@ThankGod4itall – Medusa – Audio

The US introspective-hop creator @ThankGod4itall is currently finalising details for a new EP due for imminent release.



Within the past few hours the latest track Medusa, bubbled to the surface. The dark contemplative of percussion and synths swirl around the room like a swooping crow seeking carrion, as the almost five and half minutes track queries of changing perspectives in a self-analytical narrative, resulting in an ever darker cloud shadowing across the room.

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Gretchen’s Wheel – Blank Slate – Video

Gretchen’s Wheel is a US alt-rock project.

Gretchen's Wheel - Sad Scientist - artwork

Gretchen’s Wheel – Sad Scientist – artwork

Last month the LP Sad Scientist (available on bandcamp) was released. From the album – Blank Slate – the fourth of the ten songs is the combinations of melody and rock ‘n’ roll which is synonymous with the music created by Lindsay Murray in the guise of Gretchen’s Wheel.

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Dave Mooney – Cardinals – Single Review

Dave Mooney is an alt-folk creator from the USA.

Dave Mooney

Dave Mooney

Regularly working in collaboration with others, the music winds its way from blues infusion through to funkadelia.

The most recent song to surface Cardinals, available on bandcamp, was released alongside Renee Maskin and Owen Flanagan in a sublime alternation of voices which glides through the room in unhurried fashion, laying a thick pile of soft carpeting beneath the listeners feet in to which the audience just want to sink their toes more deeply.

It is rare that chanson from outside France can be as evocative as its natural homeland: Cardinals, however, is distinctly compelling as the compositions Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg conjoured.


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Cameran – BLOOM – Audio

Cameran is an empathetic-hop creator from the USA.



Fully aware of the struggles of day to day life, which he doesn’t hide from, Cameran does however approach the institutional racism of the surrounding society, not from a confrontational perspective, rather extending a link with those who are not of closed neanderthal mindset and positing there is a positive way to ensure the future is not full of the blind hatred of the structures of 2017 USA. The latest track is BLOOM.


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TS Idiot – Lay L.A. – Audio

TS Idiot is the retro-rock project of Terence Sheehan from the USA.

TS Idiot

TS Idiot

With just one release, the ten track LP Lay L​.​A. (available on bandcamp) those of longer reach in music derivations will immediately grab hold of The Kinks reference point as TS Idiot unashamedly takes reference to ’60s British rock and roll and far from sounding like a pastiche is able to surface with new ideas of similar warming analogue recording technique much akin to the Trinidad and Tobago band Jointpop with similar reference point who regularly feature – with quite similar vocal expression.

By means of an introduction to a roughly twenty six minutes LP and the musical creativity of TS Idiot – the opening and title track Lay L.A..

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