Thundermother – We Fight For Rock N Roll – Video

The Swedish rock quartet Thundermother were introduced in 2015.

Thundermother - We Fight For Rock N Roll


An almost complete change of line up with only the guitarist and founder, Filippa Nässil, remaining – their latest single We Fight For Rock N Roll (available on bandcamp) is currently being supported by an extended pan-European Tour.

Turn up the volume and enjoy classic rock’n’roll.

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Three Underneath – Can I Be – Video

The Irish rock trio Three Underneath released the three track single Something Pure on the 10th.

Three Underneath - Photo credit - Jessica Foo

Three Underneath – Photo credit – Jessica Foo

Akin to the title of the release Three Underneath create undiluted rock ‘n’ roll.

Can I Be – the first track – only requires the listener to turn up the volume as they take care of the rest, leaving the audience feeling far better for having partaken of the experience.


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Bandintexas – Hey Daisy – Audio

The Australian rock quartet Bandintexas are due to release their début LP in September.

Bandintexas - Hey Daisy


A long awaited follow up to the ABDC- EP release by the quartet who have revealed numerous tracks over the intervening years along with a plenitude of live appearances –  Bandintexas is a band best enjoyed in lengthy session.

The most recent track to surface being Hey Daisy, which enters the room with a thumbed bass note, so there is little possibility it would escape my interest, with submerged pedals and hushed cymbal giving the opening phrases a ghostly presence prior to vocal joining in the bobbing thick string and it is only at a quarter of the way through the tad under four minutes that the song unfolds in to its full luminosity, yet were that opening to be extended even further the mind would not find itself wandering.

Having featured Bandintexas since mid 2014 I can with some confidence suggest this is their most impressive piece thus far in their journey as within Hey Daisy the quartet have been able to harness their raw energy, whilst not diluting any of the honesty, to deliver a soundtrack of emotional roller-coaster and I am looking forward to the album with considerable interest.

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The Iron Horses – Traffic – Single Review

The Australian rock quartet The Iron Horses revealed their newest track yesterday.

The Iron Horses - Traffic

The Iron Horses

With a more compressed sound than previous music of theirs – Traffic launches in to the room in a blur of reverberating guitar prior to unfolding its wings and then track soars around the in an array of double time percussion, which gives the music its apparent spaciousness, hard working bass piling on the pressure whilst the two guitars are afforded room to be able to create the glittering textures and melodies through which the vocal ties the elements together as it drifts in and out of focus.

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Tigress – Headaches – Video

Tigress is an English rock quintet.

Tigress - Photo by Tom Pullen

Tigress – Photo by Tom Pullen

Clawing its way out of the speakers, the music is a combination of powerful driving rock and measured pacing, giving the material a broad appeal, with the distinctive vocal providing an impressive pivot around which the compositions revolve.

By way of an introduction Headaches which is the middle of the five tracks from their most recent EP Like It Is.


Like It Is is available on Amazon.*

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