Southerland Nights – Here I Am – Video

Southerland Nights from the USA have a new EP – Destroy Something Beautiful – scheduled for release on the 18th October.

Southerland Nights

Southerland Nights

I will be speaking to Adam Elara at the beginning of October about the EP. For now here is Here I Am, which is track two of the five track release. Lyric boards were submitted as images or video snaps from fans of Southerland Nights from across the world after they put out a message earlier this year to get their fans, who as Adam puts it, are an integral part of the band, asking them for their contribution.

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Mindcage – The Human Race – Video

Mindcage – a progressive rock band from the USA have a new LP which came out on the 17th September – Our Own Devices.

Mindcage - cover art for Our Own Devices

Mindcage – cover art for Our Own Devices

To support the release they have also made a video for The Human Race, track four on the ten track album.

Our Own Devices – Mindcage is available on iTunes*

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Kuh-Lida – High Adventure – Audio

Kuh-Lida of the Los Angeles music collective Stereocure has a new release out called High Adventure.

Kuh-Lida - High Adventure

Kuh-Lida – High Adventure

Out as both a digital and cassette release the two track release which runs at approaching half an hour is more a collage than a musical composition as Myles Emmons brings together a disparate range of sounds to create an image that can be seen in full on its conclusion.

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Mashrou’ Leila مشروع ليلى – Lil Watan للوطن – Video

Mashrou’ Leila مشروع ليلى have released a new video Lil Watan للوطن to accompany their new release RAASÜK which was released on the 14th September.

Mashrou' Leila مشروع ليلى

Mashrou’ Leila مشروع ليلى

I first introduced this Lebanese outfit in September of last year. Their acerbic take on the political turmoil in the region is further heightened with this video Lil Watan, in which Mashrou’ Leila demonstrates the reality of the easy sell of sexual imagery to deflect the seriousness of the events occurring in the Middle East. The song reflects on perceptions of the distortion of truths and Sinnos’ own reality of being openly gay in a society in which it is not tolerated, whilst the eye of the viewer is focussed on the dancer.


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