El Deyma – Dino Monkey – Video

It has been almost exactly a year since the England based alt-rock trio El Deyma last featured.

El Deyma - Dino Monkey

El Deyma

A side project they have been running over the past few years has been the series about a character called The Magic Shoe – which has a very different soundtrack to their more usual melancholia with a cabaret feel.

The latest instalment Chapter 3 Dino Monkey has been a year in the making.

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Uma & The Wandering Stars – When You Go – Single Review

Within the past twenty hours the England based whisked-wave outfit Uma & The Wandering Stars revealed their latest song.

Uma & The Wandering Stars

Uma & The Wandering Stars

When You Go is a munificence of imploding folds of melting cocoa with the listeners finding themselves in a quandary as to whether they should step away and create their own chocolate mousse or tarry with the silken sheen of luxuriant vocal and beguiling instrumentation.

The fact that I remain here suggesting you spend time on the company of the just over four and a half minutes of softly evolving lava flow of magma that is When You Go informs you of where I stand on that conundrum, though to be fair I am also reaching for utensils and bowls as I type.


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Francobollo – Worried Times – Audio

The England based electro-rock quartet Francobollo are set to release the LP Long Live Life on the 14th of July.



Francobollo are unafraid to test themselves or the listener with their packed and ever different soundscapes, which may be progressive, psychedelic, angular or in the case of Worried Times from the forthcoming album, dance-floor. Though rest assured whatever they deliver is played with panache, style and ability with the knack of capturing and holding attention.


Long Live Life – Francobollo is available on iTunes.*

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Northwest – Dimaryp – Video

The England based dark-synth duo Northwest are currently working on an LP due for imminent release.

Northwest - Dimaryp


Recently returned from a tour in Italy, currently playing in the UK to be followed by a European tour later in the year they also find time to step in to the studio from time to time.

Akin to the reversal of the word Dimaryp, taken from the forthcoming album, minds of Pyramide du Louvre with changes of light and viewing angle altering the apparent shape and texture, with  the track finding the listener discovering more complexity and nuances the longer they remain.

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The Franklys – Weasel – Video

The England based new-wave quartet The Franklys will be releasing the LP Are You Listening? on the 12th of May.

The Franklys - Are You Listening? - artwork

The Franklys – Are You Listening? – artwork

Within the past twenty four hours Weasel – the second of the ten tracks was made available. A thunderous fury of high energy rock punches its way through the speakers, yet the quartet are able to reign everything together giving the song a tightness that gives the just under three and a third minutes composition its powerful presence.

Are You Listening? is available on Amazon.*

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*Purchases made through the Amazon link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.