Chris Ho – Places You’ve Been – Audio

The Canadian folk creator Chris Ho released the LP Places You’ve Been on the 3rd.

Chris Ho - photo credit Lucas James

Chris Ho – photo credit Lucas James

An album (available on bandcamp) which has a dreamy spire of slide guitar that like a well ripened Epoisses curtains the room in a richness that takes over the senses in to which the listener just wants to be enwrapped though that isn’t the highlight… that is the mesmerising vocal… making the title track and middle of the eight which spotlights the singing, my pick of the release.

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The World Next Door – Sure, Trust the Zombie With Inflatable Sandals – Audio

The Canadian conceptual-ambience project The World Next Door releases the LP Long Con Turtle Stack tomorrow.

The World Next Door

The World Next Door

To suggest that the music on the album (available on bandcamp) could be described as having thrown the kitchen sink at it instrument wise would not be too much of an exaggeration as forks, cups, bottles, poster tubes and balloons to name a few appear in pieces on occasion, with a commonality of an acoustic-guitar and ableton electronica threading through the fifty minutes on the fourteen tracks.

Originally created as standalone improvised sessions with each having nothing more than a slot in a ‘recorded this’ folder, after a few months Scott Gray noticed there was a loose connection between the tracks and decided to put them in to a semblance of order, finally giving the sounds names and the end result is Long Con Turtle Stack, a release which has a discernible, though understated rhythm, that holds the concepts together rather than being purely experimental stray hairs which perhaps is not unsurprising as Scott has, for over two decades, been a drummer in various bands.

While it is possible, due to the nature of the writing, to pick this album up at any stage in the proceedings and then come back another day for a different random selection, I do suggest that spending the best part of an hour laying down in a quiet room to listen to the release in full will be time well worth spending and rather than regretting the break in your schedule you may well find yourself immediately looping back to hear the LP in an alternative order.

The penultimate track is Sure, Trust the Zombie With Inflatable Sandals.

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Faith Healer – Sterling Silver – Audio

On the 8th of September the Canadian dreamwave project Faith Healer release the LP Try ;​-​).

Faith Healer

Faith Healer

A nine track album (available on bandcamp) which straddles a wide pit with music refraining from the psychedelic to art-rock with much synthesis inside – yet the commonality of theme is the melting flow of the hypnotic vocal which flows through the ears akin to a spectral hallucination as referenced in the fourth song Sterling Silver.

For those who have been hanging around since the 2015 LP Cosmic Troubles for the follow-up long player you will discover a far more floating vocal and introduction of electronics along with far less timbre as it has been in the hands of a range compressing mainstream radio producer, though equally be delighted that the trippy nature of the sounds remains at the heart of everything.

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STACEY – It’ll Be Alright – Video

It has been just over three years since the Canadian synthwave creator STACEY last featured.

STACEY - It'll Be Alright


With, what is albeit, a more heavily ‘produced’ track the latest song It’ll Be Alright nonetheless is of similar ethereal soundtrack that surfaces in the room as though carried on the wings of a Phoenix as the electronics and vocal drift through the speakers from glowing embers.

It’ll Be Alright – STACEY is available on iTunes.*

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Borg Queen – We’re All Whores – Video

Borg Queen is an electro-goth creator.

Borg Queen

Borg Queen

I have noticed over the past few years that the most evocative in dark-electro seems to surface in Canada and Borg Queen continues that thread of discovery.

Despite exchanging emails since January, I have successfully been late to every response – so it is with an apology to everyone that finally – I am getting round to a performer I do enjoy and trust you will do too.

Drawing deep analogy between BDSM and the realities of everyday life for the 99%. Revealing music of whips and chains which like a dungeon mistress prowl around the room in disappointed menace of clicking stiletto-heels.

From the ten track Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles LP – the penultimate – We’re All Whores.


Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles – Borg Queen is available on iTunes.*

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