Beans on Toast – Open Door Policy – Video

The English protest-folk project Beans On Toast releases the LP Cushty on the 1st of December.

Beans On Toast - Open Door Policy

Beans On Toast

A musician it is always a pleasure to return to with the insightful narrative and raw delivery.

With the normal construct of identifying the issues in poetic lyrical form with earthy vocal and quiet instrumentation and yet – having drawn a dark cloud through the room concludes with an unanticipated and abstract ray of sunshine, leaving the audience feeling better about life than prior to listening – the first of the fourteen tracks is Open Door Policy.

Cushty – Beans On Toast is available on iTunes.*

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Wildflowers Of The Mojave – Holy Mountain – Audio

Wildflowers Of The Mojave is a protest-folk collective from the USA.

Wildflowers Of The Mojave - photo credit David Zamora

Wildflowers Of The Mojave – photo credit David Zamora

Numerous players with a plethora of instruments grace their most recent dozen track LP Your Sherpa Will Abandon You And Leave You For Dead (available on bandcamp).

The quietly measured soundtrack belies their distress at the social injustice and political posturing around the globe as the just under an hour and a quarter release threads through the room in an eclectic range of compositions.

By way of an introduction the second – Holy Mountain.

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Rue Snider – One More American – Video

The US protest folk creator Rue Snider continues to regularly reveal new material.

Rue Snider - Photo credit Amanda Brown

Rue Snider – Photo credit Amanda Brown

As regular readers know – there are some themes of thought I am likely to ask you to consider with your sandwiches and protest music is one such. First featured earlier in the year Rue Snider returns with the latest song to surface – One More American – in live performance.

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Nick DeFazio – Look At What We Have Done – Audio

The US protest-folk creator Nick DeFazio released the LP Part of Something earlier in the month.

Nick Defazio

Nick Defazio

An approaching twenty eight minutes, nine track album, (available on bandcamp) which encompasses various issues of social disquiet which is delivered in quiet contemplation as acoustic guitar and vocal envelop the listener in sorrowful and quizzical compositions.

My selection is the fourth piece – Look At What We Have Done.


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Martin Weller – Queen Bee – Video

The English protest-folk creator Martin Weller last featured in 2015.

Martin Weller - Sines Of Life - artwork

Martin Weller – Sines Of Life – artwork

From the bakers dozen track LP Sines Of The Times (available on bandcamp) – Queen Bee.

Martin Weller is able to combine music which pours scorn as societal structures with dry humour.

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