Ghost Dance Collective – Taking You Down – Audio

Ghost Dance Collective is a psychedelic rock quartet from Scotland.

Ghost Dance Collective

Ghost Dance Collective

Earlier this month they released their début EP Haunted, which is available on bandcamp, a roughly quarter of an hour release that fills the listener with thoughts of the summer of love with the drifting combinations of guitar and synth and hazy vocal that takes the edge off the day leaving the mind in a free-flowing state of relaxation from which it is no hurry to escape.

The third of the four tracks is Taking You Down.


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Astral Lite – Visage – Video

The US psychedelic rock out fit Astral Lite are still finalising the details of the LP New World Vultures.

Astral Light - Visage

Astral Light

The newest track to surface from the album – Visage – , which is available on bandcamp as a stand alone single, is a dreamy flow of sound which harmonises instrumentation and vocal with a wandering flute which provides the song with a mystical presence that is able, singularly, to hypnotise the audience with its gradations of volume and flow akin to Der Rattenfänger Von Hameln.

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Dirty Sound Magnet – Homo Economicus – Video

The Swiss psychedelic-rock band Dirty Sound Magnet release the LP Western Lies on the 12th of May.

Dirty Sound Magnet - Western Lies - artwork

Dirty Sound Magnet – Western Lies – artwork

Rather than taking the listener on a gentle glass-eyed ride, Dirty Sound Magnet are a band who are politically charged – and that of course is one reason why I enjoy their output, along with the quality of the work – as they cast wary eye on the world around and the listener feels they are on some sort of a nightmare of a trip as the dystopian template spins around the head.

From the twelve track album – Homo Economicus – which is the fourth.

Western Lies – Dirty Sound Magnet is available on iTunes.*

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The Revolutionary Spirit – Northern Star – Audio

The Welsh psychedelic-rock band The Revolutionary Spirit are currently working on the LP Feel Music.

The Revolutionary Spirit

The Revolutionary Spirit

A couple of songs have appeared from the forthcoming album, the latest of which is Northern Star.

The Revolutionary Spirit have a soundtrack which captures attention as the hallucinogenic guitar is overlayed by a britpop referenced vocal, affording a distinct space of difference.

Laid within Northern Star is an opening flute which gives the dreamy wafts of smoke a ’60s summer festival atmosphere and the listener finds themselves with winding thoughts of kaftans and tie-dye dresses as the unhurried acoustic led just over four and three quarters minutes track slows down the synapses to merely an occasional spark.

To get this far has taken me the best part of an hour, such is the measure of the retrospective trippyness, so do allow yourself plenty of time to recover after imbibing on The Revolutionary Spirit, which I posit less references an insurgency, rather the consequential motions of the eyeballs spending time in the company of their music.

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Whereswilder – This Feeling – Audio

The Greek psychedelic rock quartet Whereswilder will be releasing the LP Hotshot on the 27th.



Drawing seeds from the late ’60s and early ’70s Whereswilder create music that warms up the room with its retrospective expansive landscape as they interplay sharp definitions with blurry edges giving tracks an ever changing structure in which to becalm the day.

The third of the twelve tracks, This Feeling, is the first song to surface from the album (available on bandcamp).

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