Lawrence Bray

Lawrence Bray from Ampthill in England is a rock musician who those of longer eyes will recognise.

Lawrence Bray - rock from England

Lawrence Bray

Infusions of Brit-pop are melded with 60’s guitar driven rock with fastidious eye to detail. However don’t feel that this is a prescriptive remedy as the core of the sounds reflect of a life of incorporeal contextualism and the audience is left with a living being.

Those of older readership will recognise the Lawrence from ScenicLife with his distinctive vocal and surprisingly as a solo artist the sound is far stronger and less packaged as he allows himself to the space to explore the extremities of self extrapolation without it ever becoming a nascent sound as the few tracks that I have been able to hear are fully formed.

On live acoustic performance there is an implied vulnerability, on the other hand a three track studio release – BEST SERVED LOUD – finds a confidence which is nothing but a delight.

How this can be transposed to Stage, time will tell, but it will make for an intriguing transition. For a track I list inside my personal favourites of the year thus far Not Backing Down and I look forward to this being replicated in live performance.


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Desert Ships

Desert Ships from London in England is the dream-wave trio of Mikey (Vocals / Guitar), Daniel (Bass / Vocals), and Claude ( Drums / Vocals).

Desert Ships - Skyliner - artwork

Desert Ships – Skyliner – artwork

Like the shroud of a sunlit misty breaking dawn dew, the sounds of Desert Ships invoke of out-of focus shadows as the reverb and echo athwart the music whilst the psychedelic shoegaze oozes of atrabilious reflections giving the out-put an eerily haunting texture. The trio are able to make eight minute tracks a mesmeric dreamscape and even in shorter pieces running around the four minutes mark they allow themselves plenty of space in the calmly paced compositions to allow the mind to thread through entrancing imagery.

Desert Ships is not to be taken on a strenuous work-out in the gym, rather to be savoured in languorous mood where the sounds will let the mind drift in and out of flights of fancy.

Formed a couple of years ago Desert Ships have been able to carve themselves a space of difference and are unafraid and more importantly  have the innate ability to extend their tracks to tell their story, rather than cutting to meet the demand or brevity, without loosing the connection with the listener.

Those who know the trio already will find the five track EP – Skyliner, comes out on the 10th November a more atmospheric and intense sound than previous material. The release, which runs to twenty six minutes, is sufficiently engaging to hit replay immediately to further wallow in the loops and bends of the release.

As per usual, I have managed to select a track from the release and a demo version at that – the closer – Ausgang, which isn’t quite like the rest, as this is completely without vocal and you will have noticed that there are three voices listed in the introduction and these do, in the normal course of events, blend into intoxicating harmonies


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Broken Witt Rebels

Broken Witt Rebels is the blues rock quartet of Danny Core (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Luke Davis (Bass), James Tranter (Lead Guitar) and Anthony Byrne (Drums) from Birmingham in England.

Broken Witt Rebels - Blues Rock from England

Broken Witt Rebels

Ballooning guitars soar out of the speakers as Broken Witt Rebels carve out their space in a packed genre and the quartet bring a verve to the scene with combinations of rock driven excitement and the tempered nuances of British Blues and Southern Americana providing the audience with whisky soaked waves of sound.

The earthy rock is delivered through the interweaving guitars, which lay the core focal point and a moody bass steeps the music with growl, whilst percussion rounds up the strings into formation and a gravel strewn vocal steers the direction of travel leaving the audience reaching for one more dram.

Broken Witt Rebels have developed an impressive and well placed confidence which enables the quartet to play around with the core roots to emerge with something at once familiar whilst simultaneously of marked difference They combine the Alabama of Birmingham and inject it with the West Midlands to provide listeners with insightful and rootsy reasons to bring out the faded leather jackets.


Howlin’ – EP – Broken Witt Rebels is available on iTunes*.

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Kovak from Brighton in England is the electro-indie quartet of Annelies Van De Velde (Vocals), Karl Bray (Guitar / Synths / Vocals), Darren Bray (Drums / Synths) and Emily Johnson (Bass).

Kovak - electro-indie from England


Fusing the 1990’s with the 21st Century makes for a combination which demands the bass is boosted and you find a partner to smooch with as Kovak permeate the room with unctuous scented oils.

The glissade of the duality of synths slide around the room in pirouettes of flashing blades which mesmerise the focus as a mutated bass and six string slinks alongside, wrapping coils around the body and a semi- electronic percussion drives the heart to syncopate. Rising like a hawk above the scene is a hovering vocal which sharpens the claws of the quartet.

Having spent a few years building a presence and a loyal following Kovak have a well established profile which is likely to grow further with the release of  – Swing Song – which will come out on the 6th October and marks a more personal and grittier soundtrack with a gruffer rock driven sentiment, than much of their earlier material.


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DRAWL from Swindon in England is the ghost-wave quartet of Charlie CooperRyan TennantRosie Robinson and Joe Main.

DRAWL - ghost-wave from England


Like a post apocalyptic cloud of miasma DRAWL encapsulate the realisation of a world in confusion as the subsumed pieces cast their pall in a glassy-eyed gaze.

The echoey reverbs give the tracks a powerful presence and the use of analogue equipment for some recordings adds to the depth of emotional swell as DRAWL explore their space. The music has an easy approachability for the listener, which immediately draws attention yet the pieces express of turmoil and confusion in complex layering.

This is music that is of absolute currency as it connects to the heart of the listener and reflects of change and uncertainty within the expressive textures DRAWL produce, which give the brooding presence of the quartet a powerful imagery. Influences abound within the out-put, which DRAWL have been able to bring into their own context and it will be interesting to see how things develop.

Those local to Swindon will possibly have come across the band as they were previously named – Devotion – for everyone – it is worth investing time getting to know DRAWL.

Those of you with longer memories and who have been with me for a few years will recall the name Charlie Cooper from The Playmakers from an article in 2011 – DRAWL is a different beast entirely.

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