Cross Wires – We Call The Shots – Audio

The début LP by the English new-wave quartet Cross Wires was first signposted last year.

Cross Wires - We Call The Shots

Cross Wires

News surfaces of the track We Call The Shots (due to be on the album) which will itself be released as a stand alone single on the 21st.

Boot your speakers across the room to ensure they are fully fired as you yank up the volume controls as to not have soundwaves which are bulging the window glass is to be approaching the output from the the wrong direction. Only thereafter worry about the ceiling height and potential damage to the fabric of the roof – as the two and a tad minutes track will have you leaping in delighted pogo with arms raised aloft.

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Diablofurs – Blue Candy Blue – Video

Diablofurs is an English new-wave band.

Diablofurs - Blue Candy Blue


Blue Candy Blue, the latest track by Diablofurs is a fuzzed garage-rock piece that the packs the room with a retro flavour which is ideally suited for an evening with friends as the three and a sixth minutes track is a party number which lifts the mood and tempts the listener on to the dance-floor.

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Bad Pop – Same House – Audio

Within the past twenty four hours the Canadian new-wave trio Bad Pop release a new AA side single…

Bad Pop - Same House

Bad Pop

… my pick of which is Same House. Akin to whittling a twig with a pen-knife the three and two thirds minutes song, through each bar, releases a new vigour of sweet smelling scent that intoxicates the mind as assuredly as smoking a crack-pipe and the listener immediately finds themselves hustling for the repeat button like a befuddled addict.

Same House / Masculism – Single – Bad Pop is available on iTunes.*

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The Medicine Dolls – L – Audio

Arising from slumber, the South African new-wave trio, The Medicine Dolls reminded themselves they had a new EP to live launch within a couple of hours of this article being written on the 24th.

The Medicine Dolls - L

The Medicine Dolls

Although this doesn’t appear until almost a week later, due to publishing schedules, sorry one and all  – Form the Sick Like Paradise EP – L.

As those who have been here since the earliest foundations will recall when I introduced the site on the original URL last decade with the first post – back in the late ’70s when I first performed in a band – we got together for the first time for a practice and four hours later were playing on stage in South London – so you will perhaps understand why I particularly enjoy The Medicine Dolls – if only for their own carefree enjoyment of playing music with little fanfare or preamble.

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Distractor – Falling Down The Stairs – Audio

Distractor is a new-wave outfit from the USA.



Three songs surfaced recently in which Distractor combine grungy instrumentation with expanding synthetics giving the material a retro-modernist feel in which the listener can allow their limbs to flex and relax without skipping a beat.

Falling Down The Stairs is of most furious construct and self-evidently my pick of the three. Highlighted by a vocal display that heads back to Magazine and how could I not be smitten?

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