Zapatero – Johnny’s Secret Army – Audio

The US lofi-rock project Zapatero released the EP Garden Variety on the 20th.



An eclectic mix of songs are included on the five track EP (available on bandcamp). Sometimes verging on the experimental else playing in the middle of the dance-floor, yet there is a warm fuzziness to the sounds which brings them to life in the ears of the listener as the escapist nature of the material wends its way through the room.

The audience gets the sense that Zapatero is a musician who creates music simply for the joy of making music to get away from the mundanities of life, which gives the songs their honesty and vitality making them such a delight to hear.

My selection is the middle track Johnny’s Secret Army.


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Sloes – All in the Mind – Video

The English indie light quintet Sloes release the EP All In The Mind on the 16th of June.

Sloes - All in the Mind


When first introduced back in 2015 they regularly could be found busking in Shoreditch (London, England) and it is always a pleasure to follow bands during the course of the journey of development, though, necessarily by the nature of this website it does mean we drift further and further apart.

There still remains, within Sloes, vestiges of their starting point inside the title track and first of the five on the EP.

All In The Mind is available on Amazon.*

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Talk Less Say More – 3am Phnom Penh – Audio

The English electro-wave creator Talk Less Say More released the LP Bonfire Night on the 21st.

Talk Less Say More

Talk Less Say More

Throughout the approximately thirty eight minutes, eleven track, album (available on bandcamp), the listener is minded of the synthwave of the early ’80s of melancholic perspective with many tracks drawing references by title or structure, though never sounding like a pastiche as the compositions lay in moments of the 21st Century and an LP to be enjoyed at full volume to garner the pleasure of the speakers wandering around the room and hairs waving in the breeze.

My selection is the middle number – 3am Phnom Penh – which pulls in, to me, all the best reference points of the earlier influence which equally cast warning eye on the previous four decades experience, whilst now delivering a refreshing gambit that elucidates precisely how little much has changed in geo-politics in the intervening period.

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Luxury Flux – Swirling Dopamine – Audio

The US alt-rock trio Luxury Flux released their eponymous LP on the 21st.

Luxury Flux - photo credit - Sherry Min Wang

Luxury Flux – photo credit – Sherry Min Wang

A raw garage rock starting point is tempered by slightly ironing out the fuzziness, giving the material a tropical summer beat in which the listener is invited to to join in with an encircling beach party as the prominent spokes of the drum-kit drive the footstep.

From the nine track album (available on bandcamp) my selection is the middle track – Swirling Dopamine.

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Re:Gretabull – Strangers – Single Review

The New Zealand alt-folk creator Re:Gretabull releases the single Strangers on the 5th of May.



For those who already know Greta Bull-Crossan from previous releases you will find a very different soundscape from previous material as Strangers compacts the open fret-work to deliver a more synth laden track.

For those who don’t know Re:Gretabull of pivotal point in the music is a singular voice which is able to wrest emotional context, without ever becoming saccharine, from the driest moment with a luscious softness to the vocal no matter where it is in pitch, enabling the compositions to unerringly extend across keys, both minor, major and octaves, leaving the listener in rapt attention.

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