Spiders Eat Vinyl – The Clarity Of The Light – Single Review

Spiders Eat Vinyl is an English sybaritic-wave duo from England.

Spiders Eat Vinyl

Spiders Eat Vinyl

Very much reflective of the ’10s the duo are able to channel a soundtrack in which the listener becomes lost in their own delusions of grandeur whilst also, far more importantly, being able to prick those bubbles of self-adulation.

The most recent track – The Clarity Of The Light  – teams up with Elena Cau (L.Cat) also from England – to deliver something quite different from their normal fare with a folk-based flowing melody in which the audience becomes transfixed as piano, vocal and tightly strung guitar slope through the room in unhurried footstep.

Spiders Eat Vinylsocial media page

L.Catsocial media page

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Kagoule – Monsieur Automaton – Audio

The English alt-rock trio Kagoule released the single Monsieur Automaton on the 5th.



Firmly ensconced in garage-grunge – Monsieur Automaton serves as a foretaste to the full-release they are finalising.

The track reels around the listener in combinations of bending guitar and their signature duality of echoed vocals with pulsing bass and busy drum-kit providing a sense of movement with the listener immediately hitting play once again.

The saving grace is that there is this as yet unnamed release waiting in the wings, of which I will let you know more when I am able.

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Monsieur Automaton – Single – Kagoule is available on iTunes*.

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The High Wire Act – Meltdown – Audio

The High Wire Act is an English rock trio.

The High Wire Act

The High Wire Act

Extended reverberating guitar gives the music a retrospective feel as the trio deliver tracks which range from intensity of rock passion to ballads of frail architectures though always with an almost tangible emotional connection between voice and the tale being told which ensures the listener doesn’t leave their company without having undergone a moving moment of connectivity.

There most recent release (available on bandcamp) – the four track EP Weekend Millionaires is an excellent way to get to discover The High Wire Act, the second song on which is Meltdown.


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Pacific – Life In Short – Video

The English alt-indie quartet Pacific released the single Life In Short on the 6th.



Providing a distinctive sound to their upbeat indie-dance is the electric piano which enables Pacific to add not just a different texturing but it is deployed to enable the music to create changes in rhythm and intensity with the immediacy of a light-switch turning on and off and thereby deliver music that has a continual layer of the guitars and percussion with the keys creating the dynamism.


Life in Short – Single – Pacific is available on iTunes.*

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Johnny Kills – End Game – Single Review

Unlike the previous article on the English garage-rock trio Johnny Kills which was a tad late… within the past three hours End Game surfaced.

Johnny Kills - End Game

Johnny Kills – End Game

Scything across the room like a number two razor-cut End Game slices all in its way as it burrs through the room in flurry of activity. The sounds compress and expand between busy scissoring and tempered trimming as smartly sheared percussion interacts with hyperventilating guitar as the fused bass maintains a steady current through which the strangulated vocal shimmers in and out of sight.

Suitably aligned at just under three minutes in duration it is not in any way possible that I wouldn’t recommend you taking a moment out of your day to take a listen.

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