Steve Schuster – Florentin – Audio

Steve Schuster is a US retro-rocker.

Steve Schuster

Steve Schuster

Earlier this month the LP Sweet Gems was released. A dozen track album takes the listener back to the ’60s with its easy gait and analogue patina which melts in to the room as though a hot-knife in butter.

The third track  – Florentin – has a distinctive merseybeat reference point as it trots through the room in a multi-coloured tie-dyed kaftan.


Sweet Gems – Steve Schuster is available on iTunes.*

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Yasar – Away From Me – Single Review

The Bangladeshi retro-rock project Yasar released the single Away From Me a few days ago.



Away From Me is just over three minutes of warming rock that coils around the listener like a snugly blanket as the drifting sounds slowly flow through the room.

It would be possible to spend considerable time referencing ‘reminds me of’ – however so to do would be to do injustice to the composition which holds attention for its own ability. My only sadness is that there is only one song that I have been able to hear as once you invest in the luxurious ride you will want to hear far more. I look forward to discovering a full double LP in short order in which to submerge for an hour or three.

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Smidley – Dead Retrievers – Video

Smidley is a US retro-rock project.

Smidley - Dead Retrievers


The eponymous LP was released on the 2nd and the third of the ten tracks – Dead Retrievers – is a warming flow of acoustic and electronic guitar that bathes the listener in becalming washes of melody as the music eases its way gently through the room.

Smidley – Smidley is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Mythical Motors – Red And Yellow September – Audio

The US retro-rock quartet Mythical Motors released the LP Running The Shine on the 27th.

Mythical Motors

Mythical Motors

A sixteen track album (available on bandcamp) which has a ’60s garage flavour to it as the short tracks, only one running over three minutes, eases its way through the ears. There is a warming undertow of analogue hiss, leaving the listener relaxed in their company.

My selection from the album is the closer – Red And Yellow September.

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Snails – My Fault – Audio

The English retro-rock band Snails released the EP Starting With Mine on the 24th.

Snails - Photo Credit - Mark Sewell

Snails – Photo Credit – Mark Sewell

Unifying folk and 60’s beat allows Snails to deliver a warm coating to the sounds that leaves the audience smiling as the whimsical compositions make there presence felt. The four track release (available on bandcamp) has a lightness of touch to it that creates the cohesive relationship between listener and band whilst underpinned by skilled song writing and delivery which enables them to keep the mind fully engaged.

By way of an introduction to a band well worth spending time to get to know the closer on Starting With MineMy Fault.

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