Hitherside – Honeydripper – Audio

The Belgium based rock outfit Hitherside recently revealed their latest single.

Hitherside - Honeydripper


Always steeped in an atmospheric vocal Honeydripper is of similar vein with the sultry voice wrapping the listener in silken threads, while the pulsing percussion and bass tightens the bonds with guitar free to soar through the room in unbound glittering refrain allowing Hitherside to deliver a track of multiple layering and texture with an acerbic lyric reflecting on the reality of the ever growing global tendency of predatory behaviour.

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SEA – The Stranger Within – Video

The Danish rock quartet SEA released the LP The Grip Of Time earlier in the month.

SEA - The Grip Of Time - artwork

SEA – The Grip Of Time – artwork

Doing everything that is wanted from classic rock, SEA, deliver unfussy heavy-metal that bursts cleanly through the room leaving the listener delighted to have spent time in their company.

From the album – the penultimate of the ten tracks – The Stranger Within.

The Grip of Time – Sea is available on iTunes.*

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The Grey Merchant – Convenience – Single Review

The Irish rock band The Grey Merchant release the single Convenience on the 31st.

The Grey Merchant

The Grey Merchant

For those who are fans of heavy-metal the chord structures and vocal technique in Convenience will immediately remind of one specific band, however, rather than sounding like a pale imitation of Motörhead, The Grey Merchant are able to carve out their own space as they relax the pace.

Convenience (available on bandcamp) is a margin of over a three minute track that is able to compress and expand the pressure waves giving the piece an undulating organic flow in which the listener immerses themselves in joyful thrashing of the neck and already looking forward to the next release.

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Secondhand Habit – Give Me All You’ve Got – Video

The Canadian rock quartet Secondhand Habit release the EP From The Ashes on the 1st of June.

Secondhand Habit - From The Ashes - artwork

Secondhand Habit – From The Ashes – artwork

The moment you hit play you will be shifted back to vintage rock at its best whilst wondering why I didn’t let you know you need to have found that faded and frayed jeans jacket strewn with pin badges and loosened your neck muscles before hitting play.

Things could be written about the interplay between the two guitars, the bass line, pitching vocals and the wielded axes on drums – but that would be superfluous – merely ensure the volume is turned up and select your choice of air guitar.

From the five track EP, available on bandcamp, the second – Give Me All You’ve Got.

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A Fall To Break – Dying To Live – Video

It was back in 2015 that the US rock outfit A Fall To Break last featured.

A Fall To Break - Dying To Live

A Fall To Break – Dying To Live

Which essentially means you have kept up with pretty much all their news, as for the past few years they have been wrestling with various aspects of life – now resurfacing – with a previously unreleased number Dying To Live – which with fortune indicates they are now back on track.

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