Blood Sport – Taking Back Control of Your Eardrums – Audio

The English industrial-beat trio Blood Sport feature from time to time.

Blood Sport - Taking Back Control of Your Eardrums

Blood Sport

With little need for much to be written, their latest track Taking Back Control of Your Eardrums is a perspective on the EU referendum result and ongoing conversations laid inside their familiar dystopian sound track.

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Repulsive Vision – Premature Burial – Video

The English death-metal quartet Repulsive Vision release their début LP Look Past The Gore And See The Art on the 31st.

Repulsive Vision

Repulsive Vision

Despite considerable longevity and decent profile in the metal circuit, they have thus far not got round to releasing an album and Look Past The Gore And See The Art will be a welcome reveal for both longstanding and new audiences alike.

From the forthcoming album – Premature Burial – (previously released on the Hammer Smashed Faith II Compilation LP) which although it only lasts for just around two and a half minutes, leaves the ears ringing in some pleasure long after completion.

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The Night Café – The Way Of Mary – Audio

The Night Café, the English indie-dance quartet, release their début EP Get Away From The Feeling this week.

The Night Café - The Way Of Mary

The Night Café

On a bright and sunny morning as I type, The Way Of Mary suits the sunshine with the sparkle of guitar and fleetness of foot in the upbeat tempo that spins around the room in good humour.

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Young Amphibians – City Charm – Audio

Young Amphibians is an English alt-rock quartet.

Young Amphibians - City Charm

Young Amphibians

Recently, they released the four track EP Junked Up Heart.

With a song of darker mood than previously featured, the second of the four tracks, City Charm delivers an intense dark cloud into the room and the listener is held in encircling embrace.

Whilst I have always enjoyed their music through the years and through the personnel changes City Charm, is to me, their pinnacle thus far and I look forward to hearing more of similar style by Young Amphibians.

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Captain Wilberforce – Stickleback Toffee – Audio

The English mellow-rock quartet Captain Wilberforce will be releasing the LP Black Sky Thinking on the 27th.

Captain Wilberforce

Captain Wilberforce

A dozen track, approximately forty four minutes, album that settles in to the room akin to settling in to a favourite armchair. Whilst unobtrusive, the LP has an unerring ability to make the listener feel better for its company.

Riven with melodies and ballads Captain Wilberforce in Black Sky Thinking are not seeking to start a revolution or make grandiose life statements, yet, there are plenty of moments in life when all that is wanted from music is something to make everything seem a little warmer and more comfortable; at this the quartet are adept.

Not exactly biting at the leash to get new material to the audience, with this being the follow up to the 2011 LP Ghost Written Confessions, there is little doubt that upon the arrival of the album the world will be a better place for its adornment.

My selection from LP is the penultimate track, coincidentally the shortest too and of quickest tempo – Stickleback Toffee.


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