Secret Tongues – Glass Beach – Audio

The liquorice-rock quartet Secret Tongues from England recently surfaced with a new track.

Secret Tongues - Glass Beach

Secret Tongues

I recall on my last review the quartet were bemused by my genre description and it is only perhaps when you have munched your way through a carton of Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts that it will make sense, as, until then the contextualisation of the bitter-sweet sounds of Secret Tongues is perhaps little more than an abstract description of the music.

The newest track – Glass Beach – (available on bandcamp) is their signature sound of a beguiling sense of softness swathed in sharp contrasts of tangy pithiness.

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White Ape – Drones Clones Ramones – Single Review

The English new-wave quartet White Ape released the three track single Drones Clones Ramones a few hours ago.

White Ape - Drones Clones Ramones

White Ape

Opening with the title track the distinctive vocals of Tommy Mack strides purposefully in to the room surrounded by a strident phalanx of instrumentation that pulverises all before it and my pick of the release, signifying the malcontent which has emerged ever more forcefully each time White Ape have been returned to…

… since their introduction back in 2014 with a song by similar title to their first feature though this time round – very different intent – as the good humour and rock-a-billy of A Run For Gringo has been replaced with forceful fusillade of bullets which ricochet around the room finding the listener ducking from the shrapnel in Another Run For Gringo.

The closer is I Get Excited When You Call My Name – a track in which White Ape encapsulate a world where to have a ‘social media’ recognition seems to be the pinnacle of success sought by so many in a snarky frustrated and very angry piece of music, which reminds me of the ability to articulate ideas in abstruse song titles, powerful musicianship and deftly delivered vocals à la The Stranglers – which White Ape is able to do without the use of keyboard.

Keep your eyes on these guys.

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The Indieannas – Rising – Audio

It has been over four years since English indie-rock quartet The Indieannas last featured.

The Indieannas

The Indieannas

Half the band remain with Courtney Goddard and Chris Morton joining Ged Potts and Mark Whibberley – resultingly both time and different players discovers The Indieannas delivering a different emphasis to the output – though still retaining recognisable elements.

A slew of new material arose at the tail end of last month – tracks with a more rock driven emphasis than previous songs. Amongst the numbers to appear was Rising.

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IDLES – Stendhal Syndrome – Video

The English new-wave quintet IDLES are nearly ready to release the LP Brutalism.

IDLES - Stendhal Syndrome

IDLES – Stendhal Syndrome

The latest track to surface from the album is Stendhal Syndrome, which is an acidic parody of dismissal of art in a track that celebrates the diversity of creativity.

The message being, accept that what you may like, others may not and vice-versa – it doesn’t matter. It is for the very fact of the diversity that makes for freedom of expression, which shouldn’t be shut down based on arbitrary emotional disconnection.

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Esther – Want It All – Video

The English electro-rock quartet Esther were introduced last year.

Esther - Want It All - artwork

Esther – Want It All – artwork

Their latest single Want It All has a tighter knot with more emphasis on the classic rock elements of the sound.

Want It All is available on Amazon.*

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