Mattiel – Count Your Blessings – Audio

Earlier in the month the US sultry-blues project Mattiel released a AA side single.



Available on bandcamp – Count Your Blessings / Whites of Their Eyes lasts far less time than you may wish.

If you have never taken a quaff in one of a triple shot of Lambs Navy Rum now is the time so to do to accompany the dastardly gnat bites that is Count Your Blessings.

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Todd Kessler – Old Fashioned Way – Single Review

The US melancholic-folk creator Todd Kessler releases the single Old Fashioned Way tomorrow, within the past few minutes this has become available to share.

Todd Kessler

Todd Kessler

A brooding track that fills the room with a dour countenance yet which, like a funeral ceremony despite the tears, fills the listener with a feeling of invigoration by the very nature of its dark clouds as the audience take succour from the inward celebration of what has been and the revelations of what may be to come.

Once again a track which requires space to breathe through as full speaker set-up, though on this occasion not on full volume, allowing the heavy-hearted vocal and lugubrious guitar to evaporate as the sounds gently echo from the walls filling the mind with future purpose.


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Pattern – Dissonance – Audio

The US electro-folk project Pattern released the single Dissonance on the 20th.



Underpinning the sorrowful narrative of relationship break down through missed opportunities of conversation threads a munificence of synth and guitar which percolates through the room like a wavering candle lighting the way out of a tunnel towards a brighter future and more meaningful mutual appreciation – in a tad under three and a quarter minutes release which is available on bandcamp.


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Robyn Cage – Slow the Devil – Video

The US sultry-wave creator Robyn Cage is due to release the LP Slow The Devil later in the year.

Robyn Cage - Photo credit - @carlaboecklin

Robyn Cage – Photo credit – @carlaboecklin

The haunting title track steals its way in to the bone marrow and the listeners find themselves engrossed in the composition, loosing all sense of the outside world as the magnetic vocal, surrounded by hypnotic electronica, floats through the room asking for people to have more consideration of others rather than snapping to instant volatile reaction.


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Patrick Byrnes – Closer – Audio

Patrick Byrnes is a US lofi creator.

Patrick Byrnes

Patrick Byrnes

A relatively new project continually revealing music of different structure and influence encased in echoing guitar, which provides the focus of attention.

By way of an introduction – Closer – which has a dreamy presence with its hypnotically delayed refrains that slowly drift through the room leaving behind a hazy layering of that lingers in the ears.

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