Gallery 47 – Lefty – Audio

The English acoustic-folk project Gallery 47 is set to release the LP Bad Production on the 5th of May.

Gallery 47 - Lefty

Gallery 47 – Lefty

Underpinning the music is always a reflective of social mores, which are rarely pushed to forefront as Gallery 47 commentates with a wary eye on the world surrounding.

From the forthcoming LP Lefty casts brighter spotlight on starting point, with more explicit fulmination of structural imbalance.

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Billionaire – World Loves A Trier – Audio

The English electro-lofi project centred around John SterryBillionaire – releases the EP Cheap Credit on the 31st.



From the forthcoming EP – the penultimate of the five tracks – World Loves A Trier has a mystical presence that hangs in the air long after the song has completed.

Those of longer stay may recollect the name John Sterry being first introduced back in 2009 as part of Gaoler’s Daughter and whilst over seven years have passed the distinctive voice still remains as recognisable and absorbing as ever was the case.

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Fenne Lily – What’s Good – Single Review

Fenne Lily is an English fragile-acoustics creator.

Fenne Lily

Fenne Lily

Although with only a few songs around it is little surprise Fenne Lily is establishing a rapidly burgeoning audience.

A haunting vocal is matched by equally spectral instrumentation with the listener pondering how it was that the gossamer threading compositions managed to not break on the way out of the speakers. It is the finely woven intricacy of lacework that affords Fenne Lily the commanding presence which transfixes the audience as they come across the music.

The most recent track to surface – What’s Good – has a poise that captivates the mind due entirely to the delicate filaments of architecture.


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Seaker – The Waters – Single Review

Seaker is a haunting folk creator from England.



Less than twelve hours ago the latest track – The Waters – bubbled to the surface. An approaching four and a third minutes song that builds intensity and volume through its duration, prior to curling in to silence.

The listener is minded of Macbeth, Act IV, Scene I.  by William Shakespeare and the older source Scottish mythology of the Wayward Sisters as the stewing brew of The Waters hoves through the speakers in a cauldron of intoxicating thread of transfixing vocal, thrubbing bass, cloaked percussion and bleeding bows in which the listener becomes bewitched, to a state of enlightened topographagnosia.


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Pilgrims’ Dream – Live Your Life – Audio

Pilgrims’ Dream is an indie-folk project from England.

Pilgrims' Dream

Pilgrims’ Dream

Occasionally songs surface and the most recent is Live Your Life.

A just over four an a half minutes of stirring acoustic guitar, keys and percussion stomps through the room while the calm harmonised vocal adds a soft brush to Live Your Life giving the track an intriguing balance and the extended bridge which appears about half-way through the song and again at the close splits the composition in to distinctive  elements.

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