Paris death Hilton – 192 tentacles – Video

Paris death Hilton is an experimental-electro-rock duo from Japan.

Paris death Hilton

Paris death Hilton

Probably not music to play if you are suffering from a hangover, however, Paris death Hilton are a duo you should find time to fit in to the day somewhere.

I will come back to the band with a fuller article in due course. For now, by way of an introduction, a live version of the angular-glitch of 192 tentacles from the EP Victoria’s Shithole, which is available on bandcamp.

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Rue Snider – One More American – Video

The US protest folk creator Rue Snider continues to regularly reveal new material.

Rue Snider - Photo credit Amanda Brown

Rue Snider – Photo credit Amanda Brown

As regular readers know – there are some themes of thought I am likely to ask you to consider with your sandwiches and protest music is one such. First featured earlier in the year Rue Snider returns with the latest song to surface – One More American – in live performance.

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Lewis Dalgliesh – Billboards – Video

The English alt-folk project Lewis Dalgliesh releases the LP From An Easel on the 5th of May.

Lewis Dalgliesh - From An Easel - artwork

Lewis Dalgliesh – From An Easel – artwork

Inspired by experiences of travel and visual depictions Lewis Dalgliesh seeks to transpose those memories to aural form.

This version of Billboards, the seventh of the dozen tracks on the album, is a stripped back acoustic piece recorded as a live performance.


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Moxine – Pretend We’re Cool – Video

The Brazilian rock band Moxine have regularly featured over the years and always good to return to as songs arise.

Moxine - Pretend We're Cool


A live performance of the track Pretend We’re Cool, the first of the eleven tracks on the LP Hot December, recorded at Casa do Mancha in São Paulo (Brazil) on the 17th, has recently surfaced.

Hot December – Moxine is available on iTunes.*

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Jointpop – Quicksand – Video

Jointpop, the rock ‘n’ roll band from Trinidad and Tobago, feature fairly regularly.

Jointpop - Quicksand


Although recorded quite a while ago, it was only very recently that a live performance of Quicksand came to light and always a pleasure it is too to return to their music.

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