Montufar – Ghosts – Single Review

Montufar is a relatively new gazewave project from the USA.



Centred around Victor Montufar with additional instrumentation added as and where needed. With only a couple of tracks around, I look forward to hearing more. The most recent reveal being Ghosts, that was released on the 21st (available on bandcamp).

There is a palpable sadness that drifts across the room as the combinations of synths, piano and guitar, unhurriedly, weave around each other in a graceful flow of hazy texturing whilst the dual vocals provides Ghosts with its haunting presence as the percussion provides an unexpected, though delicious, pulse to the composition.

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Taylor J – Homicide – Audio

Taylor J is an alt-hop creator from the USA.

Taylor J

Taylor J

Sometimes working alone, other-times in collaboration with others, the latest track to surface which came out on the 21st – Homicide – was produced by Kush2x.

An acoustic and harp led track that fascinates from the outset with the unexpected instrumentation and melody that flows through a song.


Homicide – Taylor J is available on iTunes.*

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Rue Snider – One More American – Video

The US protest folk creator Rue Snider continues to regularly reveal new material.

Rue Snider - Photo credit Amanda Brown

Rue Snider – Photo credit Amanda Brown

As regular readers know – there are some themes of thought I am likely to ask you to consider with your sandwiches and protest music is one such. First featured earlier in the year Rue Snider returns with the latest song to surface – One More American – in live performance.

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Masta X-Kid – The Metaphysic Unseen – Video

Masta X-Kid is an alt-hop creator from the USA.

Masta X-Kid

Masta X-Kid

Most recently to surface – the track The Metaphysic Unseen, which neatly sidesteps all preconceptions of the genre and also features a music project longer stay readers will recall – The Sexbots – in a track that has an exploratory air to it, leaving the listener delighted they have found yet another iteration of urban rap that breaks the normality.

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Smidley – Fuck This – Video

The US retro-rock project Smidley releases the eponymous LP on the 2nd of June.

Smidley - eponymous LP - artwork

Smidley – eponymous LP – artwork

As the notes come rolling out of the speakers, in the sixth of the ten tracks on the album (available through Triple Crown Records) – Fuck This, rather than being the snarling commentary suggested by the song title, has a distinctive merseybeat feel to it and, the listener is invited to lay in quiet repose as the warm analogue effects float through the ears.

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