Sands – Poison In You – Audio

The English fuzzy rock project of Andrew SandsSands will be releasing the eponymous EP on the 24th of March.



The muzzled haze of the first of the four tracks Poison In You shimmers across the room as though a distant mirage as the reverberating guitar and sequencers bathe the listener in ambient hues of layering  that leaves the mind in a warm-glow of psychotropically induced insensibility.

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Sands by Sands is available on Amazon.*

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Martin Weller – Queen Bee – Video

The English protest-folk creator Martin Weller last featured in 2015.

Martin Weller - Sines Of Life - artwork

Martin Weller – Sines Of Life – artwork

From the bakers dozen track LP Sines Of The Times (available on bandcamp) – Queen Bee.

Martin Weller is able to combine music which pours scorn as societal structures with dry humour.

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Band Of The Month – January 2017 – Editors’ Choice

2017 has started with numerous superb bands and solo musicians coming my way and as it is now the end of January time for the Editors’ Choice for Band of the month

Simon Dinwiddy - Band Of The Month January 2017

Simon Dinwiddy

From England – Simon Dinwiddy.

Round the Bend – Single is available on Amazon.*

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Billy Pilgrim – If Hindsight Could Save A Life – Audio

The English alt-electro creator Billy Pilgrim reveals new music from time to time.

Billy Pilgrim

Billy Pilgrim

Following up on the LP Get Human last year his latest track –  If Hindsight Could Save A Life has, as perhaps to be anticipated give the eclectic range of the previous seven songs revealed, a very different feel in what is at its core a just under three minute techno number.

Although the guitar and piano having gone there remains his quizzical, wry lyrical content and it isn’t often that a Xylophone and steel drums are used as the lead instruments.

Evidently a talented instrumentalist and songwriter, who also knows his way around electronica – I look forward to hearing more by Billy Pilgrim.

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Weird Spheres – Hoping – Single Review

Weird Spheres is the gazed-parallax solo project of Rhodri Guerrier from England.

Weird Spheres

Weird Spheres

From time to time new tracks surface, the most recent of which is Hoping, which is in format an angular revisionism from which the blurry guitar sheers across the sharp edges of the phrases. A track which immediately captures the listeners attention with the juxtapositions of the diametrically opposed dynamics of the three elements of the piece – maths rock rhythm, breezing echoed guitar and hazy vocals. Rather than not making any sense; Weird Spheres lives up to the name and is able to deliver its abstruse concepts in cohesive, roughly two and three quarters minutes of, polarisation.

Word also arrives that plans are afoot to put together a live performance unit. Though nothing has been mentioned I am hoping that there will also be a collection of tracks put together in one release, imminently, as the is material best heard in lengthier stay.

As of yet there is no website or social media page to which I can direct you to connect with Weird Spheres.

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