Dead Stars – Pink Clouds – Audio

The US grunge trio Dead Stars release the LP Perfect Patterns on the 1st of September.

Dead Stars - Pink Clouds

Dead Stars

Making a welcome return just over three years since their last feature.

Flattened intonations smear one in to the other and the listener finds themselves kicking their speakers just to check there is no extra volume left unreleased in to the space as Dead Stars, in the fourth of the dozen tracks on the album which is available on bandcamp, Pink Clouds detune everything and then let it loose in a walloping punch of oiled glove that slicks across the ears – is there no more these volume speakers can emit?

I merely hope to return to the trio prior to 2020.

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Pattern – Dissonance – Audio

The US electro-folk project Pattern released the single Dissonance on the 20th.



Underpinning the sorrowful narrative of relationship break down through missed opportunities of conversation threads a munificence of synth and guitar which percolates through the room like a wavering candle lighting the way out of a tunnel towards a brighter future and more meaningful mutual appreciation – in a tad under three and a quarter minutes release which is available on bandcamp.


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Honkies – Moving to Berlin (Mono) – Video

The English slewed-rockabilly trio Honkies release the AA side single Entitled to Nothing ​/​ Moving to Berlin on the 28th.



That moment when you have had a beer too many, but are still the life and soul of the party? Honkies express it superbly in the two track release (available on bandcamp) as the music winds back, to double-check, inside its own thought process with the audience swaying in good humour as the songs slur across the room.

Pub rock as it should be played – turn it up and join in with Moving To Berlin (Mono).

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Coconut Email – Face Of Reality – Audio

The US trippy-rock quartet Coconut Email released their début LP The Feeling on the 20th.

Coconut Email

Coconut Email

A roughly thirty six minutes, ten track album (available on bandcamp) which is best heard with nothing later planned in the diary other than to watch crystals refracting sunlight on to the ceiling.

The music extends a drifting array of sounds in which the synapses start to misfire in preference of dwelling in the mind altering slowly shifting shapes that circumnavigate the room, leaving the listener in a self-induced hallucinogenic stasis.

The fourth track is Face Of Reality.

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The Ghibertins – The Less I Know The Better – Audio

The Italian protest-folk-rock trio The Ghibertins are imminently set to release the LP The Less I Know The Better.

The Ghibertins - Photo by Andrea Olivo

The Ghibertins – Photo by Andrea Olivo

Appropriately the first reveal of the eleven songs on the album (itself released as a single last week) is the title The Less I Know The Better which pulses around the room in quizzical stance of a world imploding in to its own silos of protectionism.

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The Less I Know the Better – Single – The Ghibertins is available on iTunes.*

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