Moulettes – Bird Of Paradise Pt.II (Live Version) – Video

Moulettes is an English alt-folk quartet.



Creating music of rich tapestry as they combine varied fingered and bowed strings along with spacey keys Moulettes are able to transfix the listener with their complex layering of sound and it is of little surprise they are to be regularly playing both across England and more broadly around the world with a loyal and growing audience.

By way of an introduction to their music – the seventh of the seventeen tracks on SOTONES10 (those who follow the site regularly will note this is the third song taken from the forthcoming compilation LP with each being of very different starting block) is exactly as it says on the tin – a live track – Bird Of Paradise Pt.II (Live Version) which is the audio on this video.


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N.K.R.T – Nuits Dark Ritual VII – Video

N.K.R.T is a dark-drone project from France.



This is not music to approach when pressed for time as typically individual pieces last in excess of quarter of an hour and the live performance of Nuits Dark Ritual VII is no exception with a run time of just over twenty two minutes.

The eerie chanting vocal is surrounded by clicking percussion on bones, stones and leather and a low humming electronica which fills the room in an ever more oppressive brooding presence with the second half of the track wrapped in an industrial reference and an overpowering feeling of panic prior to the composition decaying in to a distorted self-destruction.

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La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla – Para Volver Atrás – Video

It has been almost a year since the Argentinian haze-rock outfit La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla last featured.

La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla - Para Volver Atrás

La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla

Earlier this month they performed the LP  En el Tiempo de los Ciegos in full in live performance which was also recorded on video – From the nine track album the middle song Para Volver Atrás.

En el Tiempo de los Ciegos – La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla is available on iTunes.*

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Morrin – You Show Me The Way – Video

Morrin is a Germany based electrowave creator.



It is always interesting to follow the journey of musicians and Chris Morrin is one who has featured from time to time since 2009 with Reader’s Wives – in 2010 with Robotnik and in 2013 with Blood & Honey.

Now – having taken time out concentrating on poetry and film he returns as Morrin with focus as a live performer of music of protest against a system that is failing the vast majority – by way of introduction – a rendition of the track You Show Me The Way.


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1000facez – Ska At The Disco – Video

The Moldovan newwave trio 1000facez kindly sent notes of an LP in the offing.

1000facez - Ska At The Disco


I was sent four live recordings of tracks that will be on the forthcoming as yet unnamed album – where to start?  Perhaps – by clearing the room to allow space to dance – followed by turning up the speakers before going anywhere near the play button – as 1000facez dig deep pockets in to late ’70s, whilst adding their own more local cultural flourish.

From the choices available to me – my selection – who can resist a good old moonstomp with Ska At The Disco.

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