The Owls – Jesus Let Me Fly – Video

The Australian gaze-rock quintet The Owls release the EP Rainy Day on the 30th of June.

The Owls - Photo by LAZY BONES

The Owls – Photo by LAZY BONES

Regularly featured since their introduction in 2014 after line-up changes and the addition of a fifth player – Jesus Let Me Fly, from the forthcoming release, is a more expansive sound than previous material.

The shoegazey guitars echo like spinning crystals refracting sunlight through the room as the stretched notes are weighted by blocky concrete bass and percussion giving Jesus Let Me Fly a clear sense of direction from which the gauzy vocal drifts dreamily through the ears.

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Pillgrinns – Catherine Wheel – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet released the EP Smile within the past twenty four hours.



A five track release (available on bandcamp) in which Pilgrinns disport both soft brush and sharpened pencil resulting in an EP containing a breadth of ideas and allows those who don’t know them to discover these are able and talented musicians with much to add to the weave of music.

By way of an introduction to a quartet I look forward to getting to know better over the years, from Smile, the middle number Catherine Wheel.

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Rusty Shipp – Devil Jonah – Video

The US fused-rock band Rusty Shipp release their début LP Mortal Ghost on the 9th of June.

Rusty Shipp

Rusty Shipp

A dozen track album which is highlighted by the powerful guitar work both by bass and six stringers that oscillate in focal point allowing Rusty Shipp to deliver music which has an ever changing shape, that isn’t to suggest that the articulation of the percussion or calmness of vocal are not intrinsic elements to the overall sound.

From the forthcoming LP, the third song, Devil Jonah which was also released as a stand alone single earlier this month.


Mortal Ghost – Rusty Shipp is available on iTunes.*

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Captains Of April – Molly – Video

The US rock’n’weave quartet release the EP Molly on the 26th.

Captains Of April

Captains Of April

The first track to surface is the title – which combines science-fiction cartoon with new-wave fulminations resulting in a just under over three minutes encapsulation that finds the listener, both bathing in self-induced dancing sweat whilst equally chuckling in wide smiled grin, as the combinations of pulmonary pumping and spacious lack of gravity skim across the room.

Play it loud, play it frayed, slip and slide with Captains Of April – an outfit I look forward to coming back to in due course.


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Nunca fui a un parque de diversiones – La Glorieta – Video

Nunca fui a un parque de diversiones is a funky-reggae project from Argentina who release the collection q.e.p.d on the 26th.

Nunca fui a un parque de diversiones

Nunca fui a un parque de diversiones

Only five things to do before hitting play. Turn up the speakers, clear space, limber up your joints, stretch your spine for the limbo and clear your vocal chords.

From q.e.p.d – La Glorieta.

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