Dama Scout – Paper Boy – Single Review

The England / Scotland based gaze-rock trio Dama Scout release the single Paper Boy on the 14th.

Dama Scout - photo by Emma Swann

Dama Scout – photo by Emma Swann

Since their introduction in September of last year Dama Scout have secured regular live performance appearances and released the uptempo single, All In Too, that came out in December.

Paper Boy, returns to the territory of their début single, Forget It’s Good (both available on bandcamp), with a luscious texturing of subsumed echoing vocal surrounded by gauzy guitar that fills the room with a hazy rolling warmth in which the listener wants to wrap themselves and stay warm in the comforting embrace of the music.

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Panophonic – Endlessly – Audio

The US gaze-rock project Panophonic revealed the track Endlessly recently.

Panophonic - Photo by Mandy McGee

Panophonic – Photo by Mandy McGee

The intricately blurred, echoing reverb creates a luxurious carpet of sound which steals through the room and in to the listeners bloodstream as the melancholic lyric provides a more unsettled countenance to the just under three and two thirds minutes track.

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Silk Filled Stilts – Can It Be Wind – Audio

The US gaze-rock band Silk Filled Stilts revealed their latest track within the past twenty four hours.

Silk Filled Stilts

Silk Filled Stilts

Often laying dormant for long periods of time, then suddenly surfacing with a new set of tracks Silk Filled Stilts are in a more active phase at present.

The just about three and a sixth minutes of Can It Be Wind combines lo-fidelity, psychedelia and bluesy-rock in a song the listener becomes engaged with upon hitting play.

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Saint God

The Tel Aviv, Israel, based duo of Shura (Vocals / Drums) and Tim (Guitar) form the gaze-rock band Saint God.

Saint God - Gauze-rock from Israel

Saint God

Shadowing reflexives behind gauze Saint God are able to deliver to the audience precise percussion and muted vocal with guitar that sheens in and out of focus, giving the duo the ability to cast bait to the audience on which they focus, only to pull it away from sight leaving the listener grabbing for air and it is this entrancing combination of out-stretched arms which suddenly snap behind back that makes for a sound well worth getting to know.

Formed last year Saint God have been able to put out a three track single Realise and a ten track LP Montefiore (both available on bandcamp)and have set themselves as musicians with an urgency to say something about the Government which represents them by which the world judges them. In the same way that those of other regions are judged by their bureaucrats. It is always better to hear from those who are working to make a difference and you find yourself reading though the various sites about musicians from Iran and Israel as well as Iraq, Lebanon and Syria who attempt to do the best they can to make a difference.

I thank musicians – such as Saint God who strive to make a difference to the world in which they live, for which they receive no regard by the wider populace.

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Black Fox

Black Fox from Melbourne in Australia is the gaze-rock quintet of Dane Robertson (Vocals), Daniel Mullens (Guitar), Leigh Mullens (Guitar), Mitch Freeman (Drums) and Andrei Seleznev (Bass).

Black Fox - gazerock from Australia

Black Fox

An intriguing proposition of ’60s’ Brit-pop, new romanticism and heavy rock meets the ears as Black Fox spill out of the speakers. Flowing guitars are buffered by percussion and the bass is permitted to flow across the room like paint spills which fixate the mind, whilst vocal and guitars wrestle the ground and the audience is regaled by the spectacle.

Black Fox resonate with the listener as a result of this dichotomy of inferences which are all grappled with prior to emerging from the speakers and the ears are left with the luxuriant oils resulting, leaving the brain doused in showers of warming jets of sound.

The complexities of influences that lie within the band work far better than may initially be expected as they are able to gel as a unit to deliver harmonies and context which mould like warmed wax earbuds to the concha and meatus.

I am led to believe that the band is set to relocate to London, England, which posits a new springboard for the band and therefore the new direction of travel becomes more fascinating, time will tell, I look forward to hearing more of their journey.


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