Cross Wires – We Call The Shots – Audio

The début LP by the English new-wave quartet Cross Wires was first signposted last year.

Cross Wires - We Call The Shots

Cross Wires

News surfaces of the track We Call The Shots (due to be on the album) which will itself be released as a stand alone single on the 21st.

Boot your speakers across the room to ensure they are fully fired as you yank up the volume controls as to not have soundwaves which are bulging the window glass is to be approaching the output from the the wrong direction. Only thereafter worry about the ceiling height and potential damage to the fabric of the roof – as the two and a tad minutes track will have you leaping in delighted pogo with arms raised aloft.

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Sugarmen – SOLD – Audio

Sugarmen, an English Indie quartet, are currently finalising details for an LP.

Sugarmen - SOLD


With a more trippy psychedelic mood than much of their previously featured material. SOLD also combines a merseybeat flavouring, giving the track an analogue retro-feel in which the listener can stare at the ceiling contentedly with glazed eyes.

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The Magic Es – I Just Wanted To Tell You – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet The Magic Es will be releasing the LP It Goes On on the 28th.

The Magic Es - I Just Wanted To Tell You

The Magic Es

Bearing in mind that I Just Wanted To Tell You is currently only in demo form, The Magic Es have the knack of surfacing with new material each time they feature, this being their third appearance, that makes the listener wonder – well that must be the high-point of their creativity – only to find each new song is even better, so I can only posit that It Goes On is set to be a fine album on its release.

Given their progression, even though the album potentially sets a high-bar that the audience will contemplate, ‘well its all downhill from here’. I am happy to lay a wager they will be even better after the 28th.

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The Barnum Meserve – The Summit – Audio

The English alt-rock trio The Barnum Meserve release the LP When All Is Lost on the 21st.

The Barnum Meserve

The Barnum Meserve

Eschewing the more regular structure of a lead guitar, The Barnum Meserve, replace the six stringer with keyboard to accompany Bass, Drums and Vocal to deliver a distinctiveness of sound that immediately captures attention.

From the deeply pacing bass, via the tenacity of the drums, to the dexterous and expressive vocal the audience quickly looses all sense that they are not in fact listening to a classic heavy metal outfit, yet the spaciousness afforded by the keys sets them in to an arena all of their own.

By way of an introduction, the seventh of the ten tracks on When All Is Lost – The Summit.

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When All Is Lost – The Barnum Meserve is available on iTunes.*

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Storm the Palace – DLR Dreaming – Audio

The England / Scotland split alt-folk outfit Storm the Palace release the LP Snow, Stars and Public Transport on the 12th of May.

Storm The Palace - Photo by Arnab Ghosal Street Photography

Storm The Palace – Photo by Arnab Ghosal Street Photography

From the forthcoming album (available on bandcamp), the fifth of the ten tracks, DLR Dreaming is just under four and three quarter minutes composition that minds the listener of thrashing in quicksand as it calmly massages, a racing and panic stricken instinct, to proffer sanguine meditation and clarity of perspective, resultingly, gently lifting the listeners from a solipsism of their own making.

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