Hollow Everdaze – Catastrophe – Audio

The Australian psychedelic-garage quintet will be releasing the LP Cartoons later in the year.

Hollow Everdaze - Cartoons - Artwork

Hollow Everdaze – Cartoons – Artwork

The first track to surface from the album and the third of the ten – Catastrophe – which was itself released as a standalone single on the 2nd (available on bandcamp) is a just under three and a quarter minutes of reverb and echo that flows through the room with the slightest scent of patchouli oil, leaving the listener bathed in feel-good factor with a tangible warmth spreading over the body.

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Slow Walker – Pet My Dog – Audio

The US psychedelic-garage trio Slow Walker released the LP Command Z on the 3rd.

Slow Walker

Slow Walker

Ever active in releasing new material the six track album Command Z is the first to appear since they pared down to a trio and those familiar with Slow Walker will discover, if anything, they sound tighter.

The home-production gives the LP (available on bandcamp) a warmth that can be felt radiating through the room as the trio deliver a release that alternates between trippy hangouts and tracks which are uptempo garage in origination and nature.

The fourth piece is one of the faster numbers – Pet My Dog.

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From Brighton in England: Ross Robertson (Vocals / Guitar), Larry Marks (Vocals / Bass) and Simon Gledhill (Vocals / Guitar) – who are looking for a full time drummer – form the psychedelic-garage outfit Teetotum.

Teetotum - Psychedelic Garage from England


You know that moment when you are watching a spool of thread unravel in-front of you to disappear into the far distance? Teetotum too play with guitar strings stretching to the far horizon and what a joy it is. The elasticity of the strings gives Teetotum the warm feeling of four track analogue recordings and taken in combination with vocals one can’t help but call to mind The Kinks and consequentially want to spend more time in their company.

Although there are only five tracks available to hear for those who don’t have the opportunity to hear them live in their regular local performances – on the basis of the recorded material, it is little surprise they are generating their own hot-spot.

My only hope is that Teetotum are able, swiftly, to discover a full time drummer as the skins do form an integral part of the out-put.

From the four track EP – Mind Your Teeth which came out last month and is available on bandcamp –  the opener Night & Day.

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PSYBLINGS is the relatively new psychedelic-garage quintet from Manchester in England comprising: Greg DixonEllis CullenDan ColemanJordan Lythgoe and Sam Bullock who came together this year.

PSYBLINGS - psychedelic-garage from England


With a half a dozen tracks around to consider of theirs I thought I would concentrate on one in particular which illuminates the essence of their sound.

Behind The Sun (Bullock’s Fruity) horns out of the speakers like a rhinoceros tilting around the room before PSYBLINGS lay their whispering to calm the beast. As the track evolves through its four and a quarter minute duration there is a continual tussle of bass which wants to burst through the walls and relaxed six string guitar which wishes to lay-back the rush, leaving percussion and vocal scurrying between the two like a UN peace-keeping force.

The listener is left with a sense of joy as PSYBLINGS negotiate the conflicts with considerable aplomb delivering a track you just need to put on loop for a while to enjoy over and over again.

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Weird Adults

Surfacing from Port Saint Lucie in the USA are Brendan Lis (Bass / Guitar / Theremin), Bryn DeHass (Vocals / Sampler / Synths), Michael Sapienza (Guitar  / Bass / Percussion), Matt Yuscavage (Drums) and Steve Folimer (Guitar) who form the psychedelic-garage band Weird Adults.

Weird Adults - psychedelic-garage from the USA

Weird Adults

The munificence of instruments are not deployed by Weird Adults to create volume, rather contortions of complex textures, in what is a relatively new outfit who are still looking forward to their first birthday. Still finding their feet in their musical journey, they afford the audience with a plethora of ideas in their currently available fourteen tracks.

Firmly ensconced around a sound that requires a sip of mushroom tea to fully engage with the quintet who take the listener on a magical carpet ride of undulations and paroxysms of writhing limbs that disport around the room.

Ten of the songs have been put together to form what is essentially a concept LP – Pet Without A Face, whilst Weird Adults discover their métier. There is nothing to not enjoy in the output and only more to look forward to hearing and I wish them every success with their journey and without desirous to put any bait on which to feed – I do like the song Fake Sleeping.

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