Wolf Tijuana – We’re Not The Most Evolved We’ve Ever Been – Audio

Wolf Tijuana is a US emo creator.

Wolf Tijuana

Wolf Tijuana

No matter how one approaches the music there is a lofidelity hum in which the listener becomes interlaced, akin to the iron filings circumnavigation of two magnets.

Be the music of acoustics, electronica or combination thereof in the latest LP – Life Without Sun – (available on bandcamp) the audience discovers themselves fully engaged for the roughly twenty five minutes of the ten tracks and merely wishing it lasted longer whilst entrapped in the incantations of the hypnotic vocal.

The sixth track of the ten and perspicaciously named – We’re Not The Most Evolved We’ve Ever Been – being my pick of the release.

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Chelzzz – It’s My Time – Audio

The US hip-hop artist Chelzzz – who was at 29 in the New Year Ninety Chart – is finalising details of the début LP Underestimated.

Chelzzz - It's My Time


The second track to be revealed from the forthcoming album – It’s My Time – is, as with the first B.O.M.B.S., of less searing heat than the various material previously featured since introduction in 2016.

That isn’t to say the that a furious temper isn’t palpable, it is the skewering lyric has dropped further in to the music, allowing the song to develop the accompanying theme to fuller extent with the twisting loops giving the track its menacing presence.

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Gentleman Professional – Charisma Chardonnay – Audio

The new US luxwave project Gentleman Professional released the début EP Vanilla Dreams on the 1st.

Gentleman Professional

Gentleman Professional

A four track release, available on bandcamp, which is best heard in company with a soft burgundy with lights dimmed to fully appreciate the the aromas and flavours that breeze over the senses.

My only sadness is that it is all over in less than a quarter of an hour and I am already looking forward to an as yet even thought about follow up hour and a half  LP of ambient tropicana.

The pick of the release? The second song – Charisma Chardonnay.

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The Midnight Vein – The Awaited – Audio

The US trippy-acoustic-rock project The Midnight Vein released the eponymous and début LP on the 1st.

The Midnight Vein - eponymous cassette

The Midnight Vein – eponymous cassette

A nine track album, available on bandcamp, which varies pace through the release adding to the sense that the listener has that they are under the influence of some substance or another.

The lofidelity production adds to the atmosphere of the LP, which leaves the audience needing some little while to recover their senses on its conclusion.

My pick of the release being the second The Awaited

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Chvad SB – Structure – Single Review

The US drone creator Chvad SB released the two track single Structure on the 29th of December.

Chvad SB - photo credit - Heather Bondra

Chvad SB – photo credit – Heather Bondra

The two track single (available on bandcamp) runs for roughly three quarter of an hour of immersive soundscape.

The opening track Column sits around an extended note from which half-caught inflections almost imperceptibly surface akin to, invisible to the naked eye, imperfections in glass.

Pillar, my pick of the release, is a blurry flow of frequencies which clear to reveal, again, an extended single note, circled by detuned melodics of guitar.

As is usually the case with drone – be in no hurry having hit play as Pillar lasts the better part of twenty two minutes.

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