The Lunas – Until I’m Dead – Single Review

The Lunas is a Canadian indie-dance quartet struggling for affirmation of precisely when they will release the EP – A Curious Life.

The Lunas

The Lunas

Despite having a fist full of butter knives to hand The Lunas don’t over burden the listener and the latest track, Until I’m Dead, which came out within the past twenty four hours is a decent starting point to get to know the music.

Not aiming to generate a uniqueness of landscape, preferring to generate their own elbow room within a jostling table, The Lunas are able to create songs which capture the ear of those merely passing by, as they, in the just under three minutes of Until I’m Dead, deliver a song of well measured tempo changes and chord switches which swoon the listener.


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Courtesans – Knowhere – Audio

Brought forward to a release date of the 31st of March the English alt-rock quartet Courtesans reveal a further track from the EP Better Safe Than Sober.

Courtesans - Knowhere


Knowhere, the first of the five tracks is a fine example of their signature sound of flattened notes and imploding whirls of grungy rock which feeds the listener with a sense of oppressive menace.

Better Safe Than Sober [Explicit] is available on Amazon.*

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Edgar Allan Poets – AmeriKing – Single Review

Edgar Allan Poets is a darkwave duo based in the USA.

Edgar Allan Poets

Edgar Allan Poets

Within the past few hours Edgar Allan Poets released their latest single Ameriking.

With a lengthy back-catalogue the duo have never lost their intense emotional presence, nor originality, as their music flows through the speakers layered by a dark and brooding cloud which steals in to the marrow-bone of the listener.

Rarely overtly political, though always socially aware, Ameriking reflects of the current realities of the USA with disparate silos failing in anyway to connect with each other or more globally, resulting in lengthening shadows of despondency falling across the visages of the majority.

Though of dark countenance – in Ameriking, Edgar Allan Poets, offer a vague glimmer of collective light were people to come together rather than burrowing every more deeply in to their bunker.

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Ameriking – Single – Edgar Allan Poets is available on iTunes.*

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low horizon – Funeral – Audio

The US lofi quartet low horizon are set to release the EP four songs too long on the 21st of April.

low horizon - four songs too long - artwork

low horizon – four songs too long – artwork

A wide ranging journey of sound is available to hear on the roughly twenty minutes, five track EP (available on bandcamp), which makes sense, as low horizon do have an extensive range of influences which is borne through their music.

There were a couple of stand out songs for me, which at least disproves the theory of the release title – one of which was the closer Funeral; a track that I enjoyed for its compression of everything bar the atmospheric synth which drifts through the song in its own good time, like a puppy not quite yet familiar with the idea of going for a walk on a lead. How is it possible not to be enamoured?

Funeral is a track I am able to share with you from four songs too long – though sadly don’t have the go ahead to share my pick of the release – 40//Death which is worth the price of the EP, when it is released next month, on its own.


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Billionaire – World Loves A Trier – Audio

The English electro-lofi project centred around John SterryBillionaire – releases the EP Cheap Credit on the 31st.



From the forthcoming EP – the penultimate of the five tracks – World Loves A Trier has a mystical presence that hangs in the air long after the song has completed.

Those of longer stay may recollect the name John Sterry being first introduced back in 2009 as part of Gaoler’s Daughter and whilst over seven years have passed the distinctive voice still remains as recognisable and absorbing as ever was the case.

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