Bruno Major – Just The Same – Single Review

The English alt-folk creator Bruno Major revealed the latest track – Just The Same – within the past couple of hours.

Bruno Major - Just The Same

Bruno Major

The material that Bruno writes has a sense of honesty that is palpable through the speakers which gives it the strong emotional tie to the audience. The earthy connectivity between performer and audience is reflected by the rapidity songs are launched to the wider world as, in the case of Just The Same, which was only written earlier this month and hasn’t sat in a folder to be revised, reworked and revisited for a year or two prior to seeing the light of day and for that I give Bruno Major credit.

The roughly three and a half minutes track has an almost gospel feel in its underlying spirituality, which the fact that I felt this was something you should hear as soon as possible, causes me great surprise, as I am not exactly a ‘spiritual folk’ – however – that is the power of music, as from unlikely sources come tracks that need to be on the playlist.

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The Inconsistent Jukebox – Glambience – Video

The English electronica project The Inconsistent Jukebox is becoming a regular feature on the site.

The Inconsistent Jukebox - Glambience

The Inconsistent Jukebox

The newest track to surface Glambience is of very different mood to previous material that has appeared, perhaps appropriately so given the project name, with an approaching five minutes of soothing ambience revolving through the room.

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Serge Bulat – Red Shift Motel – Audio

The US darkwave creator Serge Bulat released the EP Third World Walker on the 17th.

Serge Bulat

Serge Bulat

There is a lustrous munificence which surfaces through the speakers on hitting play on the circa twenty two minutes, four tracks of Third World Walker (available on bandcamp) that spills across the room in thick velvet cloaking of luxuriant texture in which the listener is invited to be cradled in tender, though, menacing embrace.

It is through the juxtapositions of softness of feel and coercive intent that gives the music its intensity and encirclement of the  audience, making it of such intrigue.

My selection is the second number – Red Shift Motel.


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Shiners – (I Feel So) Blunt – Audio

The English indie quartet Shiners have surfaced with a new track from their forthcoming début EP.

Shiners - (I Feel So) Blunt


Discovering a new side to the band (I Feel So) Blunt has a warming analogue retro feel as the combinations of keys and guitar drift between each other in a three and roughly a third minutes of a track that leaves the listener minded of Elvis Costello And The Attractions.

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HOLY MATRIMONY – Finer Things – Audio

On the 31st of March the English electro-dance trio HOLY MATRIMONY will be releasing the EP Dearly Beloved: Part One.



Within the past few minutes the third of the four tracks –  Finer Things on the EP (available on bandcamp) has been made available.

A five and two thirds minutes of folding electronics and vocal flight which encase the listener in silken webs that, to me, best extrapolates their ability to compose music in what is otherwise a release of brighter climes and perhaps it is due to its more greyed shading that it catches my attention –  particularly as it allows the tenor voice to explore its natural registry, affording the track an unexpected fluidity and organic movement.

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