Pray for Triangle Zero – Foundation – Audio

The rumble-foot project Pray for Triangle Zero revealed the LP Pastel Seascape on the 17th.

Pray for Triangle Zero - Foundation

Pray for Triangle Zero – Foundation

Rumble-foot as a musical genre you may be wondering of what that means. If you are listening through MP3 or Earphones – listening – won’t help you. Though for the rest of us who listen to music through multi-speaker systems – remove all footwear before hitting play and the definition will make perfect sense as the sole of the foot oscillates on the flooring to the pulsing ergonomics.

What better place to start on the fifteen track release (available on bandcamp) than the opener – Foundation.

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Da Patriot – Spring Jacket – Audio

Da Patriot is a US hip-hop creator.

Da Patriot

Da Patriot

The latest track to surface Spring Jacket has a rising and falling pulse that immediately captures the attention as burning bass interplays with a bowed string loop giving the song a hypnotic beat that drills in to the mind with a varied off-beat rim-drum rounding out the soundtrack.

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Tristan Welch – Untitled NYC 3 – Audio

The US ambient-drone creator Tristan Welch released the LP Haunting New York City recently.

Tristan Welch - Untitled NYC 3

Tristan Welch

The roughly twenty six minutes, six track, album (available on bandcamp) is a release that is reflective of the death of a family member who had been a photographer taking shots around New York and is a contemplation of her spirit still Haunting New York City. Although ostensibly a eulogy it is, nonetheless, a soundtrack through which the listener will find some comfort as the extended, rolling loops melt in to each other.

The third piece – Untitled NYC 3 – gives a sense of the overall LP.

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Holden Laurence – Cover Me In Roses – Audio

The US synth-rock project Holden Laurence released the LP Wild Empty Promises on the 5th.

Holden Laurence - Photo Credit - Jason Haddox

Holden Laurence – Photo Credit – Jason Haddox

A ten track, approximately forty two minutes, album (available on bandcamp) that is highlighted by the luxurious textures that swirl around the room.

There is a melancholic undertow to the songs that captivates attention as the subtle synthetics extend the bars of the echoing guitar and vocal giving the tracks their emotional draw. The percussion cuts through the hazy musical layers through which an extremely capable vocal expresses the context of the compositions.

My selection from Wild Empty Promises is the seventh – Cover Me In Roses.


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Cymatic – Broadcasting Lies – Audio

The US hip-hop producer Cymatic released the LP Child​-​Like Penmanship on the 1st.



The supporting music which has a distinct jazz tinge to it immediately marks out Cymatic as a creator with something different to offer in what is an extremely crowded market place as the songs contemplate of the conflicts of daily life.

My pick of the release (available on bandcamp) is the second of the six tracks – Broadcasting Lies.


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