Smidley – Fuck This – Video

The US retro-rock project Smidley releases the eponymous LP on the 2nd of June.

Smidly - eponymous LP - artwork

Smidly – eponymous LP – artwork

As the notes come rolling out of the speakers, in the sixth of the ten tracks on the album (available through Triple Crown Records) – Fuck This, rather than being the snarling commentary suggested by the song title, has a distinctive merseybeat feel to it and, the listener is invited to lay in quiet repose as the warm analogue effects float through the ears.

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doe deer – drugs – Single Review

The US lo-fi project doe deer was introduced at the tail-end of last year.

doe deer - drugs

doe deer – drugs

The latest track to surface – drugs – continues in the same vein of flat-lining drifting soundscape as doe deer delivers another mastery of music that no matter how loud you set the speakers, the core seems to be out of earshot, which is the intrinsic mastery of the compositions.

drugs has a sublime aural imagery betwixt the sounds barely reaching from the amplifier and the song title, aligning itself alongside the most sought-after impressionist painters with a soundwave interpretation of chemically induced hypotension, leaving the listener just checking their pulse to ensure it is still beating, all extrapolated in less than one hundred and five seconds.

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The US dystopian-hop project JE DOUBLE F releases the LP HUMAN RITES on the 1st of May.



A dark and heavy anvil crashes in to the room – announcing the arrival of JAGGED EDGE – with its commentary of society imploding under its own short-sighted selfishness. Despite lasting less than one hundred and ten seconds – the track does all it needs and is made more brutal because of its brevity.

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@ThankGod4itall – Medusa – Audio

The US introspective-hop creator @ThankGod4itall is currently finalising details for a new EP due for imminent release.



Within the past few hours the latest track Medusa, bubbled to the surface. The dark contemplative of percussion and synths swirl around the room like a swooping crow seeking carrion, as the almost five and half minutes track queries of changing perspectives in a self-analytical narrative, resulting in an ever darker cloud shadowing across the room.

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Gretchen’s Wheel – Blank Slate – Video

Gretchen’s Wheel is a US alt-rock project.

Gretchen's Wheel - Sad Scientist - artwork

Gretchen’s Wheel – Sad Scientist – artwork

Last month the LP Sad Scientist (available on bandcamp) was released. From the album – Blank Slate – the fourth of the ten songs is the combinations of melody and rock ‘n’ roll which is synonymous with the music created by Lindsay Murray in the guise of Gretchen’s Wheel.

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