Electric Light Pulp – Nearly Awake On The Analogic Universe – Audio

The Brazilian experimental-lofi project Electric Light Pulp released the LP In Reverse on the 6th.

Electric Light Pulp - Nearly Awake On The Analogic Universe

Electric Light Pulp

Introduced earlier in the year in In Reverse, Electric Light Pulp, takes the compositions to an even more experimental level with an eclectic range of ambient tracks on the six track album (available on bandcamp).

My pick of the release is the penultimate – Nearly Awake On The Analogic Universe which lasts for only just under two and a half minutes, but seems to hold time in abeyance with sounds of dial-up modems and shifting tempos that uncurl through the room.

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Electric Light Pulp – A Round Of Sanity – Audio

Electric Light Pulp is the experimental-lo-fi project of Tiago Felipin from Brazil.

Electric Light Pulp

Electric Light Pulp

A lengthy delay between initially being contacted about the release of a seven track LP – Short Answer of which I was alerted back in January. My apologies to one and all for the tardiness of feature.

A Round Of Sanity, the second track is a piece which takes the listener gently by the scruff of the neck, like a cat transporting a kitten in their mouth, shifts up in pace as the tracks proceeds as though striding through dappled covering camouflaging the ginger flecked coat from predatory eyes, before quietly placing the precious cargo secretively and without breaking stride continuing onwards to ensure, if being espied, the safety of the youngster prior to furtively darting into a dark cave, leaving the audience wondering how it disappeared from earshot so abruptly.

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