MEZKO – Steady On – Video

MEZKO is an electro-rock duo from Australia.



The sultry blend of instrumentation and electronics lead to a dungeon of whips, chains and cages, in which the listener pleads submission in which to be entombed as the supple compositions stretch and claw.

From their most recent EP, Polychronic, the penultimate of the five tracks Steady On serves as an introduction to an outfit I look forward to hearing more from in short order.


Polychronic – EP – MEZKO is available on iTunes.*

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John Wiseman – Flash On – Audio

John Wiseman is an English electro-rock creator.

John Wiseman - Photo credit - Peter Wiseman

John Wiseman – Photo credit – Peter Wiseman

Regularly revealing new ideas, the most recent being the LP Not One Step Back (available on bandcamp).

The music takes many shapes, sometimes melancholic, other times optimistic, perhaps angry, or of light mood – almost as though traversing the gamut of human emotions in the approaching fifty minutes, thirteen track, album which holds the listeners close attention from first note to last.

By way of introduction to a musician I look forward to coming back to in short order – the fifth song – Flash On.

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Carousel Swan – Nice To Meet You – Audio

The electro-rock duo Carousel Swan from the USA release their début LP The Wilderness Below on the 3rd of October.

Carousel Swan

Carousel Swan

Dipping long fingers in to the sounds of the early ’80s Carousel Swan deliver a retrospective soundtrack combining synths and guitar to create their dreamy output.

The seven track album (available on bandcamp) neatly balances ambient stretches with refreshing bursts of colour, thereby retaining the listeners full attention.

Perhaps appropriately for an introduction to a band I look forward to hearing more from – my pick of the release is the penultimate – Nice To Meet You.

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Eric Contractor – Working Dude – Single Review

Eric Contractor is a US electro-rock creator.

Eric Contractor - Photograph by Audrey Lorea.

Eric Contractor – Photograph by Audrey Lorea.

The most recent track to surface is Working Dude – a song which wraps muscular limbs around the listener with teasing vocal which straightens between tenor and the upper reaches of baritone, whilst also arching on towards the lower end of countertenor and for those who have connected with the site over the years – baritone – even if it only dips a toe part way down the scale it is likely to pique my interest and here is a case in point.

It is rare I spend so long rambling about the voice – with the instrumentation, percussion and where relevant, synthesis, more usually taking the foreground of features – so you will already be attuned that Eric Contractor has a voice that captivates.


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Jathon Delsy – The Will – Video

The English electro-rock creator Jathon Delsey is someone I could feature pretty well every week such is the frequency of output – though as regular readers know musicians are never featured more than once every couple of months – other than in the New Year Ninety and the two Bands of the Month, one by the Editor the other selected by the readers (no you can’t vote) that and the New Year Ninety are calculated through an algorithm of six different logarithms.

Jathon Delsy - The Will

Jathon Delsy

The newest track to surface is of far darker countenance than much of his material, as well as lasting far longer than his more normal of between three and four minutes with The Will running to in excess of seven minutes.

A musician it is always a delight to come back to showcase.

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