Liv Sin – Let Me Out – Video

The Swedish heavy-metal project Liv Sin will be releasing the début LP Follow Me on the 28th of April.

Liv Sin - Photo credit -

Liv Sin – Photo credit –

Ahead of the release the third of the eleven tracks Let Me Out surfaced as a stand alone single on the 13th.

Classic rock as it should be played and delivered…


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Electric Guitars – Headless Chicken – Video

The Danish heavy-metal outfit Electric Guitars release the LP Rock’n’Roll Radio on the 10th of February.

Electric Guitars - Headless Chicken

Electric Guitars

The third of the ten tracks is Headless Chicken which does precisely as you would expect from heavy-metal – a blistering fusillade of bass, guitar, percussion and vocal hurtle from the speakers – grabbing hold of the listener by the shoulders whilst yanking the head into a bobbing metronome of head-banging.

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Man Eating Lion – Pig Wings – Video

The US heavy-metal quartet Man Eating Lion are finalising details for the EP Swine, Scissors & Twine.

Man Eating Lion

Man Eating Lion

Before hitting play give your neck muscles a stretch, dig out that old leather jacket and be ready to head-bang with good old ’70s Rock ‘n’ Roll.

One can’t help but be minded of the days when Heavy-Metal ruled the air-waves as Pig Wings, from the forthcoming EP, announces its entrance in to the room and precisely why so many of those of us who were around at the time have suffered from tinnitus for decades – and whatever you do – stop being a ninny using those ‘health and safety earbuds’ else you are missing the whole point of loud heavy-metal played loudly.

Turn the volume louder, then louder still – until feel your hair blowing in the breeze of the sound waves of unpretentious rock delivered precisely in the manner it should.


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Ghost Season

The Athens, Greece, based Ghost Season is a rock quintet comprising – Nick Lountos (Vocals), Nick Christolis (Guitars), Nash Sinner (Guitar), Dorian Gates (Bass) and Chris Grekas (Drums).

Ghost Season - rock from Greece

Ghost Season

A mesmerising flurry of percussion spirals around the room as Ghost Season bring their metal inspired melodic rock to the audience. It is easy to imagine the quintet filling a big stadium with their commodious guitars which soar out of the speakers with fluidity and prowess. Only a year and a bit old, the quintet sound as through they have been together far longer.

Ghost Season fill the ears with powerful undertow that is driven by the bass and rip current drums as the two guitars add complexity through wave upon wave of chords whilst the vocal rounds out the music with a classic rock presence.

The genre of heavy-rock inspired sounds is a space in which many bands jostle for notice yet Ghost Season manage to carve out some room through skilful musicianship that deservedly allows the spotlight to rest upon their out-put.

Still establishing their fan-base and live performance presence, Ghost Season have been able to release their first EP – Ghosts Like Her, which serves as a fine introduction to a band who have the potential to travel far and I wish them every success. Rumour has it of an LP to follow – this year.


Ghosts Like Her – EP – Ghost Season is available on iTunes.*

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Blue Snaggletooth

Blue Snaggletooth from Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the USA is the heavy metal quartet of Chris Taylor (Guitar / Vocals), Casey O’Ryan (Guitar), Joe Kupiec (Bass) and Mike Popovich (Drums).

Blue Snaggletooth - Heavy Metal from the USA

Blue Snaggletooth

After the New Year Ninety Chart yesterday Blue Snaggletooth mark the first return to normal programming for 2015 and guess what – forget your hang-over – turn up the volume and bang your head in time as the quartet bring the first drops of perspiration to the walls for the new year.

When I listen to rock this dirty I am minded of a chap I went to school with back in the ’70s – who at every opportunity would don his torn jeans jacket emblazoned with pin buttons. As I was and remain a punk rocker who never managed at the time to get beyond three chords (to be fair I still struggle sometimes) but in Blue Snaggletooth I can understand precisely why he sank his soul into Heavy Metal. Four decades on I find myself in-tune with ‘Piggy’ Randall.

The gritty determinism and eviscerations tear into the body with a purposeful intent and the audience can’t help but be caught up in the combinations. Percussion rings around the room like a compère introducing the elements of Blue Snaggletooth, whilst performing its own magic. The guitars dramatise the music whilst a growling bass brings it all back to earth and the vocal demands the instrumentation raises its game and the resulting out-put leaves the audience with ringing ears, aching neck and a smiling face.

The only consternation that exists is the slow drip feed of material. It was in 2009 that the band formed – two years until the first LP – Dimension Thule – a further three years to the next Beyond Thule – one can only help that this formula is broken else it will be 2018 until we hear anything new.


Beyond Thule – Blue Snaggletooth is available on iTunes.*

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