Haley Ganis – Travelin’ West – Audio

Haley Ganis is a country-blues creator from the USA.

Haley Ganis

Haley Ganis

Revealed earlier this month was the three track eponymous single – a veritable twisty journey of Western-rock and lamenting Country which Haley is able to deliver with a singular honesty that seems to reach out of the speakers with outstretched embrace and genuine inclusiveness, without becoming a cloying sweetness of artificiality.

I am aware I often ask you to step outside your comfort zone to consider the music postulated as worthy of your time and I am also aware how frequently folks sneer at Country and Western – you will also know there are no genre close-off points on the site with music being considered for your consideration purely based on the contribution I feel it adds to the weave of the rich tapestry of life.

Give the closer Travelin’ West a run out and I assure you – your time will be well spent.


Haley Ganis – Single – Haley Ganis is available on iTunes.*

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Caleb Lemond – I Chase The Wind – Audio

The US dub-hop creator Caleb Lemond recently released the LP The Endless Paradox.

Caleb Lemond - I Chase The Wind

Caleb Lemond

Heavily influenced by rap Caleb also finds an affinity to bluesy-folk along with references from dub-reggae from which he constructs songs with a fairly distinct sound. Whilst on the surface this may seem to be unusual wells from which to draw water he also writes material based on life’s contradictory complexities, as that too is the case with much of reggae, folk and hip-hop.

The just over three quarters of an hour, fourteen track LP is available on his own website.

The seventh track is I Chase The Wind.

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BhadWaiz – Lucid Reasons – Video

BhadWaiz is an electro-rap artist from the USA.



Cognisant and reflective of the realities of day to day grind BhadWaiz, delivers in Lucid Reasons, a track that seeks to raise levels of hope.

By avoiding becoming overtly braggart, it is through the softly brushed melodic palette that the listener can find a sympathetic and supportive soundtrack in which to enjoy the powerful arrangement.


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Erica Dawson – USA Party Girl – Audio

Erica Dawson is an acerbic-rap creator from the USA.

Erica Dawson - photo credit - Caitlin Fisher Photography

Erica Dawson – photo credit – Caitlin Fisher Photography

Reflecting of the country in which she lives Erica, in USA Party Girl, passes scant regard for her country-folk in a track that pours scorn on a society which embraces the celebrity over the cerebral.

A comedienne by normal venture, from time to time Erica steps in to music too and I look forward to hearing more of her material which minds of the clarifying cloudiness of the malolactic fermentation process as acidic sourness turns to palatable vinous complexities.


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Lord Willing – Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug – Audio

The US blues-rock creator Justin Long in the guise of Lord Willing will be releasing the LP Are You Happy? on the 31st of May.

Lord Willing

Lord Willing

From the forthcoming album – Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug, which was itself released as a stand alone single earlier this month, stakes a decent marker for the LP.

A just over three minutes track that is fused with R&B, Blues and thumping rock, which finds the listener stamping in time with the bulging drum kit that slices through the speakers. A well conceived piece of music which lifts even the dourest mood to a sense of well-being and rather than downing whisky to numb despondency the audience raises a glass in cheerful disposition.

The fact that Justin is an experienced musician, albeit that Lord Willing is a new project, is evidenced in the self-assured songwriting and delivery.

Word arrives of a follow-up single coming out on the 17th of March – Green Doesn’t Look Good On You which will provide a further signpost as to what to expect from Are You Happy? in May.

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Loneliness Is the Hardest Drug – Single – Lord Willing is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.