JUDAS – Ceasefire – Audio

The English indie-rock quartet JUDAS released the single Ceasefire on the 15th.

JUDAS - photo credit - Elise Wouters

JUDAS – photo credit – Elise Wouters

As evidenced in the single JUDAS, it is little surprise that they have established a big-stage live performance presence as well as retain a core indie audience as they are able to combine both swooping crowd pleasing guitar sashays, whilst retaining a more intimate indie-dance undercurrent to the song.


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eyewash – purl – Audio

The English slogaze outfit eyewash released their début eponymous two track single yesterday.

eyewash - eponymous single - artwork

eyewash – eponymous single – artwork

An appropriately named outfit, who are a month or so out of the starting block,  as the listener does get the sense of blurry vision as shimmering instrumentation, fuzzy electronica, padded percussion and hazy vocal slowly rotate through the room binding the audience within a gently placed web of entrancing music.

The B side of the single (available on bandcamp) is purl.

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The Actions – Let’s Talk – Single Review

The Actions is a dark rock duo from England.

The Actions

The Actions

I found this morning an email laying in my email inbox from 2015 – sadly it is not alone – however until I have read an email it is never deleted and there is always the assurance I will get back to introductions as soon as I am able, though quite evidently not always as quickly as I would wish – so if you are in  band, have sent me an introduction but haven’t had a response, it doesn’t mean I can’t be bothered, it merely means I haven’t got to it yet. As I have also mentioned – from time to time my delay works out as reasonable timing and this being a case in point…

…Released on the 14th was the single Let’s Talk. A gloomy composition that fills the room with dark clouds as the speaker breaking bass thumps through the ears with the echoing guitar weaving silken threads as the slowly punching drums provide a menacing backdrop through which the distorted vocal menaces the audience.

Let’s Talk is available through I Give You Give with all proceeds being donated to Médicins Sans Frontiéres, Save The Children and Greenpeace Environmental Trust.


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Shadows Between The Sky – Crystalline – Audio

The English darkwave project Shadows Between The Sky released the LP Gris on the 13th.

Shadows Between The Sky

Shadows Between The Sky

Rumbling around the room like a rodent behind the skirting-boards as the low registers of bass grumble through the floorboards. The musical output holds the listener transfixed as aside from distortion and deep electronic hum surface peals of bells and even an acoustic guitar in the six track album (available on bandcamp).

The closer is Crystalline.

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Carjack Mallone – Another Riot Is Born – Audio

The English flange-rock outfit Carjack Mallone released the EP Drinking By Myself on the 9th.

Carjack Mallone

Carjack Mallone

Bristling in to a hard edged foment of anger Carjack Mallone is able to deliver music which is sentient of the ’10s in which silos of individuals communicate through binary code whilst believing they have connectivity as their lives, akin to a bath emptying water spirals down the plughole as waste.

This is music of tormented rage of societal constructs that have gone so wrong as it circumnavigates the belief that the lunatics having the taken over the asylum is perfectly the correct order and accepting of the 1% is accepted normality – which shakes the shoulders to the reality that the ‘facts’ espoused by socio-democratic Governments around the world in 2017 are not ‘facts of life’ rather facts of how the 99% are trained to behave like caged Pavlovian dogs – and needs to be played very loudly to break the trance of hypnotic neuro-linguist programming within which so many are enthralled.

From the four track EP (available on bandcamp) the closer Another Riot Is Born.

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