Truett – Run Me Down – Audio

The US delta-blues project Truett is planning on releasing a five track EP on the 24th of April 2018.

Truett - Photo credit - Erica Glass

Truett – Photo credit – Erica Glass

From the forthcoming release the song Run Me Down was released as a stand alone single yesterday.

Oops, I should have worn a pair of galoshes prior to hitting play as the muddy flow of the swamp water floods the room. Oh, what is that I have found laying in the gloop – is that a bass string poking out of the speakers I can pluck in unison?

You get the idea – music that bruises the sub-woofer and how could I not recommend turning up the volume very loudly for a track that lasts less than three minutes – merely – by my experience ensure you are already covered in a Sou’wester prior to committing yourself.


Run Me Down – Single – TRUETT is available on iTunes.*

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Tommy Zamp – Tattoos Of Stars – Audio

The US blues-rocker Tommy Zamp releases the LP You Don’t Know Me on the 28th of November.

Tommy Zamp - Gnotti

Tommy Zamp – Gnotti

An eleven track album highlighted by the guitar which winds itself in to coils that defy sound-acoustics and merely requires the listener to have wood-shavings underneath the feet to grind to sawdust through the just under over three quarters of an hour of its duration.

Whilst not my personal selection, those who have engaged with the site for a while do know I have an elderly Pekingese – Gnotti – who lays alongside me as I put fingers to keyboard to write about the music and is of far sharper of hearing than I – never missing a beat – and for reasons which will become evident as the track develops – decided to interact audibly with the second song in particular – making it his pick of the LP – Tattoos Of Stars.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

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Heather Evans – The Good Life – Audio

The US alt-folk creator Heather Evans released the three track single The Life on the 23rd.

Heather Evans

Heather Evans

Without being cloyingly sugary and leaving the listener desperately brushing away goo from the teeth after listening, Heather Evans is nonetheless able to create music which cocoons the listener in a warm bubble wrap from which they have no wish to escape and despite being of christian leaning and rarara USA white picket fences has the ability to proffer a more global reach than is initially expected, extending a welcoming tent to everyone with none feeling excluded.


The Life – Single – Heather Evans is available on iTunes.*

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Rob Williams – Butte, Montana 1885 – Audio

On the 27th the US folk-rock creator Rob Williams releases the LP An Hour Before Daylight.

Rob Williams

Rob Williams

The eleven track album (available on squareup) contains a depth of flavourings which entices the listener to linger with the full release. Predominately acoustic guitar driven the album also brings in to play piano and slide to accompany the highly capable vocal. There is a deep-root of southern blues influence which affords the compositions a richness of sound that is unanticipated considering the frailty of instrumentation as the tracks thread between forlorn ballads and invitations to join in footstep.

The most recent track to surface from A Hour Before Daylight is the fifth, Butte, Montana 1885, which has a resonating air of sadness with a baffled percussion underpinning the song and necessarily makes it a composition I particularly enjoy.


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Rupe Shearns – Trust Me – Audio

The contemplative-rock project of Matt Whyte – Rupe Shearns from the USA released the LP To A Deer Outside Ithaca on the 20th.

Rupe Shearns

Rupe Shearns

Necessarily, given the gestation period of the album, which first started its process four years ago, the album is of different moods and perspectives. However the starting point and theme of the LP, a contemplation of loss and ill-fortune, is never lost in To A Deer Outside Ithica and although the annotation is of bad things happening, perhaps due to its extended development rather than having the immediate dark-mood of the events the compositions are able to take a longer perspective and whilst still of sadness, it is more in the context of the dull ache and fondness of memory which time affords rather than of the painful grief of immediacy.

My selection being the second of the nine tracks – Trust Me.

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To a Deer Outside Ithaca – Rupe Shearns is available on iTunes.*

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