Haiva Ru – Work It On Out – Single Review

Haiva Ru is a US indie-wave project.

Haiva Ru

Haiva Ru

With regular reveals of new material, Haiva Ru is marked by the low-slung temperament of the soundscape which has a melancholic weave to it slinked around a scintillating vocal that is able to wrap the listener in gossamer threads of silk. The voice takes full command of the upper registers whilst conducting the accompanying backdrop, yet, rather than surfacing as a showcase of larynx the output is a cohesive flow of percussion, guitars and synthesis in to which the audience melts.

The most recent composition to surface is the just under three and three quarter minutes of Work It On Out.

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Kacie Thomas – Goodbye (Part 1) – Single Review

Kacie Thomas is a US ghost-wave creator.

Kacie Thomas

Kacie Thomas

Having recently decided to pursue, what has always been a passion, musicianship after a different earlier career path Kacie Thomas only has a few songs around, each cloaked in sweeping brushed vocal.

I am a little late to this, my apologies, Goodbye (Part 1) was sent to me a few weeks ago. The combinations of the mournful piano shrouded by a synthesised vocal which is shadowed in echoing elongation gives the song an ethereal other-worldliness. Extending to just over four minutes the track, despite its spaciousness doesn’t feel greedy of time, with the listener becoming immersed in the soundtrack.

It will be interesting to hear where Kacie Thomas heads next as the songs thus far revealed are all based around the same theme.

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Christian Gibson – A Castle For Wolves – Audio

The US ambient creator Christian Gibson releases his début LP Cloud Forms tomorrow.

Christian Gibson

Christian Gibson

A dozen track album (available on bandcamp) that drifts through the room in atmospheric layering.

A variety of themes are explored in the dreamy collection of songs, with each having its own distinctive sense of being as a diversity of instrumentation, electronica and percussion melt one in to the other. My selection being the fourth – A Castle For Wolves.

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Jen Miller – Fire – Single Review

The US electro-realist creator Jen Miller released the single Fire within the past twenty four hours.

Jen Miller - photo credit Ashley Wright

Jen Miller – photo credit Ashley Wright

Throwing down the gauntlet to misogynists around the globe – Fire turns the tables with a narrative of female sexuality.

The symbolism of the track is elicited in the music, through which a contemptuous vocal sears.

A throbbing bass pulses through the speakers with immense promise only for it to implode within a splat of trumpet within seconds, from whence an unsatiated combination of hip-thrusting percussion and interweaving wah-wah takes over prior to drifting in to ever more disinterested and dismissive sentiment slowly closing to silence throughout which the lyric regards with equal disdain.

Fire – Single – Jen Miller is available on iTunes.*

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Pray for Triangle Zero – Foundation – Audio

The US rumble-foot project Pray for Triangle Zero revealed the LP Pastel Seascape on the 17th.

Pray for Triangle Zero - Foundation

Pray for Triangle Zero – Foundation

Rumble-foot as a musical genre you may be wondering of what that means. If you are listening through MP3 or Earphones – listening – won’t help you. Though for the rest of us who listen to music through multi-speaker systems – remove all footwear before hitting play and the definition will make perfect sense as the sole of the foot oscillates on the flooring to the pulsing ergonomics.

What better place to start on the fifteen track release (available on bandcamp) than the opener – Foundation.

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