anticipation down the spine.

Somehow the duo have been able to remove a pillar of familiarity from their previous release – Head & Heart and leave the audience with more by which to be enticed as From Apes To Angels tease the audience with a texture that gently gently caresses as it squeezes.

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La Burca – She goos to flowers – Single Review

The Brazilian new-wave duo La Burca released the three track single She goos to flowers on the 19th.

La Burca - She goos to Flowers

La Burca

Opening with Goos a lumbering guitar stomps into the room to be joined by an equally obstinate percussion as the instrumental, three minutes and seventeen seconds, of pulverising contemplation of those who die before they have had the opportunity to run their course.

Next is Flowers of Romance and those of longer stay will understand completely why, if only by title this would be my pick of the release, with fortune there is more to it than that as La Burca offer a track which implodes upon itself in snarling spirals of invective of a world self absorbed and believing in their ‘right’ to be hugged tightly.

Concluding She goos to flowers is the crashing sound of She Thrills as the duo deliver a track that reminds of the formation of an avalanche as the phrases slowly unfold before rapidly accelerating as they progress.

The three tracks on She goos to flowers are the introduction to the nine track LP – Kurious Eyes – due for release mid-2016.

Amanda and Lucas recorded Flowers of  Romance as a duo live and She Thrills and Goos, also recorded live, with guest musicians, giving the tracks their immediate connectivity with the benefit of depth of sound.

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