The Urchins

The Urchins from Glasgow in Scotland is the alt-indie band of Steven O’Neill (Vocals), Simon Regan (Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals), Chrissy O’Neill (Lead Guitar), Martyn Regan (Drums), Jonny Carroll (Bass).

The Urchins - alt-indie from Scotland

The Urchins

It was back in March that I first took a look at The Urchins with a review of their début single I Feel A Fall Coming, with a comment I would come back with some thoughts about the band when more music was available. In the intervening few months there have been numerous demo tracks and a constant evolution of sound. An expanded line-up has found the band develop a far wider breadth of influence, which is reflected in the resulting tracks.

Whilst there is a constancy of reflectivity of the trammels of daily living with an ever present solid bass / percussion layer which retains prominence, The Urchins are extending their repertoire in a range of styles as they explore ideas. The pace has been slowed and the tracks, which now have more scope to travel with the additional players, are written around the melodies which give the out-put an impressive confidence.

It will be of some interest to see where the sound finally focuses and I look forward to hearing much more of The Urchins in the none too distant future.

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United Fruit

United Fruit from Glasgow in Scotland is indie rock quartet of Iskandar Stewart (Vocals / Guitar), Stuart Galbraith (Guitar / Vocals), Marco Panagopoulos (Bass) and Dean Inglis (Drums).

United Fruit - indie rock from Scotland

United Fruit

Not attempting anything to complicate the sound United Fruit concentrate on delivering the essence of the thought processes in an easily ingestible form and this they do with clarity, leaving the listener to revel in the resulting out-put. The two guitars flit between one another as though extending each others chords, whilst bass and percussion stamp out a solidity of progression to which the brain is directed, whilst the vocal spears the core of the material.

Intriguingly there is something US indie about it all as United Fruit eschew the tangents of the local stamping ground to add a distinctly North East Coast USA colouring to the sounds, which marks out some ground for themselves. Tracks are given enough space to deliver their potential, without overstaying their welcome as the quartet have developed the ability to to identify when to make cuts and this skill gives them the accoutrements with which to give the listener music that immediately resonates.

Rumours abound of an LP coming out later this year – when I have more concrete news – I will let you know. This is purported to be on the new LP.


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The OK Social Club

The OK Social Club from Edinburgh in Scotland is the alt-indie quartet of Raff Eragona ( Vocals / Guitar), Chris Finn (Guitar), Gordy Burn (Bass) and Jordan Harvey (Drums).

The OK Social Club - alt-indie from Scotland

The OK Social Club

Skittering around the room like indoor fireworks The OK Social Club have a freshness and zest which feeds into the listener giving the brain a lift. It isn’t possible to listen to the music without being infected by their enthusiasm and it the likes of this band that life as a reviewer is so rewarding.

Although the music is easy on the ears, The OK Social Club demonstrate considerable musical prowess in their compositions which flash past at lightning speed, containing intricate interplay and timing between the players. The dual guitar combinations permit the band to inject textures into the music, which, whilst being driven onward by bass and percussion, is finely balanced by the combinations. The vocal, with more than a hint of Scottish accent, gives the material an earthy realism which engages the audience.

Having been around since 2011 and with an LP – Nothing In Common – behind them The OK Social Club have served their apprenticeship and I look forward to hearing much more of the band in a broader context. A new single Threads coming out on the 14th March is to be followed by another album later in the year. The newer material finds the band in a more tempered mode and it will be interesting to hear what the new LP has to offer.


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The Moon Kids

The Moon Kids is the psychedelic pop quartet of David Barr (Lead vocals / Guitar), Taylor Wright (Backing Vocals / Bass), Rory Buchanan (Drums / Percussion) and Magnus Collie (Guitar) from Fife in Scotland.

The Moon Kids - Psychedelic pop from Scotland

The Moon Kids

Giving psychedelic rock an upper leads directly to The Moon Kids who bring in a zesty fillip to a genre which can, in its most esoteric moments, become an unfathomable conundrum, not so with these guys from Scotland.

It would be possible to fill in paragraphs about how it sounds like this and that, but to do so would be to miss the point, what The Moon Kids have done is to bring in a wide range of influences to produce music which has a lightness of touch, whilst simultaneously composing material of originality.

The trippy infectious tunes sweep the listener in to a good space as they take the audience of a flight of fancy which retains an easy pivot point of acoustic and electric guitars around which the percussion / bass swirls in carefree abandonment and a lyric, which is slightly echoed, adds to the sense of a magical mystery tour.

Not to play if you are attempting to write a thesis on Greek Mythology, but for any other time of the day  when you just need a pick-me up – The Moon Kids – should be close to hand.

Just over a year behind them and an LP set for release, their second year is looking set fair for the quartet.


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Young Aviators

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Young Aviators comprising of the Irish trio of Decky Mc Kay, John Markey and Kyle Haughey is a garage rock band.

Young Aviators - garage rock from England

Young Aviators

Scintillating melodies mark out Young Aviators from the pack as something special. Resounding choruses will find you hoarse as you involuntarily deliver the necessary refrains, as smartly dressed compositions are rolled in iron filings before appearing in the speakers.

Young Aviators offer a shining spark in a genre which is rapidly loosing its sense of direction as the trio combine original song writing ability with rough edges to offer the audience music in which to immerse themselves. Well considered lyrical angles provide food for the brain, whilst compositional competence resonates into the psyche.

Unafraid to throw a curve-ball in to the mix Young Aviators ever test the audience, whilst making it relevant to the conundrums of the gravitated audience. This is a review to which it is essential to add more than one piece of music to appreciate the value of the band in the ’10s as they are able to both take the listener by the hand on a fun night out with lyrics of diatribe, whilst equally as impressive when offering a commentary in a completely different guise.

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