Jasmine Sokko – H2O – Single Review

The Singaporean melancholic-synth creator Jasmine Sokko released the single H2O on the 16th.

Jasmine Sokko

Jasmine Sokko

Theoretically H2O is a track I should be running to the hills to get away from, however, as regular readers know compositions dripping with sadness are likely to catch my attention.

I equally ask you also to set aside the cynicism you make have of the surface to allow the underlying weave of the composition, lyrical content and expressive vocal to wind its way around the room.

Although H2O is only Jasmines’ second single she has, demonstrably, an innate ability to bring together the emotional context of the song with the tools to hand, that no amount of time sitting in a lecture theatre and ‘learning by experience’ will ever equal.

Written from the perspective of being surrounded by a society of rigid norms which bear down like a vice to stultify any sense of much other than ‘behaving appropriately’ resulting in a life where chasing dreams is perceived as an abomination and even more sadly unlikely to ever achieve the promises laid out as the prizes for ‘doing the right thing’ and, to me, H2O adroitly encapsulates those thoughts aurally.

Whilst, simply for musical style, an artiste to whom I will probably not return – I wish Jasmine Sokko every success for the future, as she deserves it and a creator I anticipate you will hear much more of in the mainstream, so long as the breaks, so sadly needed in the music industry, come her way.

Thank you for doing what you do Jasmine and please keep on doing what you do.

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Weird Spheres – Hoping – Single Review

Weird Spheres is the gazed-parallax solo project of Rhodri Guerrier from England.

Weird Spheres

Weird Spheres

From time to time new tracks surface, the most recent of which is Hoping, which is in format an angular revisionism from which the blurry guitar sheers across the sharp edges of the phrases. A track which immediately captures the listeners attention with the juxtapositions of the diametrically opposed dynamics of the three elements of the piece – maths rock rhythm, breezing echoed guitar and hazy vocals. Rather than not making any sense; Weird Spheres lives up to the name and is able to deliver its abstruse concepts in cohesive, roughly two and three quarters minutes of, polarisation.

Word also arrives that plans are afoot to put together a live performance unit. Though nothing has been mentioned I am hoping that there will also be a collection of tracks put together in one release, imminently, as the is material best heard in lengthier stay.

As of yet there is no website or social media page to which I can direct you to connect with Weird Spheres.

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Claudia Vega – Mom – Single Review

Claudia Vega is a realist-folk creator from Spain.

Claudia Vega - photo credit - Clayton Jones Images

Claudia Vega – photo credit – Clayton Jones Images

Released on the 20th – was the single Mom.

The juxtaposition between the languid instrumentation and vociferously emotive vocal gives Mom a singularity of sound that once heard is not easily forgotten.

The lo-fi production enhances the acerbic contemplative of a world replete with self obsessed individuals who appear to genuinely believe that the Universe revolves around them and somehow expects everyone else will tidy up their mess rather than them being prepared to take responsibility for their own behaviour, always assuming – Mom – will make it better and it is always the fault of someone else that when they stomp their baby feet their childish demands are not met.

I would suggest Mom is put on loop for the swathes of the Millennial Generation until it sinks in to their tiny deluded little minds – a wide splice of whom do appear to have a sense of entitlement and lack of any moral or ethical compass whilst blithely tapping away at their screens to discover the next thing to ignore by which to provide them with status.

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Idolising Nova – This Ain’t A Dream – Single Review

Idolising Nova is an indie trio from England.

Idolising Nova

Idolising Nova

Their latest single is This Ain’t A Dream, a track which weaves through the speakers with merging synths and guitar, setting out the stall for the approaching four minute piece, prior to a bass drum-pad combination developing the loping measure, which is the focus of attention, with the synthesised vocal developing the theme of the number.

Idolising Nova are not seeking to start a revolution, however are able to deliver a well balanced composition that retains the listeners interest in a song that adds an individuality to a crowded market place, while not straying from the anticipated.

A little more user friendly than the music you will typically discover on the site, but from time to time it is good to veer, at least a little, towards the more mainstream and I wish the trio every success.

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This Ain’t A Dream is available on Amazon.*

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Leah Lawson – All The Dogs In My City – Single Review

Leah Lawson is an alt-folk creator from the USA.

Leah Lawson

Leah Lawson

The latest track to surface – All The Dogs In My City – has a sense of isolation to it as the almost stationary sounds ease their way in to the room. Reflective of the sentiments of the composition, that ponders of a world in which many are rushing to and fro, which when viewed dispassionately seems fruitless. Whilst inwardly questioning, is everything else in fact resulting in some unfathomable self-fulfilment in the chaos and not partaking merely a form of denial of service?

The smooth undulations of guitar and softly brushed percussion barely move the sound-waves, yet, it is because of their fragility that the piece stakes its impressive presence as the doleful vocal quietly expresses bewilderment.


All the Dogs in My City – Single – Leah Lawson is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.