Former Astronauts – Icarus – Audio

The Puerto Rican indie-rock trio Former Astronauts are finalising details of their EP – Something To Talk About.

Former Astronauts - Icarus

Former Astronauts

Whilst across much of the Caribbean is in the grips of Hurricane season and in particular now – Maria – I wish all those affected by these series of storms all the best and good fortune.

Icarus is from the forthcoming EP and is the first track to surface.

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JUDAS – Ceasefire – Audio

The English indie-rock quartet JUDAS released the single Ceasefire on the 15th.

JUDAS - photo credit - Elise Wouters

JUDAS – photo credit – Elise Wouters

As evidenced in the single JUDAS, it is little surprise that they have established a big-stage live performance presence as well as retain a core indie audience as they are able to combine both swooping crowd pleasing guitar sashays, whilst retaining a more intimate indie-dance undercurrent to the song.


Ceasefire is available on Amazon.*

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The Pale White – Downer – Audio

The English indie-rock trio The Pale White release their eponymous EP on the 29th of September.

The Pale White - Downer

The Pale White

Although both tracks will be on the four on the EP (which is available as vinyl through bigcartel) the newest track to surface Downer is of different flavour to their feature last year of Let You Down.

Downer has a bouncing rhythm that snakes through the body with a slightly hazed vocal giving the song a gazey countenance.

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The Rare Occasions – Backwards – Single Review

The US indie-rock quartet The Rare Occasions released the single Backwards on the 18th.

The Rare Occasions

The Rare Occasions

Next time you are looking for something to add to a party playlist Backwards is a more than serious contender with its vaguely retrospective garage combing with sharply paced catchy hooks from which the listener can’t but help to move alongside.

The razor-sharp clefts in the track and pinpoint percussion are what gives Backwards its infectious tempo, the angular guitar providing the musical interest for those who are feeling less inclined to join in with the footsteps, with a slowing bridge neatly building the track in to a finale of frenzied dancing in a song that is all over within  less than three minutes.


Backwards – Single – The Rare Occasions is available on iTunes.*

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Lime Cordiale – Temper Temper – Audio

The Australian indie-rock outfit Lime Cordiale are finalising details for an LP due for release later in the year.

Lime Cordiale - Temper Temper

Lime Cordiale

Today does seem to be one of catching up with bands not featured for a few years and it was back in 2015 that Lime Cordiale last featured.

The first track to surface from the album – Temper Temper – is a song that bounces across the room in changing refraction akin to a snooker ball playing off a worn cushion and it is the changes of direction and tempo that holds attention.

Temper Temper – Single – Lime Cordiale is available on iTunes.*

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