Saint Sapphire – Rule The World Tonight – Video

Saint Sapphire is a newwave quartet from Northern Ireland.

Saint Sapphire

Saint Sapphire

Yesterday they revealed their latest single – Rule The World Tonight.

As is always the case the best rock’n’roll is unadorned and in Rule The World Tonight, Saint Sapphire, deliver a track that immediately catches the audience with the pulsing sound that has them joining in with the infectious uptempo hooks and dips.

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Dead Naked Hippies – I Can’t Wait – Audio

Dead Naked Hippies is an English newwave trio.

Dead Naked Hippies

Dead Naked Hippies

My apologies to one and all as I am a little late to this, it having been hanging around in my email inbox since the tail-end of last month.

There is a reference base to the music that can’t help mind of the late ’70s punk and newwave bands, with thoughts of Teenage Jesus & The Jerks and The Banshees amongst others, so how could I not be enamoured?

Of far more relevance than what may be reminded it is the fact that they deliver music that is most clearly of the ’10s with the sad backdrop of a society ripping itself to shreds over inanity and fervent desire for conformity.

The most recent track I Can’t Wait serves as a brief introduction to a band I look forward to coming back to later as word does have it there is a début EP in the offing.

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The K’s – Sarajevo – Single Review

The K’s is an English newwave quartet.

The K's

The K’s

I do confess – I had to check – a band entitled The K’s with a song called Sarajevo did raise queries of political persuasion – so rest assured – the Sarajevo in question is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 rather than thoughts of Srebrenica in support of the English Defence League – this is not a KKK off-shoot of White Christian Supremacists, I merely countenance the band to reconsider their name (else you sense akin to Sham 69 gigs – in those days – the BNP – supporting the music for all the wrong reasons) as I won’t be the only one of suspicious nature – now you know you will more clearly notice the lyric, comprehend the irony of the artwork of the single depicting the emblem of Црна рука – perhaps it is my tinnitus ridden ears and personal radar as an anarchist – the music?…

… turn up the volume and let the staccato pulsing beats harangue as the quartet compress the air, like an air-rifle, prior to propelling pellets in to the room peppering the plaster with pock-marks.

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Queen Zee & The Sasstones – Sass Or Die – Audio

Introduced a few months ago the English newwave outfit Queen Zee & The Sasstones return with their latest track.

Queen Zee & The Sasstones - Sass Or Die

Queen Zee & The Sasstones

Lacking the gloopy bass of previous feature, in Sass Or Die, Queen Zee & The Sasstones raise a more urgent and frenetic backdrop that scrubs the plaster off the walls for its frantic clawing and the listener finds themselves minded – if one is not of the ‘acceptable’ one is of the ‘undesirable.

Play it loud – play it proud.

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Fick As Fieves – Insomnia – Single Review

The English newwave trio Fick As Fieves released the single Insomnia on the 21st.

Fick As Fieves - Insomnia - artwork

Fick As Fieves – Insomnia – artwork

Prior to hitting play, as those who are of longer stay will also recall, there is little point unless your 14 hole DMs are tied and there is room to dance to the latest reveal.

On this occasion, once again the sprung drum kit snaps through the room – though in Insomnia the bass and guitar are given front-line billing too resulting in a ska derived number and the listener finds themselves reverting from pogo to skanking footstep whilst the precise vocal trips, like a surgeons knife, through the phrases.

Since Fick As Fieves returned from their break the world has undoubtedly become a better place and all that is next required is an LP to press once and play in long-form and upon which those who do suffer from Insomnia will take great pleasure as the night passes in fervoured dance-step.

Insomnia is available on Amazon.*

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*Purchases made through the Amazon link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.