Snails – My Fault – Audio

The English retro-rock band Snails released the EP Starting With Mine on the 24th.

Snails - Photo Credit - Mark Sewell

Snails – Photo Credit – Mark Sewell

Unifying folk and 60’s beat allows Snails to deliver a warm coating to the sounds that leaves the audience smiling as the whimsical compositions make there presence felt. The four track release (available on bandcamp) has a lightness of touch to it that creates the cohesive relationship between listener and band whilst underpinned by skilled song writing and delivery which enables them to keep the mind fully engaged.

By way of an introduction to a band well worth spending time to get to know the closer on Starting With MineMy Fault.

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Trapper Schoepp – Bumper Cars – Video

The US retro-rock project Trapper Schoepp releases the LP Bay Beach Amusement Park on the 2nd of June.

Trapper Schoepp - Bay Beach Amusement Park - artwork

Trapper Schoepp – Bay Beach Amusement Park – artwork

In an homage to the one hundred and twenty five year old amusement park in Wisconsin, at which Elvis Presley purportedly found enjoyment – hence the retro-feel of the compositions, with tracks named after rides.

The penultimate of the six songs – Bumper Cars leaves the listener happily stepping around the room.


Bay Beach Amusement Park – EP – Trapper Schoepp is available on iTunes.*

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Smidley – Fuck This – Video

The US retro-rock project Smidley releases the eponymous LP on the 2nd of June.

Smidley - eponymous LP - artwork

Smidley – eponymous LP – artwork

As the notes come rolling out of the speakers, in the sixth of the ten tracks on the album (available through Triple Crown Records) – Fuck This, rather than being the snarling commentary suggested by the song title, has a distinctive merseybeat feel to it and, the listener is invited to lay in quiet repose as the warm analogue effects float through the ears.

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TS Idiot – Lay L.A. – Audio

TS Idiot is the retro-rock project of Terence Sheehan from the USA.

TS Idiot

TS Idiot

With just one release, the ten track LP Lay L​.​A. (available on bandcamp) those of longer reach in music derivations will immediately grab hold of The Kinks reference point as TS Idiot unashamedly takes reference to ’60s British rock and roll and far from sounding like a pastiche is able to surface with new ideas of similar warming analogue recording technique much akin to the Trinidad and Tobago band Jointpop with similar reference point who regularly feature – with quite similar vocal expression.

By means of an introduction to a roughly twenty six minutes LP and the musical creativity of TS Idiot – the opening and title track Lay L.A..

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Joya from London in England is the retro-rock band of Robert SoteloDan Akerman and Ivan Mendiola.

Joya - retro-rock from England


Very new on the landscape Joya makes for a fascinating conundrum of continuum. Whilst discernibly of the past they are equally of the future. I see many bands who describe themselves as ‘post or proto – rock / punk / goth / metal etc.’ each as pretentious as the previous and does anyone know what any of those ‘proto-this /post-that’ genre definitions mean?  These guys don’t try to hide their roots which spill like a sliced gut across the floor, and the entrails they eviscerate are of some fascination.

Smartly strung guitars twang their tight contusions, whilst a slapping bass excoriates the nether regions of the room whilst a snared percussion echoes the footsteps and around it all flights a vocal as Joya update sounds of the ’60s to a highly relevant space. There is an easy accessibility dating back to the foot-rungs of the ladders of pop-rock which the trio invest with the 21st Century.

A début EP appeared a couple of months ago, just days after all their social media spaces arrived, the appropriately named PrimoJoya to my mind have put most of the foundations in place and more importantly can compose music which engages, I wish them all the best with their career.

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