Mount Defiance – Teamwork – Audio

The Australian new-wave quartet Mount Defiance release the EP Yankee Flat on the 4th of August.

Mount Defiance

Mount Defiance

From the EP – Teamwork is a delightful combination of guitar strings that are slapping against the floor, muzzy-fuzzy garage and a superbly pitched vocal that sounds so begrudging in accompaniment you can feel the disdain of a teenage tantrum snapping around the room – whilst simultaneously delivered as music to enjoy whilst revelling in its cleverly placed sarcastic humour.

It is this juxtaposition that makes me urge you to grab hold of the release as soon as you are able – and – if you happen to be in Melbourne (Australia) on the 28th of July – you can get it more quickly than the rest of us at the launch show at The Workers Club in Brunswick Street.

Mount Defiance is a band I look forward to coming back to later in the year.

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Kreepy Krush – Not Too Late – Audio

The Belarusian new-wave quartet Kreepy Krush released the EP Wasted on the 13th.

Kreepy Krush

Kreepy Krush

An intriguing duality of furious temper and laid-back guitar flows around the room as Kreepy Krush deliver a release that the listener finds themselves unaware that they are subconsciously joining in with the infectious songs.

My selection from the four track EP is the closer – Not Too Late.

Wasted – EP – Kreepy Krush is available on iTunes.*

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Basic Bitches – We All Moved To The City Now We Can’t Afford To Live – Audio

The US based new wave outfit Basic Bitches released the LP City Slackers yesterday.

Basic Bitches

Basic Bitches

The heat of the fury can be felt as the music emerges through the speakers as snarling vocals and angry drums chase through the room. The low register of bass pounds in to the ears with guitar harrying the audience. That isn’t to say that it is all about rage as lyric can be sarcastic humour as well as insightful commentary of the world around.

Best not to play this before having an appraisal, unless the idea is to loose the job, as pent-up frustrations will inevitably spill-over. A band to play with volume turned up to fully submerge in to the music.

From the bakers dozen album (available on bandcamp)  the opener – We All Moved To The City Now We Can’t Afford To Live.


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Pretty Pistol – Come On – Audio

The English new-wave quartet Pretty Pistol released their début EP Bones recently.

Pretty Pistol - Photo credit Amanda Rose Photography

Pretty Pistol – Photo credit Amanda Rose Photography

Again apologies to you for the delay in getting to this, as it has been hanging around in my email inbox for a few weeks.

Pretty Pistol fire out of the speakers with a sound that immediately has the listener pogoing as the pressured pulsing drum pummels the ears around which a grungy bass and guitar pile on the punches, overarching it all is a superb vocal that is able to draw out the underlaying frustrations with its ranging invective.

A band I am sure I will be coming back to frequently and by way of introduction the last of the four tracks on the EP – Come On.


Bones is available on Amazon.*

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Queen Zee & The Sasstones – Sissy Fists – Single Review

Queen Zee & The Sasstones is an English new-wave quartet.

Queen Zee and the Sasstones

Queen Zee and the Sasstones

Fast establishing themselves on the live circuit their recent début single Sissy Fists can do nothing other than to cement their audience and grow a wider fan-base.

The speakers sound as though they are being filled with crashing rocks as Sissy Fists hurtles in to the room in a fury of strung out guitar and throbbing bass, as an equally ill-tempered drum-kit harrying the audience, with a superlative vocal spitting in the ears. An industrial drum rolling bridge gives the track, which lasts for less than two and a half minutes, room for a razor-wire finale.


Sissy Fists is available on Amazon.*

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