Moxine – Pretend We’re Cool – Video

The Brazilian rock band Moxine have regularly featured over the years and always good to return to as songs arise.

Moxine - Pretend We're Cool


A live performance of the track Pretend We’re Cool, the first of the eleven tracks on the LP Hot December, recorded at Casa do Mancha in São Paulo (Brazil) on the 17th, has recently surfaced.

Hot December – Moxine is available on iTunes.*

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Los Labios – Birthday – Video

Los Labios is a Spanish rock band.

Los Labios - Birthday - artwork

Los Labios – Birthday – artwork

Earlier in the month Los Labios released the LP Birthday.

By way of an introduction to a band who most certainly know one end of a song from the other and how to fill the space in-between with highly impressive rock and roll, resultingly are gaining a strong international following, the title track and fifth of the ten on the album.


Birthday – Los Labios is available on iTunes.*

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Jet Black 3 – Remember My Name – Single Review

Jet Black 3 is an English rock band.

Jet Black 3

Jet Black 3

My apologies, once again, for the late arrival of this article. Back towards the end of February I was notified of the release of the single Remember My Name and there it lay, an unopened email gathering dust.

The track has a slight psychedelic tinge, enhanced by long delayed and echoed vocal, which Jet Black 3 encase in a driving percussion that veritably bounces off the walls and back into itself, while guitar zings with classic rock riffs that have the audience reaching for their own air version.

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Remember My Name [Explicit] is available on Amazon.*

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Hitherside – Unsanctify Me – Single Review

Unsanctify Me is the 17th single revealed by the Belgium based rock quartet Hitherside.

Hitherside - Unsanctify Me


Regularly present on the live circuit Hitherside are still able to find time to head back to the studio to reveal new songs and deliver tracks of driving heavy-metal influenced rock to which they add their own flourishes, perhaps, due in part to their different backgrounds and influences with members coming from Belgium, The Netherlands and the USA, that, enables them to always offer something new for the audience.

Unsanctify Me, which appeared earlier in the week, is a furnace of guitar and instrumentation which breaks to strong melodies and pace changes over which the distinctive vocal gives the composition an expressive finishing coat.

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Einar Vilberg – Something To Lean On – Audio

The Icelandic rock creator Einar Vilberg is finalising details for his début solo LP.

Einar Vilberg

Einar Vilberg

Within the past few hours Something To Lean On was made available.

Established as the vocalist for Noise; as a solo artist Einar is able to explore a heavier rock sound which is delivered through the just over three minutes of Something To Lean On with a deft finesse and the listener can remain blissfully unconcerned that it is one player performing the four parts.


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