arms&legs – aliens inthe outfield – Audio

The US downtempo project arms&legs is currently working on an LP.

arms&legs - aliens inthe outfield


A new track to be revealed – aliens inthe outfield – (released as a stand-alone single on the 26th on bandcamp) discovers arms&legs in a quite different mood to pieces previously featured.

Bowed strings make a first time appearance giving the track a more tempered layering, whilst, as the violin stretches through the room, the fragmented accompanying instrumentation, electronics and vocal allow the violin to generate a perceptible chill to the room.

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Strange Majik

Strange Majik is a US rock’n’blues project of David Pattillo from New York in the USA.

Strange Majik - photo credit - Cristina Arrigoni Photography

Strange Majik – photo credit – Cristina Arrigoni Photography

With much in the catalogue Strange Majik never lets down the listener as the scruffy blues scours across the room like a vole seeking a burrow as the skittish combinations of oil soaked rags and curling guitars scatter through the ears lifting the legs in to dance mode.

With many a selection of songs to choose from I highlight from the eleven track, just under three quarters, of an hour album Raised On Rock ‘N’ Roll (available on bandcamp) that came out last year which does exactly as it promises on the the tin. Vintage dirty blues rock ‘n’ roll tumbles out of the speakers and the listener can feel a carpeting of sawdust developing under their feet.

Best heard in frayed jeans with a bourbon to hand – my selection of the catalogue is Cocaine Kisses – if you aren’t jiving along at some point – there is a distinct possibility you are reading the wrong music review site and I serve this as an introduction of a project I look forward to coming back to again in the near future.


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Zapatero – Johnny’s Secret Army – Audio

The US lofi-rock project Zapatero released the EP Garden Variety on the 20th.



An eclectic mix of songs are included on the five track EP (available on bandcamp). Sometimes verging on the experimental else playing in the middle of the dance-floor, yet there is a warm fuzziness to the sounds which brings them to life in the ears of the listener as the escapist nature of the material wends its way through the room.

The audience gets the sense that Zapatero is a musician who creates music simply for the joy of making music to get away from the mundanities of life, which gives the songs their honesty and vitality making them such a delight to hear.

My selection is the middle track Johnny’s Secret Army.


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Trapper Schoepp – Bumper Cars – Video

The US retro-rock project Trapper Schoepp releases the LP Bay Beach Amusement Park on the 2nd of June.

Trapper Schoepp - Bay Beach Amusement Park - artwork

Trapper Schoepp – Bay Beach Amusement Park – artwork

In an homage to the one hundred and twenty five year old amusement park in Wisconsin, at which Elvis Presley purportedly found enjoyment – hence the retro-feel of the compositions, with tracks named after rides.

The penultimate of the six songs – Bumper Cars leaves the listener happily stepping around the room.


Bay Beach Amusement Park – EP – Trapper Schoepp is available on iTunes.*

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Montufar – Ghosts – Single Review

Montufar is a relatively new gazewave project from the USA.



Centred around Victor Montufar with additional instrumentation added as and where needed. With only a couple of tracks around, I look forward to hearing more. The most recent reveal being Ghosts, that was released on the 21st (available on bandcamp).

There is a palpable sadness that drifts across the room as the combinations of synths, piano and guitar, unhurriedly, weave around each other in a graceful flow of hazy texturing whilst the dual vocals provides Ghosts with its haunting presence as the percussion provides an unexpected, though delicious, pulse to the composition.

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