Swears – Faith In The Nation – Single Review

The English new wave quartet Swears released the single Faith In The Nation on the 5th.



14 hole DMs are the prerequisite footwear priot to hitting play and starting to pogo – oh and then hit play… Faith In The Nation is a feisty track in which to clash safety pins and bondage straps with an accompanying audience on the dance-floor as the sarcastic lyric swathes through the ears whilst unremitting bass pummels the jawbone while the pulsing drum-kit switches between snare and a bass-drum you just know isn’t going to stay its anchors whilst an unexpected duo of rhythmic guitars swagger through the room in flashing strobes of shimmering layered melody, giving Faith In The Nation a zingy melodic twist.

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Casual Friday – Self Destruct – Audio

The US new wave quartet Casual Friday release the LP Quarter Life Crisis this year.

Casual Friday - Self Destruct

Casual Friday

Introduced in 2015 next appearing in the 2016 New Year Ninety Chart, the interminable delay in a follow-up is less to do with them not releasing material rather my own inability to keep up with emails – though with great fortune I have finally got my act together to discover a band who have tautened everything up to a perspiration inducing soundtrack.

Released yesterday was the first track from the album – Self Destruct – a song which finds them with a far more compressed sound and my initial experience on hitting play may serve as a lesson I have learnt to pass on to you – before hitting play – ensure you have the speakers hassling that elusive ‘volume 11’ setting and make sure you have cleared plenty of space around you – I didn’t do the latter and ended up with bruised shins and scattered furniture all over the shop.

There is a refreshed website to reflect of their development.

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Austerity – The City Is Dead – Video

The English new-wave trio Austerity release the single The City Is Dead on the 18th.



Fulminating against the vice-like grip of The Establishment – Austerity reveal music which fulminates of the ills in society grinding the 99% to dust. The City Is Dead roars across the room like a wrecking ball destroying all before it and laying behind a wasteland.

Those who read the site regularly will not be surprised to discover I look forward to hearing much more by Austerity in short order.

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The Fill Ins – Sinner’s Choice – Audio

The US new-wave quartet The Fill Ins released the LP The Time Is Now on the 30th of June.

The Fill Ins

The Fill Ins

Whilst I do enjoy exploring music of differing genres; Regular readers will know I am always happiest in my own home territory of fulminating rock that sits within the three minute boundary and there is little chance I would pass on this album (available on bandcamp). A six track plus two revisions release that is all over within twenty three minutes. All you need to do is find your fourteen hole DMs – turn up the volume and pogo, though to be fair The Fill Ins are pretty snazzy rock’n’roll players too which you will discover having heard the complete LP.

My selection being the – atypical instrumental only – opener – Sinner’s Choice.


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Deaf Chonky – Frontline – Video

The Israeli new-wave duo Deaf Chonky are set to release the EP Silence Is Violence imminently.

Deaf Chonky - Frontline

Deaf Chonky

As is fairly typical of this site, as you will know being a regular reader, the interest is in the genuine sound rather the the ironed out processes of the technicalities of mastering and – as raw as it comes – a live version – on its first public outing Frontline – replete with camera shake – misplaced lyric and unintended chord change –

…music as it should be heard…

all the no-nos those ‘more wise’ advise to avoid expressing to the wider world.

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