The Harlers

Chris Pritchard (Guitar / Vocals), Mitch Malone (Bass / Vocals) and Jamie Warren (Drums) from Swindon, England, form the rock band The Harlers.

The Harlers

The Harlers

Originally formed as a duo in early 2015 it was earlier this year they completed their line-up which has resulted in their début EP Morning Light recently being released.

Classic ’70s brit-blues soars out of the speakers as The Harlers deliver music which has an earthy, crusty guitar buzzing like a chainsaw underpinning the songs with the heavy bass line churning through the speakers giving the compositions their pile-driving presence as the drums, which are played on a relatively small kit are able to not only make their presence known, they are able to control the dynamics and tempo of the roaring guitars. Laying atop of the sound is a bluesy vocal that enables the band to take their sound on disparate trajectories, suiting both the power pieces and the quieter moments in their music.

While the addition of of bass / second vocalist hasn’t changed the style of the tracks from earlier numbers, with one of their songs which was originally released as a duo – Your Love – appearing on the new EP it does enable them to deliver music of more dynamic range and natural feel, whilst at the same time has added impetus with The Harlers now becoming more frequently seen on stage, plus of course the début full release.

By way of an introduction the opening track on Morning LightSearching.

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Household Dogs – Is This All – Single Review

Household Dogs is an English alt-rock quartet.

Household Dogs

Household Dogs

The latest track to surface to surface is – Is This All – serves as a decent introduction to a quartet whose music is imbued with country flavour, yet the overlay of shadowy rock allows them to create music which affords a clear distinction in sound from any preconceptions.

Is This All steps in to the room in trotting footstep with percussion taking leading role with the voice sounding as though casting an incantation,  giving the song the feeling that this is best heard dancing, with others, around a bonfire. The quietly played guitars and bass add to the air of mysticism of the track.

A quartet I look forward to hearing more from in short order.

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The Fleas – Can’t Give My Love Away – Single Review

The English funk-groove quintet The Fleas release the single Can’t Give My Love Away on the 8th of December.

The Fleas - Can't Give My Love Away

The Fleas – Can’t Give My Love Away

Scattering rose petals across the floor, in their latest reveal, The Fleas take their creativity to another different path of travel from previous journeys.

The ambrosial perfumes invite the audience to tarry as the listener discovers the soft underfoot is a journey in which to sink their feet in warming pleasure while the verdant textures massage between the toes, settled by the trumpet which shimmy’s through the room with the off-beat percussion and bass finding the hips dipping to the knees whilst guitar lays a quiet steadying hand on the shoulder and the combinations of harmonised vocals luxuriantly stretching overhead. Other than play it again immediately, I have no other thoughts.

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Marsicans – Throw Ourselves In – Audio

The English indie quartet Marsicans released the single Throw Ourselves In on the 3rd.

With a more earthy sound to it than their last feature – Throw Ourselves In is highlighted by the double time percussion which gives the track a tempo that rips straight in to the brain, while the flexibility of guitar gives the song its crustiness with bass and vocal setting up phrases for the audience to get involved.

The end of the month sees them on a brief England, Scotland tour with Jaws.

24 Nov – Liverpool, Magnet
26 Nov – Newcastle, Riverside
27 Nov – Edinburgh, The Caves
29 Nov – York, The Crescent
30 Nov – Sheffield, Plug
01 Dec – Birmingham O2 Institute

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The Drop – Avatar – Video

After an extended break the English reggae outfit The Drop revealed a new song recently.

The Drop - Avatar

The Drop

Three gigs have also been announce to accompany the new song – Avatar – along with a rumour of an LP for release during the early part of 2018. It would therefore appear that this new song is more than a one off, which is good news to hear.

@Archspace London
@Attic Bar
@The Prince Albert

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