Faith Healer – Sterling Silver – Audio

On the 8th of September the Canadian dreamwave project Faith Healer release the LP Try ;​-​).

Faith Healer

Faith Healer

A nine track album (available on bandcamp) which straddles a wide pit with music refraining from the psychedelic to art-rock with much synthesis inside – yet the commonality of theme is the melting flow of the hypnotic vocal which flows through the ears akin to a spectral hallucination as referenced in the fourth song Sterling Silver.

For those who have been hanging around since the 2015 LP Cosmic Troubles for the follow-up long player you will discover a far more floating vocal and introduction of electronics along with far less timbre as it has been in the hands of a range compressing mainstream radio producer, though equally be delighted that the trippy nature of the sounds remains at the heart of everything.

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STACEY – It’ll Be Alright – Video

It has been just over three years since the Canadian synthwave creator STACEY last featured.

STACEY - It'll Be Alright


With, what is albeit, a more heavily ‘produced’ track the latest song It’ll Be Alright nonetheless is of similar ethereal soundtrack that surfaces in the room as though carried on the wings of a Phoenix as the electronics and vocal drift through the speakers from glowing embers.

It’ll Be Alright – STACEY is available on iTunes.*

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Borg Queen – We’re All Whores – Video

Borg Queen is an electro-goth creator.

Borg Queen

Borg Queen

I have noticed over the past few years that the most evocative in dark-electro seems to surface in Canada and Borg Queen continues that thread of discovery.

Despite exchanging emails since January, I have successfully been late to every response – so it is with an apology to everyone that finally – I am getting round to a performer I do enjoy and trust you will do too.

Drawing deep analogy between BDSM and the realities of everyday life for the 99%. Revealing music of whips and chains which like a dungeon mistress prowl around the room in disappointed menace of clicking stiletto-heels.

From the ten track Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles LP – the penultimate – We’re All Whores.


Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles – Borg Queen is available on iTunes.*

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Gilbert Cormier – Trial & Error – Single Review

The Canadian electro-harmonics Gilbert Cormier creator revealed Trial & Error within the past twenty hours.

Gilbert Cormier

Gilbert Cormier

Like an earworm – having played the one hundred and thirty four seconds of Trial & Error it will inveigle in to the brain long after it should by rights have disappeared. Akin to the ’70s 8-bit analogue arcade game Space Invaders – the flashing green pixels fixate the mind and focus. Those not of such long teeth may need to do some research on 1978 and Space Invaders – though before you do – do take a listen and the whole analogy will make more sense.

Very much performing in the underground – I am unable to offer you a website or meaningful social media page for Gilbert Cormier.

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thisquietarmy – Welcome to Mendacity – Audio

The Canadian ambient-drone project thisquietarmy releases the LP Democracy of Dust on the 28th of July.

thisquietarmy - photo by Manon Cornieux

thisquietarmy – photo by Manon Cornieux

Opening the seven track release (available on bandcamp) is the just over six and a half minutes of  Welcome to Mendacity – a combination of guitar and multilayered electronica giving the composition a graininess in which there develops an ever growing sense of unremitting and unending air of industrial oppression.


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