Aaron Douglas – All Be Sorry – Audio

The English haze-folk project Aaron Douglas releases the EP Torches today.

Aaron Douglas

Aaron Douglas

A five track EP which is best heard whilst wandering through a forest shrouded in a thick layer of fog in which to loose all senses of direction and external distraction as the music washes through the brain with only the hypnotic vocal, haunting acoustic-guitar, jumping percussion, keys and violin being sentient.

The first of the five tracks being All Be Sorry.


Torches is available on Amazon.*

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Irascible Fuck Brigade – Ummerica – Single Review

The English agit-glitch project Irascible Fuck Brigade releases the single Ummerica on the 6th of October.

Irascible Fuck Brigade - Ummerica

Irascible Fuck Brigade

Following on from the introduction earlier in the year Ummerica is as equally an uncompromising distillation of of socio-geopolitical-landgrab.

The track breaks in to three distinctive chapters, opening with a pressurised combination of compressed instrumentation and flurried lyric, prior to expanding in to a lamentation of societal structures built on blinded bigotry and closing with a disconcerted expression of frustration.

Irascible Fuck Brigade doesn’t seek to create music which is easy on the ear, rather to deliver a message of protest that necessarily pulls no punches whilst imploring the listener to break their chains.

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My Pleasure – Something Is Something – Audio

On the 13th of October the English new wave project My Pleasure will be releasing the LP Domestic Bliss.

My Pleasure

My Pleasure

With some delight I have been able to meander through the eleven tracks on the album (which is available via The Adult Teeth Recording Company) – though sadly am only permitted to share the opener Something Is Something with you.

For those of longer reach in to the world of music – think The Toy Dolls mixed with Dr Feelgood with a sprinkling of Jilted John and you will be there – for those less au fait – take a rack of raw ribs and gnaw away the flesh – juggle the residue of individual ribs in the air then catch them in your teeth on the way down – you will be there – or at least thereabouts.

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Pale Green Things – North Winds Of Ontario – Audio

The English lofi project Pale Green Things releases the EP The Beast In The Hearts Of Men on the 6th of November.

Pale Green Things - North Winds Of Ontario

Pale Green Things

A four track release (available on bandcamp) which has a retrospective texturing that minds of walking in to a sweet-shop in the ’60s with its vast array of bottles and multifarious scent – tempting the handing over of weeks pocket money for a few bags of favourite confectionery.

Predominately the acoustic guitar takes the foreground in The Beast In The Hearts Of Men as the quietly measured vocal drifts through the room – my selection being the penultimate which additionally introduces bowed strings – North Winds Of Ontario.

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Toni – Kiss Me – Audio

Toni is an English nu-soul creator.



Combinations of electronica and instrumentation are circled by an expressive RnB influenced vocal allowing Toni to create music of impressive range.

From the latest LP, which travels through ambient background to spiky jazz, AESTHETICS – the eleventh of the fourteen tracks – the soul rooted – Kiss Me.

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