Spielbergs – Distant Star – Single Review

The Norwegian rock trio Spielbergs released the single Distant Star on the 13th.



A track which shakes the dust out of the speakers as it surfaces in to the room in a barrage of guitars and percussion. Distant Star (available on bandcamp) is a song which digs deep in to the archives of rock’n’roll yet is able to surface with something that is distinctly and refreshingly new as they ably sew ideas of different generations in to a cohesive package with no one feeling short-changed – perhaps even more importantly – deliver a track which doesn’t seem anything other than a natural evolutionary progression rather than a synthetic reimagination.

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Tom Walker – Leave A Light On – Video

The England based r’n’b creator Tom Walker released the single Leave A Light On on the 13th.

Tom Walker - Leave A Light On - artwork

Tom Walker – Leave A Light On – artwork

With a different set of paint-brushes to music previously featured with a more shimmered shading – Leave A Light On – once again showcases the emotionally expressive vocal which immediately captures attention and holds the listener engrossed in the track.

Leave a Light On – Single – Tom Walker is available on iTunes.*

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Flexagon – Numbers – Single Review

Flexagon, the electroweave project from Guernsey introduced earlier in the year, released the single Numbers on the 13th.

Flexagon - Numbers


The latest reveal is the tad over nine minutes of Numbers (available on bandcamp) which slurries through the room in a mix of bits and bytes which penetrate randomly through the wash of colours in the synthesised instrumentation, delivering a soundtrack of variegated texture through which a disarticulated vocal surfaces and recedes as it enunciates numbers, in a track which is an interpretation of a shortwave radio coded broadcast.

Those of longer stay will also recall the US creator Ⓩⓔⓔⓚⓞ in which Numbers Radio Broadcast was also a feature of the sound.

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Ava Rae Heatley – Grin And Bear It – Single Review

Ava Rae Heatley is a keys-rock creator from the USA.

Ava Rae Heatley

Ava Rae Heatley

Deft work on the key-board and an evocative vocal enables Ava Rae Heatley to deliver music of emotional fluidity, with each song revealing a new flowering – the latest being Grin And Bear It.

Frequently adding additional players to provide the framework for the compositions Grin And Bear It conjoins the supporting feature of percussion and lightly feathered guitar to the country-folk fused track which angles across the room akin to bouncing laser lights as the lyric pivots through a quizzical contemplation of life, whilst pianoforte slips in and out of a harmonic layering to the spikey vocal.


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Caleb Clardy – Magic – Audio

The US acoustic-rock creator Caleb Clardy released the LP Invincible Things yesterday.

Caleb Clardy

Caleb Clardy

An intriguing, roughly forty two minutes, dozen track album which brings much in to the mix. Each of the twelve songs captures a different refraction of the facets on the diamond that is rock’n’roll and stretches from deep southern blues, via americana and on to rockabilly taking many detours along the way, yet the listener at no point feels either confused or short changed, as each song offers a completely engrossing moment of reflection which leads to an enthusiastic anticipation of the song to follow.

The seventh song is the colorado-folk fused Magic.


Invincible Things – Caleb Clardy is available on iTunes.*

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