Sexy Levels – #SUICIDESAUCE – Audio

Sexy Levels is an English nu-disco duo.

Sexy Levels

Sexy Levels

As you know music you like is never a science rather a purely moment in time concept and I can think of far more reasons of why I don’t like nu-disco than why I do – however as regular readers know I am drawn like a magnet to the style and Sexy Levels – in what is an atypical move jettison their more usual sequenced guitars to deliver an electronic number in #SUICIDESAUCE.

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King Catcher – Golden Planchette – Audio

The English nu-disco duo King Catcher have surfaced with a new track.

King Catcher - Golden Planchette

King Catcher

Golden Planchette features their signature pivoting electronica which gives the material its sense of joint articulation and pulls the listener closer to the speakers.

With a growing list of stand alone singles behind them, I am hoping King Catcher will soon reveal a collection of songs in one release as this is music which is best enjoyed whilst snaking hips under strobed lights in extended play.

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Park Planet – Collisions – Video

The Scottish nu-disco trio Park Planet are finalising details for the LP Rebel Rebel.

Park Planet - Rebel Rebel - artwork

Park Planet – Rebel Rebel – artwork

A band who have featured on the site from time to time since their introduction in 2012. Over the years their style has evolved and the newest track – Collisions – finds them delivering a piece which will have a natural home at an after-party.

A while in gestation, the album Rebel Rebel was signposted over a year ago, with Collisions being the first composition to come from the LP.  On the basis of the latest song -I reconfirm what I said in September 2015 – I look forward to hearing the full release.

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