Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine – Death By A 1000 Cuts – Video

Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine is a roots-rock trio from England.

Dan O'Farrell & The Difference Engine

Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine

For some little while now there has been an exchange of emails between ourselves, which sadly, have never aligned until this point in time.

Regular readers, will anticipate that on being presented with a double-bass it is something I am likely to be delighted to share; even dating back to the last decade on the old URL.

Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine are able to do far more than merely add double-bass as they delve far beyond the saplings of ’50s rock’n’roll to conjoin their music with the tap and lateral roots of Southern Soul from the ’20s to deliver music that puts a fresh paintbrush to music of almost a century ago whilst equally able to sweep up the intervening decades with music which resonates of the ’10s and its fractured societal constructs.

A live performance earlier in the year surfaced a few days ago of the, as yet, unreleased Death By A 1000 Cuts which even more delightedly adds a fourth player on lapsteel in a song that reflects of the salami slicing of the 99% for the after-dinner cabaret entertainment of the 1%.

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Inviolate – Sisyphus – Video

Inviolate, a US metal outfit, reveal a live performance video of the song Sisyphus.



For a while now I have been meaning to get an article written about Inviolate, for some reason, have never quite been able to get round to it, so as a very brief introduction – an audience eye view of the band on stage.


The Insomniac’s Dream – Inviolate is available on iTunes.*

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PADAM – Naprawdę Padam – Video

PADAM is a Polish dystopian-glitch trio.

Padam - Live at Na Siano Sunrise 2017 - artwork

Padam – Live at Na Siano Sunrise 2017 – artwork

My apologies that this is a little late as it has been hanging around in my email inbox for a little while.

Earlier this month PADAM released the ten track LP – Live at Na Siano Sunrise 2017 – which as it says on the tin is a live album (available on bandcamp).

Tracks burst through the ears like a wrecking ball in a demolition site as electronica, bass, drum and vocal collide in sparking crashes of industrial waste.

The closing song  Naprawdę Padam – was captured on video too.

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Dead Vibrations – Chemical Hug – Video

Dead Vibrations is a Swedish shoegaze quartet.

Dead Vibrations

Dead Vibrations

Frequently to be found in live performance around much of Europe, Dead Vibrations do from time to time also make it in to the studio and are a quartet I must get back to in full in due course.

By way of an introduction – a live performance of an as yet unreleased track – which, by name alone, describes the mood of the song – Chemical Hug.

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Moulettes – Bird Of Paradise Pt.II (Live Version) – Video

Moulettes is an English alt-folk quartet.



Creating music of rich tapestry as they combine varied fingered and bowed strings along with spacey keys Moulettes are able to transfix the listener with their complex layering of sound and it is of little surprise they are to be regularly playing both across England and more broadly around the world with a loyal and growing audience.

By way of an introduction to their music – the seventh of the seventeen tracks on SOTONES10 (those who follow the site regularly will note this is the third song taken from the forthcoming compilation LP with each being of very different starting block) is exactly as it says on the tin – a live track – Bird Of Paradise Pt.II (Live Version) which is the audio on this video.


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