The Imagineers – Californians Drive All Day (In The Sunshine) – Audio

The Scottish alt-rock quartet The Imagineers release the LP Utopian Dreams on the 2nd of May.

The Imagineers - Utopian Dreams - artwork

The Imagineers – Utopian Dreams – artwork

With something of a cinematographic atmosphere Californians Drive All Day (In The Sunshine), the tenth of the bakers dozen tracks on the album oozes a warmth as the unhurried synthetics drift like balmy summer rays through the listeners ears. Although only lasting for less than two and a half minutes, the composition still, is able, to paint a generous soundscape.


Utopian Dreams [Explicit] is available on Amazon.

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Park Planet – We Can’t Stop You – Audio

The Scottish nu-disco trio Park Planet are still working towards the release of the LP Rebel Rebel.

Park Planet - We Can't Stop You

Park Planet

Given the history of my relationship with Park Planet since 2012, I can safely say they keep a diary as poorly as I. The most recent email to which I responded, just a few moments ago was one from April 2015. But none of that matters as creating music is what they are good at doing and most recently to surface was the track We Can’t Stop You.

In theory the LP Rebel Rebel will be released this year, however even they are doubtful of this idea and although this is stated as the second track track to be revealed from the LP, which may well have changed its name by the time of its arrival, do bear in mind this is in principal the third track from the album I have featured that reference to it – with the first indication of the new LP  and the track – Dropping It – having been introduced back in 2015. Which makes their conundrums all the more a pleasure.

My advice however is to always enjoy new tracks as they arise, as they are always worth holding close the the chest.

To rewrite that introductory paragraph again – We Can’t Stop You – which may on may not be an on LP, that may not ever be released, that may or may not end up being called Rebel Rebel. Turn down all other noises and immerse yourself in the just over three and a half minutes of hip snaking music.

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tryptamines – This Is My Feelings – Audio

The Scottish psychedelic-keys trio tryptamines will release the LP The Way Which Can Be Named Is Not The Nameless Way on the 20th.



Taking a piano to pastures new tryptamines combine samples, electronics, instrumentation and keyboard into imaginative waves of sound from which spectral vocal peers through the imagery leaving the listener enrobed in sense of wonderment.

By way of an introduction to tryptamines – This Is My Feelings.

Which is taken from the forthcoming album – The Way Which Can Be Named Is Not The Nameless Way – the LP entitled with the same name as the closing track on the 2014 LP Tryptamines, chemical callum & Tom the Noisemonger.


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Fat Goth – Guestbook – Audio

The Scottish heavy-metal trio Fat Goth release the LP Enorme! on the 5th of May.

Fat Goth - Photo Credit Ricky Henderson

Fat Goth – Photo Credit Ricky Henderson

Well established in the Scottish rock scene it is long past due date Fat Goth had a far greater international audience and with fortune their fourth album – Enorme! (available on bandcamp) – will go some way to address the anomaly.

The first of the eight tracks – Guestbook – merely requires the listener to be in headbanging mood to fully enjoy the exemplary rock ‘n’ roll.

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Coast – That Old Atlantic Sky – Video

It has been over three years since the Scottish alt-rock band Coast last featured.

Coast - Windmills In The Sky - artwork

Coast – Windmills In The Sky – artwork

In the intervening period Coast have been busy, with, amongst other things a relocation from the South coast of England to the West coast of Scotland – they are also due to release the LP Windmills In The Sky later in the year.

There is a familiarity to the sound in the track, from the forthcoming album, That Old Atlantic Sky though there is also a deeper texturing within which Coast are able to extract a palpable intense emotional presence as the just over six minutes track floats from the speakers.

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