Johnny Kills – Let’s Talk About Me – Single Review

Johnny Kills is an English garage-rock trio.

Johnny Kills

Johnny Kills

Another review I am late to get to, sorry…

…The sarcasm sears the ears akin to the tingle of Coleman’s English Mustard replacing a layer of butter on one side in a sandwich, whilst eyes stream due to the heat the taste-buds equally dance in delight in their latest track – Let’s Talk About Me (available on bandcamp).

The fuzzy guitar roar nuzzles away in to ever corner of the room like a demented robovac that is on a hefty trip of amphetamines as the axed drum kit sounds as though it is chasing over the stage with a bass that is slung to loosely holding pegs with vocal stretching delayed echo giving Let’s Talk About Me a need for an immediate replay even more loudly.

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thom simon – Driving Dreams – Audio

thom simon is a garage rock trio from the USA.

thom simon

thom simon

My apologies that this feature is late, as the introduction was made on the 6th.

With a few pieces behind them, thom simon, offer the listener a broad stretch of ideas, within their material, that dates back for over three years. Sometimes psychedelic, other times funky-reggae and even as is the case in their latest track, which came out earlier this month – Driving Dreams (available on bandcamp) – surfy-garage-dance – always engaging and having been filtered through a gauze the resulting music has a warmth of sound that embraces the listener.

It is of little surprise they are securing a wider touring base and Festival appearances. I look forward to hearing more of thom simon, in short order.

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Pink Mexico – Backhanded Manly Manaroni – Audio

The US garage-rock trio Pink Mexico released a split 7″ single with Monograms earlier this month.

Pink Mexico - photo credit Melanie

Pink Mexico – photo credit Melanie

Backhanded Manly Manaroni is everything you could possibly desire from garage-rock in a fuzzy burr of energy that wraps itself up in less than two and a half minutes, leaving the listener feeling better for having taken part in the experience.

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Reptilians From Andromeda – Fashion, now ! – Video

The Turkish garage-rock band Reptilians From Andromeda revealed a new track recently.

Reptilians From Andromeda - Fashion, now !

Reptilians From Andromeda

Fashion Now! takes a wry look at following the latest trend in their familiar style which has made Reptilians From Andromeda a firm presence on the site having been both the Editors’ Choice and Readers’ Choice for band of the month within the past year at different times.

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EAT FAST – Scrambled Egg – Audio

On the 19th of May the English garage-rock quartet EAT FAST will release the LP Immortal Kombat.

EAT FAST - Immortal Kombat - artwork

EAT FAST – Immortal Kombat – artwork

The third of the six tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) Scrambled Egg has been given an early run-out.

A three minutes and twenty seconds track that undulates through the room as though driving a kart through sand-dunes, Scrambled Eggs contains the combinations of ambient warmth and fuzzy-logic which always makes EAT FAST an outfit of paramour.

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