Leroy Lytel – Karen – Audio

The US chanteur Leroy Lytel released the LP Whisper Sugar earlier this month.

Leroy Rytel

Leroy Rytel

An approximately forty eight minute, eleven track, album (available on bandcamp) which demands of a decent speaker set-up, cranked to maximum and kicked to ensure it is playing more forcefully with bass set to maximum and sub-woofers set as expansively as possible – you have heard this preamble often – though never without reason and to fully enjoy the baritone vocal, acoustic guitar, bowed viola and harmonica combinations it is once again not a posit of vagary.

My selection from the release is the third track – Karen, from an LP that should be in your catalogue.

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Cza Kalu – Moonlight – Audio

Cza Kalu is a hip-hop creator from the USA.

Cza Kalu

Cza Kalu

Whilst the rise of Donald Trump in the USA is disturbing there are equally some unexpected flows of benefit and I have noticed since early last year, as his popularity became more and more apparent, that much of the sentiment of hip-hop changed from viewing women as possessions to be referred to as bitches and hoes and why it is a genre that hitherto has been largely ignored, to a more acceptable reference of people equally to be cherished on equal terms with their own minds, own thoughts and own identities and it is the heterogametic sex that needs to get back inside its box as simultaneously more frequently female rappers surface.

In Moonlight – the latest track to surface by Cza Kalu this evolution is reflected.


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Serge Bulat – Red Shift Motel – Audio

The US darkwave creator Serge Bulat released the EP Third World Walker on the 17th.

Serge Bulat

Serge Bulat

There is a lustrous munificence which surfaces through the speakers on hitting play on the circa twenty two minutes, four tracks of Third World Walker (available on bandcamp) that spills across the room in thick velvet cloaking of luxuriant texture in which the listener is invited to be cradled in tender, though, menacing embrace.

It is through the juxtapositions of softness of feel and coercive intent that gives the music its intensity and encirclement of the  audience, making it of such intrigue.

My selection is the second number – Red Shift Motel.


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Brady Toops – Carolina – Video

The sorrowful-folk creator Brady Toops, from the USA, will be releasing the LP Tried & True on the 11th of March.

Brady Toops

Brady Toops

Having had the opportunity to take a gander at the roughly forty minute, ten track, album my only advice is to ensure you have plenty of handkerchiefs to hand to wipe away the tears as the mournful soul-blues drifts across the room with a semi-baritone vocal laying alongside dour instrumentation giving the Tried & True LP its deep emotional resonance.

Surfacing in advance of the release – the opening number Carolina.


Tried & True – Brady Toops is available on iTunes.*

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Elisa Money – Younger – Single Review

The US fireside dance creator Elisa Money released a new track within the past couple of hours.

Elisa Money - Photo credit PRP Photo

Elisa Money – Photo credit PRP Photo

Best engaged with in bare feet Younger is a just over three and two thirds of a minutes track that sparks glowing embers as it gaily dances through the room and listeners find themselves looking for a fire around which to skip with the accompanying music.

I would have been able to surface with this article within an hour of release were it not for the fact that every time I sat down to type I just had to stand up again and dance with the jaunty acoustic guitar and bouncing vocal.

I could write more, which would only delay publication – as I feel the need to fleet my feet again.

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