Luster – You’ve Got The Heat – Audio

Luster is an electro-indie quartet from Denmark.

Luster - Photo credit Peter Troest

Luster – Photo credit Peter Troest

With only a couple of tracks that I have been able to hear Luster have an infectious quality that captures attention – more so in their most most recent reveal You’ve Got The Heat a beat that finds the heart pumping in syncopation with the joie de vivre that skips through the room and the listener finds themselves subconsciously swaying to the tempo.

Given the difference between the two pieces, the earlier – Good Dreamer being a more layered melancholia – this is an outfit I look forward to hearing more of in short order as by which ever thread Luster choose to hang the fruit they are capable of delivering a track that soaks in to the limbic system, taking the audience with them.

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Wolf Saga – Summer Breeze – Audio

Wolf Saga is a Canadian electro-indie project.

Wolf Saga

Wolf Saga

Regularly releasing material, often with different texture, sometimes upbeat other times downtempo.

The latest track to surface Summer Breeze is a song to play in quiet moment as instrumentation and electronica fold in to each other minding the listener of early summer mornings watching the sun rise over the horizon.


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Bella Loka – Go Down – Video

The English electro-indie duo Bella Loka release their début LP The Light, The Mud & The Dark on the 28th.

Bella Loka - The Light The Mud & The Dark - artwork

Bella Loka – The Light The Mud & The Dark – artwork

First introduced almost three years ago, Bella Loka, have a distinctive style and instantly recognisable vocal that immediately captures the listeners attention as the fourth of the eleven tracks on the LP – Go Down – exemplifies.

Abrupt switches in tempo along with the guitar powering through the speakers one moment, the next fading behind the synths, gives the song an extensive soundscape, whilst vocal delivers an expressive and expansive richness to Go Down.

In conjunction with the release of the The Light, The Mud & The Dark Tea Boothby (the singer) created an interactive multi-option video game, which has as the soundtrack clips from the LP, Colin: The Chicken & The Egg.

The Light, The Mud & The Dark is available on Amazon.*

Link to the introductory video for Colin: The Chicken & The Egg.

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CHRMNG, – She Said – Audio

CHRMNG, is an electro-indie project from the USA.



After a gap of over a year CHRMNG, returned a few days ago with a few new tracks.

Not seeking to start an insurrection CHRMNG, delivers music, which is light of foot, that nonetheless discovers there is plenty for the ears to grapple with, particularly in She Said which is a track, lasting for only one hundred and seven seconds, that contains two very distinctive chapters.

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The Byzantines – Top Boy – Video

The Australian electro-indie outfit The Byzantines are due to release the EP You Pull It on the 17th of February.

The Byzantines - Top Boy

The Byzantines

Originally planned for release in November of last year, the slight delay has allowed another track – Top Boy – to surface.

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