Uptown Electronics – Post-War Love Song – Video

Uptown Electronics is a dark-electronica project from Finland.

Uptown Electronics

Uptown Electronics

Generally working as a duo they do from time to time add additional players as appropriate in Post-War Love SongMia K is the additional vocalist.

The gloomy recesses of the room appear as sunlit fields, on hitting play, as the oppressive roll of Post-War Love Song, the title track and opener of the three on the single that came out earlier this month, rumbles through the speakers wrapped in velvety layering in which the audience finds themselves hypnotically drawn.

An email that has been sitting in my inbox since last month, sadly, so I am a tad late to this and my apologies.

Post-War Love Song – Single – Uptown Electronics is available on iTunes.*

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Good Omens – Silent Spring – Audio

The Finnish acoustic-indie-folk band Good Omens are finalising details for the LP All The Moving Parts.

Good Omens - Photo by Pauliina Jokela

Good Omens – Photo by Pauliina Jokela

Their fleet of foot compositions are influenced by both indie dance and folk resulting in tracks containing swooping melodies which gather up the audience in welcoming embrace. From the forthcoming album – Silent Spring is a roughly five minute number which showcases their style.


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Vorna – Tie Varjoista – Audio

The Finnish melancholic-metal band Vorna released the single Tie Varjoista on the 5th.

Vorna - Tie Varjoista


The music that Vorna produces leaves the listener with the sense of a dark folk tale unfolding and once having hit play the audience wants to settle down for a lengthy session in their brooding presence with Tie Varjoista (available on bandcamp) being no exception.

Having last revealed an LP just over a year ago – Ei Valo Minua Seuraa  (also on bandcamp) – I hope there is a follow-up on its way shortly.

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Fun With Muesli – Moon Shines – Audio

The Finnish alt-indie duo Fun With Muesli released the EP Houseboat on the 9th.

Fun With Muesli

Fun With Muesli

The penultimate of the four tracks – Moon Shines – is a track that showcases their retro-style and highly effective guitar interplay.

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Timshel from Vassa in Finland is the indie-dance sextet of Markus Bergfors (Vocals / Guitar), Patrick Stenbacka (Bass), Olli Nousiainen (Guitar), Petter Erikslund (Drums), Daniel Ventus (Keys) and Sebastian Jacobson (Multi-instrumentalist).

Timshel - indie-dance from Finland


Skipping around the room like a Spring Lamb I find myself in enthral of Timshel, who are able to harness the multifarious angles of projection to a cohesion which just leaves the brain freshly showered. Folk, pop and rock combine into the soundscape that the sextet offer to the ears.

A lightness of touch gives the music an uplight, whilst songs of consternation gives the tracks a sonorous intensity that captivates the mind and Timshel is able to deliver tracks which offer a subtlety of touch which belies the number in the line-up. Rather than using the dexterity to produce volume, they use it to deliver flecks of colour which intoxicate the mind.

The compositions are smartly packaged, but on taking time to unwrap the glossy paper the listener is able to find music which has a heart and soul.

With a decent catalogue behind them, the most recent single – Halfway To Anywhere, which came out on the 17th a adds another fine touch to the library of sounds.


Halfway To Anywhere – Single – Timshel is available on iTunes.*

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