REIGHNBEAU – I Want Love – Audio

The US glitch-wave creator REIGHNBEAU featured, last, just over a year ago.



Earlier in the month the EP HIDE (available on bandcamp) was released.

Much like aural origami REIGHNBEAU folds up electronics and vocals in to seemingly unrelated spaces and it isn’t until completion that the final shape suddenly crystallises.

The second of the five tracks is I Want Love.

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Ryan Daniel Tafolla – Brain – Audio

The US alt-rock creator Ryan Daniel Tafolla released the LP Songs From Hollywood yesterday.

Ryan Daniel Tafolla

Ryan Daniel Tafolla

An eight track, roughly twenty six minutes, album (available on bandcamp) that reflects on bitter-sweet moments in life, though, despite the angst strewn countenance of the lyric there is an underlying positivity that shines through the soundtrack.

The fifth song is the funky beat ballad Brain and my pick of the release.


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Rufrano – Forever And Ever – Video

Rufrano is a gaze-rock project from the USA.

Rufrano - Photo by Jacquie Li

Rufrano – Photo by Jacquie Li

Apologies for the delay in getting to this as it has been sitting in my email system for over a week.

The psychedelic-tinged Forever And Ever soaks in to the listener who finds themselves not wanting the track to end as the analogue synth slowly drifts through the room while the infectious vocal coils around the ears as the trippy guitar paints blurry images on the ceiling.

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Mike Bankhead – Carry On – Audio

The US alt-rock creator Mike Bankhead releases the LP Echo In The Crevices on the 1st of July.

Mike Bankhead

Mike Bankhead

The thirteen track album (available on bandcamp) has an air of sadness around it as the luxurious carpet of quietly paced rock lays across the room. Working with other musicians and a wide spread of instruments the approximately fifty seven minutes LP has a mix of ideas and hues to it, leaving the listener happily laying back and absorbing the varied texturing of what is an impressive release by a self evidently talented song writer.

There is only the one song around that I am able to share at this juncture, not my selection of the release which is Le Soldat, nonetheless the ninth track Carry On, which is a track of greater tempo than much of the album, is a decent introduction to Echo In The Crevices.

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Ryan Hiller – Fast As We Can – Audio

Ryan Hiller is a US rock ‘n’ blues creator.

Ryan Hiller

Ryan Hiller

Drawing deep from the well of soul and blues Ryan Hiller creates music which has a justified swagger in the well constructed and delivered compositions. Not seeking to add complexities to the soundtrack the strength of the music relies on the flow between guitar and vocal both of which are given enough room to express themselves, yet not too much slack to wander off in to stray paths, with supporting instrumentation adding the gild.

By way of an introduction Fast As We Can.


Big Medicine – Ryan Hiller is available on iTunes.*

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