Rufrano – Forever And Ever – Video

Rufrano is a gaze-rock project from the USA.

Rufrano - Photo by Jacquie Li

Rufrano – Photo by Jacquie Li

Apologies for the delay in getting to this as it has been sitting in my email system for over a week.

The psychedelic-tinged Forever And Ever soaks in to the listener who finds themselves not wanting the track to end as the analogue synth slowly drifts through the room while the infectious vocal coils around the ears as the trippy guitar paints blurry images on the ceiling.

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Evening Glow – To You Only – Single Review

Evening Glow is a US gaze-rock band.

Evening Glow

Evening Glow

Evening Glow have thus far revealed an LP and two singles for those of us not near enough to get to see them live, the latest of which was released towards the end of last month being the single – To You Only (available on bandcamp) and the listener is immediately struck by the fact that they know one end of a song from the other. The quartet are able to deliver music which is taut leaving the audience in more than capable hands.

To You Only has a strength of under-pinning that centres around percussion allowing the six and four string guitars being able to foil with each other with shoegazey mufflers giving the song a roomy sheen while vocal balances the impetus of pace and the more leisured instrumentation.

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The Owls – Jesus Let Me Fly – Video

The Australian gaze-rock quintet The Owls release the EP Rainy Day on the 30th of June.

The Owls - Photo by LAZY BONES

The Owls – Photo by LAZY BONES

Regularly featured since their introduction in 2014 after line-up changes and the addition of a fifth player – Jesus Let Me Fly, from the forthcoming release, is a more expansive sound than previous material.

The shoegazey guitars echo like spinning crystals refracting sunlight through the room as the stretched notes are weighted by blocky concrete bass and percussion giving Jesus Let Me Fly a clear sense of direction from which the gauzy vocal drifts dreamily through the ears.

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Atlas Wynd – Mona Lisa – Single Review

Atlas Wynd is a gaze-rock duo from England.

Atlas Wynd

Atlas Wynd

With just a couple of tracks around, that I have been able to hear, the most recent of which Mona Lisa was released as a single earlier this month digitally and the two tracks will be available as a 7″ AA side Vinyl on the 28th, I am already looking forward to hearing more.

The duo are able to belie the sparsity of players as the music is steeped in thick, soft, piles of texture. It is of little surprise they are keeping themselves busy on the live circuit as their ability to know one end of a song from the other enables them to encircle the listener in a melting flow of music that courses its way through the arteries, slowing the heart-beat and relaxing the mind with their dreamy delivery.


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Hooded Fang – Nene Of The Light – Audio

On the 15th of May the Canadian gaze-rock quartet Hooded Fang will be releasing the LP Dynasty House.

Hooded Fang - Nene Of The Light

Hooded Fang

From time to time the means by which you approach the pronunciation of the word regulates how you hear the music and if you are of approach to Dynasty as the enunciation ‘Dinerstee’ rather than the enunciation of ‘Dinnersti’ will perhaps elucidate how you interpret Nene Of Light – perhaps even more circumnavigated in my own instance as the the river Nene flowing through Cambridgeshire in England is not many miles away at its nearest point – affords me an even greater peculiarity and for that explanation alone explains precisely why musical experience is a singular one and that which one person revels within another rebels against.

Nene Of The Light I enjoy, for the elongation of consonant, as the music extends the soundscape like warm butter coating boiled potatoes, which others may find a consternation.

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