Ten Fé – Single, No Return – Audio

The English psychedelic quintet Ten Fé are putting plans together for a new LP.

Ten Fé - photo credit - KUTX 98.9

Ten Fé – photo credit – KUTX 98.9

Regularly featuring since their introduction in September of last year. Through much of their existence they have toured pretty well incessantly and in live performance played as a five piece with studio material being as a duo – resultingly as the ties have bound the five together it made sense creatively to work as a five piece both in performance and in the studio.

The single Single, No Return, which was released on the 9th, being the first studio, five players, full band reveal.

While their music has always had a trippy vibe it is in Single, No Return that they delve fully into translucent psychedelia and reveal, what I consider, their best piece of work.

The dreamy guitar fades in and out of its own echo as the synth spirals along half-hidden eddies with the bass sliding up and down the fret board, providing the structure around which everything flows and percussion giving the sense of organic movement as the hazy vocal entrances the mind, with the listener being gently wrapped up and happily travelling through the mysterious journey.

Given that the tracks on their début LP, Hit The Light, were each of different texturing, I look forward to discovering whether the follow-up album will be of similar thought.

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TEN FÉ – Twist Your Arm – Audio

The English groove-rock duo TEN FÉ release the LP Hit The Light on the 3rd of February.

TEN FÉ - Twist Your Arm


The latest track from the album – Twist Your Arm – surfaced less than eight hours ago.

Readers of longer stay will notice that with each introduction of music by TEN FÉ comes a different genre definition. Which is reflective of the nature of the eleven track release where each piece offers something quite distinctive, with Twist Your Arm minding of the days of the ’70s when discothèque and rock music were frequently found under the same strobe-lights.

It is with some delight to discover that Hit The Light will be available as a Vinyl release too…

Hit The Light is available on Amazon.*

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TEN FÉ – Overflow – Audio

The English psychedelic-tint duo TEN FÉ have firmed up on the release date of the LP Hit The Light which is due on the 3rd of February 2017 since their introduction earlier this year.

TEN FÉ - Overflow


Revealed in the past half a dozen hours the opener Overflow intimates of an outfit who are adept at subtle brush strokes which in combination make for immersive context.

The heading towards four minutes track is one that you wish were extended to further reaches of nebulae auditory refraction as the spectrometer of colours dance across the room, each element holding the attention, making this a track that could do with a 12″ vinyl extended run through to allow the listener to capture the soundscape in more detail – the best I am able to proffer – is put this on repeat loop and then once again to get the full flavour of a sublime piece of music.

Hit the Light – Ten Fé is available on iTunes.*

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