Cat Ma – Dog Ate My Heart – Single Review

Cat Ma is a new English electro-glitch project.

Cat Ma

Cat Ma

With only one track around – Dog Ate My Heart – one is minded of the best of lyrical parody from the era of new-wave akin to Ian Dury and Television, not aurally, quite evidently, rather the absurdity of a situation written with humour, whilst equally described with political acerbity, leaving the listener eager to hear more.

This is a lyricist who has much to add to the weave of the world, I merely ponder whether there is sufficient to gnaw upon with a down trodden cat.

As regular readers know I sit with a small dog, so perhaps it is just me being defensive here as if a cat surfaces in the garden Gnotti barks and runs away to cower under nearest cover as quickly as possible, normally beside me pondering the noises emitting from the speakers as I write articles.

I would anticipate a differential of vicissitude in due course to allow for the continuation of a project which in one song alone has much to add to the weave of the reality of the world around by a musician I look forward to featuring more than once.

Thank you, in one song alone, for doing what you do and making the world a better place its existence.

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Tom Walker – Heartland – Single Review

The English deep-soul creator Tom Walker released the single Heartland on the 13th.

Tom Walker - Heartland - artwork

Tom Walker – Heartland – artwork

Heartland opens with a bowed string which burrows its way deep in to the arterial system prior to expanding to a reggae-dipped funk tempo with a hip-hop vocal spiralling across the room, all harnessed in to a cohesive organic entity in which the listener becomes invested.

Whilst the combinations on the surface appear incompatible, akin to tipping out the constituent parts of a combustion engine in a pile on the floor, Tom Walker is able to deliver a track that is as silky smooth as a V12 engine pootling around town.


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John Smith – Living In Disgrace – Audio

The English acoustic folk creator John Smith releases the LP Headlong on the 30th.

John Smith

John Smith

Within the past three hours Living In Disgrace from the forthcoming album surfaced.

Revealing music that reflects of the realities of life, yet always finding light in moments of bittersweet reflection –  Living In Disgrace narrates of the importance of relationships over adversity – resultingly from a despondent moment is a perspective that the frippery of possession pales in to insignificance when weighed against the potential of unconscionable loss and through the dark cloud rises a composition of thoughtful tenderness.


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Hannah Scott – Weight Of Your Words – Single Review

The English alt-folk creator Hannah Scott released the single Weight Of Your Words today.

Hannah Scott

Hannah Scott

Released as a two track single, available on bandcamp, one an electronically enhanced version, the other acoustic. My preference being the acoustic version as it allows, in my view, greater magnification the finer nuances of the superlative vocal to shine more clearly, along with having a soundtrack that more accurately reflects of the fragility of the sentiment of the track, hence more powerful entirely because of its more tender flow.

The guitar lays out a delicate architecture to which bowed instrumentation generates a melancholic atmosphere while the lyric, with its nascent narrative, is given focus through the transfixing, emotive vocal delivery.


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Somebody’s Daughter – Rots & Stinks – Audio

The English melancholic-folk creator Somebody’s Daughter releases the five track EP Pretty Game on the 11th.

Somebody's Daughter

Somebody’s Daughter

A release of  intense emotion as the expressive voice soars through the room to accompaniment of combinations of strings and bows reflecting on the bitter-sweet nature of love.

Pretty Game is a well constructed release as the songs, whilst holding a palpable sadness, are not cloying in sentiment with the listener captivated by the luxurious soundtrack.

My selection from the release is the penultimate Rots & Stinks.

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Pretty Game [Explicit] is available on Amazon.*

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