Tin Can Telescope – Scorch Your Face – Single Review

The Danish garage-rock quartet Tin Can Telescope released the single Scorch Your Face today.

Tin Can Telescope - photo by - Magnus Hyltoft Thomsen

Tin Can Telescope – photo by – Magnus Hyltoft Thomsen

Scorch Your Face (available on bandcamp) is a thumping rock’n’roll number that has the audience delightedly dancing around the room as a thrubbing bass bounces against the spring percussion with guitar skipping through the ears and the vocal, which spins through the ears rounding out a song that sadly only lasts for two and two thirds minutes.

Having had the opportunity to listen to their back catalogue I can attest this is a band to bring out to play anytime life needs an injection of positive energy.

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Lazybones – Snake – Single Review

The English garage-rock trio Lazybones will be releasing the single Snake on the 8th.



A track which akin to its own title undergoes an ecdysis during its journey with an unanticipated wurlitzer organ surfacing towards the latter end of the song, enabling Lazybones to deliver a composition of both fractious sentiment whilst simultaneously of translucent colour.

The listener finds themselves engrossed both in the distortion of furious guitar, clawing percussion and snarling vocal whilst equally by the eloquence of the transmutation.

Those who know the site well will be aware that at any stage anything is introduced as garage-rock – necessarily the speakers need to be bouncing on their own pivots when listening to the music. If you don’t want to play music loudly on a full speaker system – probably best to stick with mainstream radio pop or to engage with mixtapes of Spotify playlists through an MP3 device – music which is never found on this site and like pretty much all of what is ever featured here – if your preference is merely for that sort of wallpaper music – this won’t suit your ears – with my best advice being – this also is not the right site for you.

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Table Scraps – Sick Of Me – Single Review

Table Scraps is an English garage-rock trio.

Table Scraps

Table Scraps

Never seeking to complicate their music; which is always of snarling derision marked by fused chords of guitar, bass which is so angry with itself the strings rebound against themselves and a drum-kit which threatens to walk off stage given half a chance and in the A side and title track Sick Of Me a vocal which is able to spit the vitriol so far through the speakers that the listener can feel the warm spittle spraying across the face –  I know you are anticipating I will be suggesting – turn up the volume loud to welcome them in to the room – you are right.

The instrumental B side Mequinenza, for very different reasons, is more than deserving on contemplation too as the compression of bass, guitar and percussion fuse in an amalgam of contemptuous amorphism which rolls through the room akin to a sewerage farm discarding slurry, thereby – self-evidently – making this my pick of the release.

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Fits – Running Out – Audio

The US garage-rock quartet Fits release the LP All Belief is Paradise on the 17th.



A dozen track album (available on bandcamp) of pithy short songs which rarely reach even a minute and a half that, for their brevity, are able to dive immediately to the core of the individual missives that are scornful commentary on the world around, set to jangling good time dance tunes.

Running Out is the second song.

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Sophisticated Dingo – Money – Audio

Sophisticated Dingo is an Australian garage-rock duo.

Sophisticated Dingo - Photo credit - Jackson Greatz

Sophisticated Dingo – Photo credit – Jackson Greatz

The essence of garage is often lost in post production.

Fortunately with Sophisticated Dingo none of the rawness is dissipated, as the duo superbly distil the concept, of a band racking up a damaged portable amplifier, drumkit and a microphone inside a brick garage with a concrete floor, hanging up half a mangy carpet that was found in a skip, on a wall, to lend the air of a top quality studio and then just enjoy life banging out rattling tunes while the neighbours all bury their heads under cushions – what more does really music need to get to the true essence of it all I ask myself? The answer being – nothing at all.

The most recent track to surface Money (which is available on bandcamp) – is – rock’n’roll in its finest element.

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