Trikome with Kosmikbloom – Untouchable – Audio

The Indian dark-wave pairing of Trikome and Kosmikbloom will be releasing the EP Fat Cat tomorrow.

Trikome with Kosmikbloom - Fat Cat - artwork

Trikome with Kosmikbloom – Fat Cat – artwork

Within the past few hours the first track to surface – Untouchable – was made available.

Untouchable is a trippy track that wraps up the listener in its moody electronic glitches and shaded vocal.

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Colaba Point

Colaba Point is the ambient-psychedelic quartet of Rukmini Roy, Ankur Chugh, Abhishek Denzil and Rohan Kadam from Mumbai in India.

Colaba Point - ambient psychedelia from India

Colaba Point

Combining electronics with a range of instruments both modern and traditional Colaba Point take the listener on a gently rolling journey of sound. The band deliver measured paces of enrapturing compositions which subtly contain references to times of yore, that give the pieces a timeless elegance, whilst simultaneously using the latest technologies to expand the older themes and this enables them to develop tracks through slowly shifting sands of time.

The vocal, which sits aloof of the music, gives the audience a sense of sound-track commentary, adding a spacious feel to the tracks. This is not music in which to engage whilst chasing shots, rather to imbibe with a long drink to hand. Formed back in 2011 Colaba Point have established a live presence and a steady flow of recorded material has enables their wide ranging out-put to travel further afield.

Not an out-fit that seeks to travel anywhere near the mainstream, Colaba Point have created a distinctive style, that should be more widely heard as they add much to the weave of the world of music and it is pleasure to introduce them to you.

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Future Flashbacks, which came out on the 6th is available on bandcamp.

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The Lightyears Explode

The Lightyears Explode from Mumbai in India is the indie-rock trio of Shalom Benjamin (Bass), Saurabh Roy (Guitars / Vocals) and Aaron Carvalho (Drums).

The Lightyears Explode - indie rock from India

The Lightyears Explode – indie rock from India

Matching the name the music explodes out of the speakers in a sparkling rainbow of fire-crackers. The effusive delight with which The Lightyears Explode approach the sounds reflects through the out-put and the listener finds themselves captured in the after-glow.

Stacks of percussion lead the way, setting a rip-roaring pace off which the bass ricochets as the guitar blends them into a skimming fluorescence and the vocal rounds of the tracks with a light touch as the lyric explores relationship values. The Lightyears Explode bring together touches of nostalgia with the 21st Century to leave the audience with arms waving in time.

Having played live extensively over the recent months to enthusiastic crowds, The Lightyears Explode have recently announced they are off the live circuit for a few months, I can only hope this is to head to the studio to follow-up their 2013 release The Revenge of Kalicharan which is available on bandcamp.

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Begum from Delhi in India is – Kshitij Dhyani (Bass), Karan Singh (Drums / Keys) and Kartik S Pillai (Guitar / Vocals) – a band of eclecticism.

Begum - eclecticism from India


Confluences of psychedelia, tradition, reggae, rock, experimentalism and more meets at Begum and the resulting out-put is somewhere to spend many a happy moment. Formed last year, their début ten track LP Bagh appeared last month and is a tour of much variety.

The trio do not chain themselves to any one idea and this flexibility means that each track serves a highlight to the style each and every-time as they rarely come back to explore the same idea again. The deftness of touch displayed by Begum is a testament to their observational style, though one doesn’t feel as though listening to compositions that hold no relationship to the emotional consideration of the players rather a reality of their very connectivity with disparity.

Surprisingly Begum is, at present, more of a side-project than core focus with each member being involved with other things, which perhaps means the longevity of the band is in question. For now, with fortune – it does exist and producing music that adds much to the tapestry, long may they decide to work with each other.


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The Koniac Net

The Koniac Net from Mumbai in India is the rock quintet of David Abraham (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Jason D’Souza (Guitar / Vocals), Aaron Dmello (Guitar), Adil Kurwa (Bass) and Karun Kannampilly (Drums).

The Koniac Net - rock from India

The Koniac Net

A kaleidoscope of colours reflect across the walls as The Koniac Net deliver measured and retrospective mellowing moods of sound. Whilst gently steeped, the compositions are not tepid, as the quintet invest numerous layers within the tracks that engage the audience in the flowing aural delights.

Bass and percussion form a solid spine to the music, around which, the guitars are given the space and time to inveigle the ears with glistening distractions, whilst, the vocal guides the pieces along distinguishable paths. Although very easy on the audience, there is plenty of activity to warrant replays of tracks to explore further the spread of ideas.

The Koniac Net have mastered the art of delivering music which has a gentle timbre, while simultaneously adding sufficient seasoning to serve up an intriguing blend of sounds to keep the listener engaged and wanting to come back for a second helping.

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Abiogenesis – EP – The Koniac Net is available on iTunes*

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