The Rotations – Extracting Gold From Fleas – Audio

The Scottish experimental-rock quintet The Rotations put out a couple of tracks last week.

The Rotations

The Rotations

Extracting Gold From Fleas has a primordial beat that takes the listener on to a chanting fireside dance with the music seeping its way deep in to the marrow of the bones as it laments of a world turned sour by selfish greed.

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Alex’s Hand – Ghost Peppers – Video

The Germany based experimental-rock outfit Alex’s Hand release the EP KaTaTaK on the 1st of September.

Alex's Hand - KaTaTaK - artwork

Alex’s Hand – KaTaTaK – artwork

Don’t anticipate a straightforward journey on hitting play as the approaching sixteen minutes, penultimate of the five tracks on the EP, Ghost Peppers (available on bandcamp) spills across the room.

Acid-jazz and psychedelia merge with progressive rock, that has an extemporised jam session feel to it as country and Russian folk also make fleeting appearance, attack the listener sending them off in to discombobulating disconnected sparks of ideas – yet – or because of its discordance holds the attention whilst the mind seeks to form its own connecting narrative.

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Aloric – Who? – Audio

Aloric is an experimental rock duo from England.



There is something about drummers at present as you will notice by a post earlier this week. Still very early in development, the duo who comprise Aloric –  L and M are looking to add a drummer – if you are based in London (England) and have an interest – please drop me an email to tim @ and I will pass it on.

Their début track – which is also available on bandcamp is – Who?.

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Small Leaks Sink Ships

Small Leaks Sink Ships is an experimental rock band from Portland, Oregon, in the USA comprising Judd Hancock (Vocals / Guitar / Piano), London VanRooy (Vocals / Drums / Piano), Jim Mandel Jr. (Bass / Guitar) and Ryan Garner (Keys / Samples / Guitar).

Small Leaks Sink Ships - experimental rock from the USA

Small Leaks Sink Ships

Whilst Small Leaks Sink Ships do expect the listener to engage the brain, they are not writing a PhD thesis on Black-holes, so the music remains accessible, though does demand concentration. Elements of maths-rock combine with varieties of styles as diverse as honky-tonk, classicism, Kwala, progressive psychedelia and more and the quartet is able to paint the aural landscape with refreshing palettes of colour, that allow the brain to wallow in the washes of sound.

Small Leaks Sink Ships are able to take experimental concepts and diversity of instrumentation to provide the audience with finely constructed and delivered compositions that have you reaching for replay to capture the elements and ideas missed first time round.

With their idiosyncratic take on music, Small Leaks Sink Ships have a diverse landscape in which to explore and by not tearing open the edges of the envelope are able to take the audience with them on that journey.

With an extensive back catalogue a sensible space to start is their most recent offering – Face Yourself, And Remove Your Sandals.


Face Yourself, And Remove Your Sandals – Small Leaks Sink Ships is available on iTunes.*

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Kooba Tercu

Kooba Tercu from Athens in Greece is the experimental-rock sextet of John Tercu (Vocals), Kostantinos (Guitar), Voltas (Percussion), Philip (Drums), Mits (Synth) and Kosmas (Bass).

Kooba Tercu - Experimental rock from Greece

Kooba Tercu

Taking tried and trusted progression of rock tracks Kooba Tercu inject a seam of acid to the core, filling the frothing spaces with dark industrial influences, giving the resulting out-put a stark and gloomy presence that permeates the room. Whilst somewhat experimental the sound doesn’t veer off the edge of the page and the listener is able to discern a direction of travel.

Kooba Tercu express the uncertainties and societal disconnect across much of the world, giving the material absolute relevance to the ’10s.  The electronics allow the sextet to take the music far further into the exploration of these considerations than would be the case with standard rock instrumentation and they combine the various elements in music that seems to absorb the brains thinking patterns and drawing the mind into the sounds.

An eponymous LP was released last month, which is available on bandcamp with provides just under forty minutes of creativity and is worth spending the time with to get to know Kooba Tercu.

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