The Moon Apes – White Flock – Audio

Within the past few hours the England based dark-acoustic duo The Moon Apes released the EP Six Of Seven.

The Moon Apes - Photo by Andrzej Koston

The Moon Apes – Photo by Andrzej Koston

I have spent the past couple of days with an earache which continually sends a dull throb through my brain and despite various medicament’s I have not been able to discover much relief until Six Of Seven (available on bandcamp) a four track, eleven minute reveal came bursting through the speakers with a sub-woofer testing soundtrack that minds of a balladeer roaring out in the late evening.

The uncomplicated guitar combines with an equally direct drum-kit bouncing both across the walls in fulminating mood with an ill-tempered vocal piloting the 特別攻撃隊 and delivering an explosion of sound in which the listener lays in pleasure within the fulsome assault.

The opening track is White Flock.

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NÝNA – Faces – Audio

NÝNA is an England based dark-RnB creator.



The most recent track to surface Faces is a reflective on the trials and tribulations of life around and although the melancholic piano chords, pacing and brooding electronics give the song a sad countenance there is a glimmer of optimistic light within the transfixing composition.

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Alien Tango – Sexy Time – Video

Alien Tango is an England based indie-dance project.

Alien Tango

Alien Tango

There are times in life when all one needs to do is dance around naked in a summer shower to feel the zest of life return back in to the system and akin to contemporaries such as Yalta Club and The Shh – with Alien Tango – stop worrying about being ‘appropriate’ just enjoy the moment for what it is – uncomplicated, not contrived – merely of joyful abandon and join in with Sexy Time.

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Johnny Brock – Reasons After Reasons – Audio

The England based alt-rocker Johnny Brock released the LP Labrador on the 11th.

Johnny Brock

Johnny Brock

Delivered through a gauzed filter the compositions on the approximately twenty three minutes, seven track, album (available directly from the Johnny Brock website) have a softened measure which permits the emotive context of the songs to find greater expression.

The songs are well executed, balancing the stark structure of the framework, with a depth of texturing the doesn’t overwhelm the initial thought process though adds an intrinsic context for the listener to find more to takeway.

My selection from the release is the antepenultimate and most uptempo on Labrador – perhaps least typical of the overall release given what is written above – Reasons After Reasons.

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Gian Luca & The Oak – The Pale Lady From The Coast – Audio

Gian Luca & The Oak is an England based alt-folk project.

Gian Luca & The Oak

Gian Luca & The Oak

Drawing reference point from US southern-folk Gian Luca & The Oak delivers music which has an unexpected upbeat lilt to it as a wide plethora of instruments cheerfully trot around the room.

The début LP The Flowers Never Grown (available on bandcamp) is six tracks of easy to engage foot-stomping and by way of an introduction – the penultimate – The Pale Lady From The Coast.


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