Silent Forum – Humility – Video

The Welsh indie-rock quintet Silent Forum are finalising details of the EP Sanctuary.

Silent Forum

Silent Forum

From the forthcoming release – Humility – a track which is riven deep with a melancholia that coats the listener in a palpable sadness.

It is the two guitars working at opposite ends of the fret-board that gives the song a superlative texturing whilst bass and percussion create an oppressive air through which an evocative vocal rounds out a track that sign-posts a release to add to the collection once available.

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Beach Of Diamonds – Summer Ends – Audio

Beach Of Diamonds is a Norwegian indie-rock trio.

Beach Of Diamonds - photo credit - Anastasiya Fedotova

Beach Of Diamonds – photo credit – Anastasiya Fedotova

Their latest reveal – Summer Ends – is appropriately named for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere though I have to note that today, as I type, is bright and sunny with windows and doors flung open resultingly the song suits the day like a bespoke fedora.

An easy to digest composition, which nonetheless contains a stray thread or two for those who like music with a touch of abrasion, Summer Ends is a track that invites the listener to cast aside dark countenance and enjoy the sprightly party mood with the trio.

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The Union – Saskia – Single Review

The Australian indie-rock quintet The Union are working towards the release of an LP next year.

The Union

The Union

Although early in the process of the album – currently pencilled in to be on the release is their most recent track to surface – Saskia.

A just over three and a half minutes song which splits into distinct elements with an acoustic guitar announcing the arrival of Saskia – the listener is rapidly shaken from any idea of a ballad unfolding as the electric guitars and drum-kit spark in to life, like a four-stroke motorbike firing up,  signalling the start of the core segment with a combination of pulsing bass / percussion, supporting the rocking riffing lead with the rolling wave of the rhythm guitar and the vocal providing a lighter indie topping. The bridge fades back to the opening acoustic accompanied this time by vocal as though continuing the opening stanza building back to a more fiery version of the main body of the composition fading back to an acoustic finish.

By allowing themselves time to develop the song fully, in Saskia, The Union are able to deliver a track that makes for a coherent package with plenty to engage the listener whilst not overstaying its welcome. If this prefaces of the quality of the songwriting in the album, it will be a body of work to add the the collection by a recently formed out-fit.

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Lady Jane’s Revenge – Heroes – Video

The English indie-rock quartet Lady Jane’s Revenge released the single Heroes on the 29th of September.

Lady Jane's Revenge

Lady Jane’s Revenge

Heroes is a song which springs lightly in to the room on easy footstep which merely serves as the hors d’oeuvre to the development of the track which evolves in to a fulsome architecture of rock riffs as the message of realisation of ones own uniqueness rather than agglomerated passivity unfolds.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

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Echoic – Blame – Video

It has been over two years since the English indie-rock band Echoic last featured…

Echoic - Shadows of You - artwork

Echoic – Shadows of You – artwork

…which reflects of when they last put out an EP with the recently released Shadows Of You being the follow up to Testify.

Unsurprisingly the sound has developed in the intervening years and whilst their rock background is evident in the influences of material, it is now of softer focus with a more dreamy atmosphere giving the effect of more spacious melodies which are given the room to develop within individual songs.

The first of the five tracks is Blame.

Shadows of You – EP – Echoic is available on iTunes.*

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