Selina Fever – Heads Down – Audio

The English alt-folk project Selina Fever released the EP Common, Uncommon yesterday.

Selina Fever

Selina Fever

Hushed tones of muffled acoustic guitar and vocal peers through the room as if skating on a frozen pond deep in a snowy forest with the audience drawn by the distant sounds as they thread through the leaves and trunks to catch the shadowy fleeting figure in the distance.

The penultimate of the four tracks on the EP (available on bandcamp) is Heads Down.

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John Wiseman – Flash On – Audio

John Wiseman is an English electro-rock creator.

John Wiseman - Photo credit - Peter Wiseman

John Wiseman – Photo credit – Peter Wiseman

Regularly revealing new ideas, the most recent being the LP Not One Step Back (available on bandcamp).

The music takes many shapes, sometimes melancholic, other times optimistic, perhaps angry, or of light mood – almost as though traversing the gamut of human emotions in the approaching fifty minutes, thirteen track, album which holds the listeners close attention from first note to last.

By way of introduction to a musician I look forward to coming back to in short order – the fifth song – Flash On.

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la lune – barcelona – Audio

The English ethereal-wave project la lune is anticipating the début EP early next year.

la lune

la lune

An instinctively able musician who is able to layer the compositions in hazy drifts of electronica whilst leaving space for the haunting vocal to shimmer through voile in to the ears and I look forward to hearing much more over the coming years.

The most recent track to be revealed – barcelona will also be on the EP.

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Richard Neale – Before The Deafening Snow – Audio

The English ambient-dream project Richard Neale releases the LP EVES on the 20th.

Richard Neale

Richard Neale

The seven track album (available on bandcamp) is a quietly focused release, which melts in to the ears as the combinations of instrumentation, including: keys; wind and; string along with electronica slowly revolve through the room with voice from time to time drifting hauntingly through various pieces.

The key role of piano enables the compositions to take on a myriad of shapes giving the LP a continual sense of organic movement, sometimes of fluffy clouds other-times of impending thunder-storm.

The opening track is Before The Deafening Snow.

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Aaron Douglas – All Be Sorry – Audio

The English haze-folk project Aaron Douglas releases the EP Torches today.

Aaron Douglas

Aaron Douglas

A five track EP which is best heard whilst wandering through a forest shrouded in a thick layer of fog in which to loose all senses of direction and external distraction as the music washes through the brain with only the hypnotic vocal, haunting acoustic-guitar, jumping percussion, keys and violin being sentient.

The first of the five tracks being All Be Sorry.


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