Jonathon Binns (Guitar / Vocals), Billy White (Bass) and Jazz Reeves (Drums / Percussion) combine to form the Barnsley, England based alt-rock band OverClockWise.

OverClockWise - alt-rock from England


Like bubbling sludge OverClockWise seep around the room in a sheer delight of elasticated bass and guitar, whilst an equally flocculated humic acid vocal blisters the ears as percussion imperceptibly wends its way into the head. This is music to rattle your speakers and your bones in some pleasure.

The grungy lo-fi productions crawl inside the skin as OverClockWise explore the lower registers, which as you well know s the range I most enjoy, delivering songs which have an intensity that speaks volumes. Music is about connectedness, much like all art-forms and I find myself drawn to the hypnotic festering sounds that the trio produce. It is simple, menacing and well constructed, what more can anyone ask of a band?

Just over a year old and securing regular local gigs and with a couple of releases behind them, one a five track EP – Have You Ever Looked Up? (which is available on bandcamp), OverClockWise is a band that makes being a music reviewer such a pleasure and I hope they find the far wider audience they deserve.

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Whathappenedonthatisland is Jacob Whitcroft from Huddersfield in England.

Whathappenedonthatisland - a new project from England


Whathappenedonthatisland is a good example of why this website exists – still very much in formative mode, in fact it wouldn’t be far off to say this solo project doesn’t really exist yet other than in the minds eye of Jacob, but there is some music to hear and it does have potential and for that very fact deserves someone outside a close circle of family and friends to acknowledge its existence and give a thumbs-up.

An eclectic mix of experimental ambient drone is interspersed with humour and tangents and some pieces work well. In many ways I am reminded, both in band name in material to Lord Of The Flies by Golding. Most definitely not heading for the mainstream, Whathappenedonthatisland, is more a musical accompaniment to anxieties and confusion and for that very fact is a testament in the ability to transfer those perplexities to provide the listener with an unfolding journey. There have been a few other bands at various stages of development who have been reviewed who also carry out this autobiographical dialogue and as always I give full credit for allowing others into that introspection.

Does Whathappenedonthatisland have the legs to move forward? I believe so once a more focussed approach is developed, but for now that doesn’t matter and I wish Jacob all the best however he chooses to continue, what has already arrived is worth taking time to discover.


Welcome To My Black Lodge is available on bandcamp.

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Antesaint is the rock quartet of Hayley Smith (Vocals / Bass), Sam Sharpe (Rhythm Guitar), Thomas Wilkinson (Lead Guitar) and Joe Hunter (Drums / Vocals) from Barnsley in England.

Antesaint - rock from England


Intricate streams of notes circulate around the room as Antesaint announce their arrival. The forlorn vocal sits as a mourning lament to world that has lost its way as the fragile disambiguation of the sounds fragment in the ears in an emotional commentary.  The quartet is able to portray thoughts on tenuous threads of connectivity which speak volumes of reality.

Finely balancing fractional discourse with a solid backing Antesaint provide delicacy, which enhances the resulting out-put, of what are essentially rock driven compositions. There is a powerful undercurrent of thematic chords and riffs to allow fans of rock to engage, whilst a wispiness of meandering progressions affords the band to explore new horizons that draws in alternate audiences.

This is an interesting line of travel that ploughs new furrows for others to pursue as Antesaint add tenderness and a sense of insecurity locked within confident outpourings of emotionality. Originally formed as a trio the addition of Tom has given the band a renewed impetus.

I give them credit for the manner in which they are able to shed a tear without shame and they deserve support for the intensity of the resulting out-put.

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Serinette from Middlesborough in England is the alt-indie quintet of  Lou (Vocals), Stu (Bass / vocals), Dave (Guitar / Vocals), Paul (Drums) and Jas ( Keys / Guitar / Vocals).

Serinette - alt-indie from England


Encapsulating  the direction of travel that sits for indie-rock in the the ’10s Serinette is precisely on the pulse of what is becoming less and less alt-indie and more the defining sound of indie-rock in the UK in 2014. This segment of combining synths and instruments in a dance derivation of indie-rock is becoming more congested and this quintet are a fine exponent, who rise above the growing mass.

Serinette switch between the dance driven and the more thought provoking with easy flicks of tempo, whilst maintaining a captivating sound. The lasting memory for me is a vocal which has the ability to add a luscious finish to the out-put whatever the mood of the track. Inside the easy flowing compositions lay weaves of mesmeric instrumental combinations to which the electronics add an audible gravitas.

The fulcrum of this 2014s’ movement pivots on maintaining an under-current of driving progression, around which hip snapping beats regularly come to play whilst the synths provide a moody layer which is in-tune with much of the world, struggling with everyday realities of life. Interestingly for ’70s punk rockers like me who created sounds based on confrontation, whilst the music is far less aggressive, it has no less intensity and I am enjoying the sounds of this year in the UK enormously.

I am waiting on an MP3 of Serinette’s single due for release in July – Pushing Me Slowly, but like an excited puppy, I couldn’t wait. However as there is a week between me writing these thoughts and them being published – I may well have them along with a video by the time you read this, in which case you will have already have received notification of the video from me.

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Call It Reckless

Call It Reckless from Norwich in England is the indie-rock quintet of Rachael Holland (Vocals), James Harpham (Guitar), Tom Griffiths (Guitar), James Bussey (Bass) and Marc Allum (Drums).

Call It Reckless - indie rock from England

Call It Reckless

A soaring sound emerges from the speakers as Call It Reckless join in the throng of bands in this mid-Atlantic coalescing morass of music, yet there is something that finds them rising above the plethora, as inside the commonality of chords lays some not insignificant singularity. The effervescent enthusiastic abandonment raises a smile in the heart, as the quintet throw their heart and soul into the compositions. which have the feet tapping along in harmony as the exuberance gushes into the ears.

This is a difficult space to make a mark, particularly given the mood shift in music over the past few months and I hope that these talented individuals do diverge from their current space, which is in danger of becoming rinse and repeat.

Whatever you do, don’t take the concluding paragraph as a negative, this is a band with so much more to give and one I would really like to see do well as I think they could – if only they chose to travel their own route rather than trammel the current path.

This should be a sound from which I recoil, given the awful drawled accent, which you know I find instantly grating, along with attempting to mine a barren and unfertile soundscape that lies in the Sargasso Sea, but I don’t and that is a testament to the underlying abilities that lay within Call It Reckless. I just hope they redirect their compass of travel to explore their individuality rather than their commonality.


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