Rose Redd – Crying Out – Audio

The English melancholic-rock project Rose Redd is finalising details for a new EP.

Rose Redd - Crying Out

Rose Redd

Within the past few hours Crying Out, which is from the forthcoming release, has surfaced.

It was back in 2014 that Rose Redd last featured and the strong voice is immediately recognisable as is the dark underbelly of the song.

Rose Redd delivers tracks which have a timelessness to them as the strong roots in classic rock are formed into compositions of melancholia which reflect on the darker moments in life and the listener can discover personal empathy with the content.

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Paragraphs – I Can’t Do This – Audio

The English ambient gaze-wave project Paragraphs released the LP I Went Outside, I Could Hear The Houses Breathing, They Were Alive on the 1st.



Find a silent space in which to lay, turn up the volume, turn off the lights and allow the just under fifty minutes – seven track album to wash over your mind.

The listener finds themselves in a chamber of sounds which massage the synapses to approaching standstill as the pace of time shifts parameters of normality whilst the hypnotic waves of undulating instrumentation, synthetics and vocal calmly wreath around the mind.

Long after the album (available on bandcamp) has finished the audience remains inculcated in the hypnosis of I Went Outside, I Could Hear The Houses Breathing, They Were Alive.

The fourth track – running at just a tad short of nine and five sixths minutes – I Can’t Do This  – which is a natural over extension of the previous track – Nothing Will Ever Get Better –  is a decent place to get to grips with the conceptualisation of the LP.

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Harlea – You Don’t Get It – Single Review

The English blues-rock project Harlea released the single You Don’t Get It a few hours ago.



The crunching guitar rips its own denim as the gnarly chords rumble across the room, whilst a delightfully precocious bass echoes around the walls as though in an empty hall as drum skitters through half of each bar giving You Don’t Get It a surprisingly uptempo feel to the whisky saloon blues from which the drifting vocal gritty vocal filters in to focus.

Harlea is a project that is making an impact with the sultry, becoming, vocal writhing around dusty dirty-blues and I look forward to what else 2017 has in store.

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Andy Leung – LIGHTS – Audio

Andy Leung is an English ambient-electronics creator.

Andy Leung

Andy Leung

With numerous tracks behind him, each offering different perspectives and sound shapes, his music is best taken in large quaffs whilst resting limbs in the waves of luscious texture.

The latest track to surface is  found in the tranquillity of the just under five and a quarter minutes number entitled – LIGHTS – which ideally suits the chill-out room at an extended weekend rave.

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Slows Down – On And On – Audio

The Germany based drone-sludge project of Alexander HawthorneSlows Down releases the four track EP –  EP 3 on the 15th.

Slows Down - EP3 - artwork

Slows Down – EP3 – artwork

The material strains from the speakers as though a mummified corpse unravelling in front of the audience as the second of the four tracks on the EP (available on bandcamp) – On And On unfolds its way in to the room.

The compositions are complex in delivery with disparate strata shadowing others through the tracks, yet the listener is left with no mental adjustments to make as the out-put has a natural flow that rests the mind.

Each revolution of every bar teases with more packaging and less disclosure and by the close of the just under six and a half minutes of the track the mind remains as transfixed as it was at the opening, though still, with no clearer resolution.

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