doe deer – drugs – Single Review

The US lo-fi project doe deer was introduced at the tail-end of last year.

doe deer - drugs

doe deer – drugs

The latest track to surface – drugs – continues in the same vein of flat-lining drifting soundscape as doe deer delivers another mastery of music that no matter how loud you set the speakers, the core seems to be out of earshot, which is the intrinsic mastery of the compositions.

drugs has a sublime aural imagery betwixt the sounds barely reaching from the amplifier and the song title, aligning itself alongside the most sought-after impressionist painters with a soundwave interpretation of chemically induced hypotension, leaving the listener just checking their pulse to ensure it is still beating, all extrapolated in less than one hundred and five seconds.

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Энеона Виток (Eneona Vitok) – Регенерация (Regeneration) – Audio

The Russian lo-fi creator Энеона Виток (Eneona Vitok) released the LP Маршрут построен (Route Calculated) on the 13th.

Энеона Виток (Eneona Vitok) - Маршрут построен (Route Calculated) - Cassette

Энеона Виток (Eneona Vitok) – Маршрут построен (Route Calculated) – Cassette

There is a certain joy to communicating with musicians around the globe as things can be learnt – Маршрут построен is the common phrase on Russian Satnav devices when the route for a journey has been calculated, but rather than learning about Russian SatNav systems you probably opened this post to learn more about the music…

Маршрут построен is an approximately twenty four minutes eight track LP (available via Pomogite Community on bandcamp for either the digital version or the ten track limited run cassette version) – that flows through a psychedelic journey of compositions that hold a fascinating grip on the listener. A haunting soft vocal sweeps through tracks of fuzzy psychotropic keyboard, slippery percussion and whirling guitar.

My selection from the release is the sixth Регенерация (Regeneration), though to not dwell in the full release is to do yourself a disservice.

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Sandals – Real Alberta Advantage – Audio

The Canadian lo-fi project Sandals released the single Real Alberta Advantage at the end of last month.

Sandals - The Real Alberta Advantage


Real Alberta Advantage (available on bandcamp) has similar mirage like qualities to previous material featured with the shimmering guitar laying alongside ghostly voices in a track which clocks in at eighty seconds.

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doe deer – weekend – Audio

The US lo-fi project doe deer released the LP sports on the 20th.

doe deer

doe deer

Regardless of how much you tweak your speaker settings, to listen to doe dear will always result in sounds that struggle to make their way out of the speakers, as though a timorous mouse making their way across a field, on a moonlit night, guarded by a parliament of owls.

The tracks scurry across the room in furtive movement disappearing as quickly as they appeared.

An album for the aficionados of lo-fidelity and my pick of the release is the third of the fourteen on sports (available on bandcamp) – weekend.

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Human Colonies

Human Colonies from Bologna in Italy is the lo-fi shoegaze outfit of Giuseppe Mazzoni (Guitar / Vocals), Roman Dagner (Guitar), Davide Hare (Drums) and Sara Telesca (Bass).

Human Colonies - lo-fi shoegaze from Italy

Human Colonies

Your speakers haven’t broken when you hit play, the vocal is that immersed by Human Colonies. There is an interesting trend developing in music of reflecting the realities of the world around where the voice is become ever more hidden, which to me is the testament of where the vast majority of the world now sits, unheard and irrelevant as politicians justify the ever growing excesses of the few in a cycle of contempt. But let’s leave aside my own perspectives, those who know the website are already well aware of where to find my writings as an anarcho-capitalist, who can find a political argument over a photograph of a carpet, so let us head back to Human Colonies.

I hit play and thought – no, but there was something hanging in my head then I hit play again and once again thought no – but still a nagging feeling then I hit play again and thought – yes I can contextualise this and music is all about personal connectivity, for me the connection is the washed away voices, for you it may be something else, but I do urge you to give Human Colonies a decent run out.

You can tell how new the quartet really are by their EP being named Demo and that isn’t short for demonstration. With some delight I find myself being able to interpret the sounds to a vacuum of Societal disconnect, which resonates with me, for you it may well be the shimmering guitars and mild distortion, however you approach it an interesting sound is emitted by Human Colonies.


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