Natalie McCool

Natalie McCool from Liverpool in England is a singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Natalie McCool - Photo © Gaz Jones 2014

Natalie McCool – Photo © Gaz Jones 2014

A sparkling apodictic voice greats the listener on hitting play and in many ways that would be enough, but Natalie McCool is able to deliver songs which are steeped in thematics and emotive context. Performing songs with like-minded musicians enables the full sound to communicate with the audience.

The voice seems to hover in the air before the vibrato descends in a triumphant swirl and the mind becomes transfixed in the distinguished underlying power. Natalie McCool is able to emote the sentiments of the songs in an evocative, but not schmaltzy manner, thereby retaining the credence of the material. Having learned her craft within a band she has developed the ability to ensure all parts of the track, sum more than the individual constituents.

The natural flow of the tracks and cohesion in delivery enables Natalie to provide music that transcends usual genre preferences by those who come in contact with her work.

A new single Wind Blows Harder is scheduled for release on the 16th June.


Wind Blows Harder – Single – Natalie McCool is available on iTunes*

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The Dirty Lies

The Dirty Lies is a dark-rock band originally from Scotland and now based in Leeds, England, comprising Hamish Wickham, Tom Howell, Fred Lyth and Zander Mavor.

The Dirty Lies - Dark Rock from England

The Dirty Lies

The darkly subdued sounds of The Dirty Lies float around the room in a contemplative mood as the quartet combine instrumentation and synthetics to deliver music laden with atmosphere.

The band, through the heavy soak of the out-put, give the tracks an almost tangible feel and you find yourself reaching out for chords as they stream past. The Dirty Lies have finely balanced the down-beat nature of the material with music that you want to live for, rather than die to and the more you hear, the more you want to go on hearing.

By pronouncing the lower register of notes with a hazed vocal, the six string guitar is a stunning contrast, flickering its way through the pieces as-though a moth dancing to a light, whilst, the percussion ticks like the metronome of life.  This is music to hear in a darkened room with no other distractions.

Their six track EP Release was made available on the 18th along with, quite appropriately for the music, a limited run of cassettes – through bandcamp.

Once heard not likely to be forgotten, The Dirty Lies is, a band who I would like to hear much more of and hope that the new EP will afford them the far wider audience they deserve.

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Second Hand Heart – Damnesia – Video

Second Hand Heart from Australia were last looked at back in October 2011.

Second Hand Heart

Second Hand Heart

With an unchanged line-up the quintet are on the verge of releasing their début LP Tides, which is set for release in June.

In advance of the album a single has recently been released, Damnesia, which is now accompanied by a video.

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